Weekly Progress from Dec 17th to 23rd

Last Updated: 2018-12-23 22:17:05 (GMT)

一、 everiToken Basic Chain Development

1、Latest Update -- Add the total_supply field to the fungibles table in Postgres

2、Code Optimized -- Replace std::vector witht boost::small_vector, the problem with traditional vectors is that memory is allocated on the heap for each use, which is a time-consuming operation, and small_vector can be used within a specified number. The use of memory on the stack does not involve any dynamic memory allocation, which is more conducive to caching, thereby improving performance. So in most cases, small_vector is a better choice. At present, most public chain are adopting small_vector depending on the situation.

--Use vectors in level of underlying structure as storage are also replaced with small_vectors such as boost::flat_set, boost::flat_map.

--The implementation of std::vector has some potential problems, replacing std::vector with boost::dynamic_bitset.

-- Clear and refactor redundant code in the fc library, such as fc::shared_ptr, fc::optional, fc::array. Because the overall code was upgraded to the C++17 standard, the code with original private implementations is replaced with the standard library .

-- Start to compile with GCC 8.

3、 Bug Fixed

-- Fixe an issue lied in Docker using with breadpad caused by the permissions issue failure to generate minicore files during a crash.

-- Other fixes.

二、Other Development

evtsnap is launching now, please search evtsnap.io to experience. Image Description evtScan: -- Add the display of address assets and update function of the main page in real-time.

-- Add the function of showing fungible total supply.

-- Use block id to route block information, using timestamp for sorting.

Reference App (Android and iOS):

-- Develop Android and iOS reference demo app to show how to use evtjs to implement interaction with the chain in a native environment.

Java SDK:

--Implement isValidAddress.

--Begin to code EvtConfig and ApiCaller related Api.


On December 18th, everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng was invited to the offline activities of “Overseas Securities Token Industry Development and Case Sharing” hosted by Blocklike. Ceeji said: " Security token is an upgraded version of the IPO in the era of the token economy. But, smart contract cannot meet the STO demand, which safe contract is naturally suitable for. everiToken believes safe contract as the bond will apply decentralization and value of the blockchain to security token, reducing the cost of all participants and improving the liquidity of the assets.” Most of the audience agreed with the concept, conducting a private discussion with Ceeji. Image Description Image Description On December 18th, everiToken was invited to participate in the B-labs launching ceremony, and marketing director Hugo Li delivered a speech at the event. Hugo Li said: "First of all, I would like to congratulate the Yangtze Delta Institute of Tinghua university Hangzhou, OK Group, and Canaan for jointly creating the ‘B-Labs Sharing Startup Space’. everiToken was honored as the first listed company to join B-lab and will use the B-lab platforms to explore blockchain application.” Image Description Image Description On December 19th, everiToken team visited the imToken wallet team to discuss issues such as wallet security, massive adoption and wallet future. As the industry leader in wallet, imToken has experienced technical engineers and operational experience, which is worth learning. Image Description Image Description On December 21st, everiToken operations director Shuki visited the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises- Hubei Service Center and introduced the everiToken project. At present, the team is carrying out the ‘Zhenzheng Ma’ traceability project. After detailed communication between the two parties, the initial consensus on cooperation is reached, which will build application based on everiToken. Image Description Southeast Asia Trip


On December 18th, everiToken core team arrived in Singapore for a new round of business development and cooperation negotiations. During the period, everiToken CEO Brady awarded trophy to the global hackathon grand winner everiPiexl. everiPixel is an NFT game that helps users learn blockchains through pixels and demonstrates the everiToken performance in handling NFT games. Image Description Image Description On December 19th, everiToken core team met President Tim Zhu of the China Chamber of Commerce and Investment of Panama in Singapore. The two sides held friendly talks to discuss the cryptocurrency market in Southeast Asia. President Tim Zhu recommended some local business partners in Southeast Asia for everiToken, hoping to help everiToken improve the ecology of Southeast Asia business. Image Description Image Description

On December 19th, everiToken core team in Singapore experienced cryptocurrency payment in a restaurant through Bizkey payment solution. Although offline payments have not yet reached the Internet-level experience, the polit restaurant action is encouraging. But ,everiToken has also implemented an Internet-level offline payment solution that can be used for offline and offline payment within 3 seconds via POS and scanning guns. Image Description Image Description

Image Description Kuala Lumpur

On December 20th, everiToken core team arrived in Kuala Lumpur to communicate with the Japanese wallet team. The Japanese team expressed great optimism about the Southeast Asian cryptocurrency market and is interested in working with everiToken to develop the Southeast Asian business ecosystem. everiToken also introduced the everiToken project to the team, and demonstrated the wallet function, which was praised by the other party. Image Description On December 20th, everiToken core team visited a local rating agency Coingecko to explain the everiToken project to the organization and consulted about the Southeast Asian blockchain market and what kind of public chain is the most popular. At the same time, everiToken also hopes to contact more application developers in Southeast Asian through the agency. Image Description

On December 20th, everiToken core team visited the game team Betform. Betform is a gambling social gaming platform developed using smart contracts. everiToken has excellent performance in dealing with NFT games, and the other party may cooperate with everiToken in the game field and will introduce more game resources for everiToken. Image Description On December 20th, everiToken core team visited the local Gobi Capital to communicate on the ecological development of the everiToken project. Gobi Capital has a wealth of projects and commercial resources in Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia, which will help everiToken further expand its ecology. Image Description On December 21st, everiToken core team met with business partner Genting Group to discuss the annual plan for blockchain application in the 2019. At present, Genting Group has adopted everiToken blockchain payment solution and issued a $500 million stable token based on everiToken for its own business scenarios. In the short future, users can use the stablecoin token at the pilot !

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