EveriToken announces the schedule of TestNet's launch

Last Updated: 2018-05-11 13:30:42 (GMT)

The everiToken core team has discussed the release schedule with our community members, and we are now excited to announce the plan of everiToken in the near future.

  1. The TestNet of everiToken public blockchain v1.0 will be launched on 31 May, 2018. Currently the basic functions of everiToken blockchain have been almost complete. We will test carefully to improve our security. We are also working on the documentation both for developers and end-users.
  2. The everiWallet team is working on the wallet for Google Chrome, which will be published at the same time.
  3. evtScan (https://evtscan.io), the everiToken Blockchain Explorer, will be available in several days after our TestNet's launch. Similar to Etherscan, it allows you to explore and search the everiToken blockchain for transactions, addresses, tokens and other activities taking place on everiToken.
  4. We have finished writing our chain's test guide (for developers), which will be released tomorrow (12 May, 2018). Since it's still at an early stage, contributions are welcome. For detail, please follow our news.