Pinned EVT:Traffic Solution to Blockchain Products

Last Updated: 2018-12-03 05:21:39 (GMT)

That many people compare the current stage of the blockchain with the early stages of the is not unreasonable. From a technical perspective, the immature technology has also been strongly hyped with the result of many people entering in the early bubble stage. At present, the blockchain technology is also in the bubble stage, similar to the development trend of internet. In terms of participants, technical geeks account for a large part in the early days with the high threshold for ordinary people, which is greatly in line with the current blockchain situation.

But all of those shortcomings cannot offset the enthusiasm for blockchain applications. According to relevant statistics, there are tens of thousands of applications in the immature stage of technology. Of course, many of them are scams that are to sell horse meat as beefsteak. There are also many innovative projects without so many participants at this stage.

Unpopular Blockchain Applications(DApp)

CryptoKitties is one of the most famous Ethereum applications (DApps). But do you know how many active users it has? The answer may be much less than you think. So what is the reason for this problem.

1、 immature technology

The blockchain is recognized for its distributed, tamper-proofing nature, which also limits its large-scale application. The essence of blockchain is to create a trust environment where trust is needed, which is where blockchain applications are better than regular web applications.

At this stage, there are just small number of users. After users are familiar with Internet products, they may not get customed to the blockchain application. On the one hand, the functionality of blockchain products can not satisfy the usage scenarios; on the other hand, the speed of blockchain is relatively slow compared with internet. The Internet is about to enter the 5G era, and the blockchain seems to bring us back to the 2G-3G era. In reality, it can't meet our demand for efficiency.

Even the blockchain can guarantee the security of user data, this feature does not really attract users. The bottleneck of blockchain technology needs to be solved urgently. The blockchain application popularizes as an Internet products with the mature technology.

2、 Unfriendly User Experience

The reason why Internet products are popular is that it continues to lower the threshold of use and continuously improve the user experience. Currently, Tencent will definitely be abandoned if Tencent's products stayed in the 1990s. The same is true for the blockchain.

Blockchain products lacks user experience considerations in this early stage. As an application, it is definitely user-oriented. Without much caring about the underlying technology and logic behind your products. users only cares if the product meets his needs, and the user experience.

The blockchain products at this stage are too simplistic, and most of them still use the early web-style products, which is very unfriendly. Finally, users will leave this platform , even they spend too much on acquiring users.

3、 High Cost

The blockchain is called the value Internet for a reason, and each transaction recorded on the blockchain costs a certain amount of money. Users do not encounter this situation when using Internet products. They have to pay a certain fee for using ordinary blockchain products. In blockchain, the flow of information requires cost.

The first blockchain game on the Ethereum caused congestion of the entire network, resulting in many common transactions not being packaged. And the cost of packaging is beyond imagination. Imagine how much it would cost a regular user to use a blockchain application.

Do you know how many users now have Ethereum account? The answer is that 25 million users. This data is terribly small compared to Internet data. Using Ethereum will cost a lot of money with such a small number, and after the development is mature, the cost will be unimaginable.

Blockchain application traffic solution

There is such a saying that the community is all in the blockchain industry, which rapid rise of EOS confirms this words. Communities representing traffic is where blockchain applications are needed. We might as well ask these users: "Are you really a supporter of blockchain technology, not the profit seeker?"

It is no exaggeration to say that the blockchain industry is the place closest to the money. The clever insiders have come up with a method called "airdrop" to get traffic. This method was really effective at first,but the users acquired were not the target one.

That most of them who get airdrop will sell it after listing on exchange causes great economic pressure on project. The original meaning of airdrop is to attract users to experience their products, but those users who really want to participate did not get the airdrop. In the long run, it is a nightmare for the project side definitely.

Pinned EVT Solution

everiToken is the world's first token-based public chain,aming to tokenize offline asserts. everiToken found that most of the current users who accept airdrops are not real users of the products., which runs counter to the original purpose of the project plan.

The project party originally wants to rely on token to motivate and stimulate users to use blockchain product and propose improving solutions for products, jointly promoting project development. However, after the token goes list, most of these users will sell it, putting tremendous pressure on the project.

everiToken believes that at this stage, many ordinary users still use the APP without access to Dapp. The line between the two will disappear in the future, so does the encrypted assets and real assets. More real assets will be tokenized in the future. At this stage, in order to make as many users as possible to experience Dapp, the project side should adopt the Pinned EVT solution.

Pinned EVT is an untransferrable EVT that can only be used to pay the transaction fee. The project party can convert the EVT into a pinned EVT with a conversion factor of 1. Pinned EVT is not a currency and cannot be sold, which can be safely airdropped to targeted users.

Business party can use the payer mechanism to pay the transaction fee for the customers, so that the user can experience the product without knowing to everiToken. For example, some paid apps can obtain many users with payer mechanism, and the project parties can also get the real-time feedback of these users while promoting the products.

In addition, it is a safe way to make airdrops. The project wants to get the user to experience the product, which can use EVT to exchange the equivalent EFT for airdrop. When the user enters the account information, they can immediately get the Pinned EVT, so that the project party can prevent the user from fraudulently profit-making behavior.

Beyond DAPPs, traditional APP can also adopt this method, giving real users the opportunity to experience product through pinned EVT. This way not only to help product promotion, but also to attract more people to experience, which can really solve the problem of product traffic.

In general, traffic is critical to Internet products and blockchain products. Less user it has, lower value it bears. Blockchain technology is still at an early stage with the imperfect applications inferior to Internet products in all respects.

Blockchain applications obtains users through a variety of other means such as "airdropping", which currently does not have a positive effect on projects. Pinned EVT solution may be an effective attempt. With the technology shortcomings at this stage, Pinned EVT can obtain as many users as possible on the premises of safety, and also increase the gameplay of Internet products.