everiToken TPS soaring to 10000 for its MainNet

Last Updated: 2018-12-11 08:24:30 (GMT)

After the unremitting efforts of the core technology team of everiToken, the MainNet of everiToken was upgraded with TPS soaring to 10000 (without sharding) on December 11, 2018, earlier than planned December 31st. Image Description everiToken has been strictly in accordance with the established plan since starting of the project. After rigorous testing, the MainNet launched with nearly 5000 TPS within 5 months.

In the following 2 months, the TPS of MainNet reached as high as 8000 in its first updated. But now, the MainNet TPS achieves the 10,000 target ahead of schedule.

everiToken CTO Happy Wang said:” According to our plan, performance optimization is on the way of single-core to multi-core parallel, eventually to sliced cluster. The performance of single cores has now been perfect, followed by multicore parallel optimization, then turnning single BP node into cluster via sharding.”

Happy Wang has prepared a number of emergency plans before the MainNet update, worrying about some problems emerging in the upgrade process. The reality is that the entire update process is very fluent and short-time consuming due to the solid theoretical foundation and technical strength of everiToken.

Finally, thanks to investors and community partners for their support to everiToken. According to the established plan, everiToken will continuously break through the technical bottlenecks and implement the application, bringing more surprises to the followers.