everiToken launched TestNet on 31st May 2018

Last Updated: 2018-05-31 13:30:42 (GMT)


everiToken public blockchain aims to become the infrastructure of token economy. From small tickets to large buildings, assets can be easily issued via token in our chain. It’s world’s first token-customized public chain for token economy. Following content will enable you to understand our techniques, products and ecosystem during launching TestNet. To meet this vision, we have been developing a safe contract layer, which is different from Smart Contract in other chains. The Authority Tree mechanism is developed and is used to achieve safe and easy business logic. Here are highlights of everiToken: High security, authority-tree will prevent anyone from developing unsafe contract. High TPS, reached 5000+ on Test VM and estimates to reach 10000+ after MainNet launching. Configuration instead of coding, individuals or organizaitons are able to issue and manage tokens by Apps or API easily. Technical details can be found in our whitepaper.

everiToken Aurora 1.0 Release

Aurora 1.0 is the first pre-release version of everiToken blockchain. The Aurora series of everiToken blockchain releases represent early alpha-quality, suitable for use by those looking to get a head start on everiToken ecosystem.

  • Features in our whitepaper 1.1 have been fully achieved.
  • TPS is over 5000 on a single node testing. Parallel execution and network optimation will be put into version 2.0, everiToken’s performance will be remarkably enhanced.
  • The multiple-node TestNet is launched and running on testnet1.everitoken.io:8888, and is suitable to be tested for public.
  • Docker image is available for this release: https://hub.docker.com/u/everitoken/
  • The release can be found here: https://github.com/everitoken/releases
  • We are developing the EvtScan for exploring blocks on our TestNet, which will be released on 6 June: https://evtscan.io


We release the first version of EVTJS, which is the first API binging libaray for everiToken and JavaScript. We are looking forward to your feedback. Homepage: https://www.github.com/everitoken/evtjs

  • Supports NodeJS & Browser
  • Supports everiToken TestNet
  • Is suitable for building testing Apps

everiSigner add-on

everiSigner add-on is a bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It allows you to run everiToken apps right in your browser. everiSigner includes a secure identity vault, providing a user interface to manage your identities on different sites and sign blockchain transactions. You can install the everiSigner add-on in Chrome. (Supporting for other major browsers is still under development.) If you’re a Developers, you can start developing with everiSigner today. Our mission is to make everiToken as easy to use for as many people as possible. The highlights are as follow:

  • Compatible with EVT, ETH, EOS and others by plugin manager
  • Completely open source
  • Private keys are keeped in the add-on, not anywhere else


everiWallet is a everiToken wallet which is based on the ability of everiSigner add-on. You can visit https://www.everiwallet.com to use it. (Must have add-on installed first)


Many business partners started developing their business on our TestNet. For example FastX, USHouse and many more. More business partners from entertainment, finance, security and other industries will be released soon.