everiToken Annual Report

Last Updated: 2018-12-01 02:16:07 (GMT)

2018 has witnessed great progress by everiToken, far ahead of the established roadmap. All achievements are inseparable from community partners, ecological partners and investors. Let me review the history of everiToken in 2018:

Code Update

Code Commits 4944 Version Released 17

everiToken Usetool

1、 everiSigner 2、 evtscan.io 3、 evtjs 4、 evtsnap.io

everiToken Key Innovations

1、 everiPay The world's first Token verification and payment protocol, and any POS machine or scan code gun can achieve micropayments within three seconds.

2、 Safe contract Original safe contract replacing traditional smart contracts can ensure high security and performance, greatly shorten the development cycle, just call API to achieve low friction and user migration costs。

3、 Token-based transaction model The core technology of the bookkeeping model, and naturally suitable for high concurrency with 10000+ TPS in single core

Global ecology

Project negotiation 240+ Technical docking 80+ Project launched 10+ These applications involve various industries,covering finance, payments, gaming, consumer, data, energy, public interest, and law.

everiToken technology event in 2018

March 20th Announce the first line of code and keep 100% open source

May 12nd Release the everiToken Test Guide

May 21st everiToken measured TPS reached 5000+

May 31st everiToken successfully launched testnet

June 6th launched evtScan website for easy viewing of block and transaction information; release everiSigner 5.0, EVTJS 0.0.6, everiWallet 1.1.

June 30th EVT has the international common token number 207

July 4th everiToken releases Aurora 2.0 version

July 20th everiToken completed the chain security audit by four major platforms, namely Ukraine Hacken White Hat Security Community, Chaitin Technology, DVP and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

July 31st The version 1.0 of mainnet officially launched with 8000 TPS

August 19th With the release of everiToken 1.2 version, the transaction fee was greatly reduced, and the decentralized voting mechanism was added in accordance with the white space rate adjustment parameter R, which means that the everiToken white paper is 100% implemented.

October 2nd version 2.0 of everiToken releases, and, the safe contract ecology is more perfect by new-added lock contract

December 6th The version 2.3 of everiToken releases, and add the new postgreSQL module. With the update of evtScan, the block query speed increased by 400%, and the blockchain restart reply speed increased by 1000%.

December 11st The mainnet is upgraded, with TPS soaring to10,000+

everiToken Global Dynamics

April 22nd The everiToken team won the Special Code Award by LongHash in hackathon

May 14th everiToken held the offline Meetup for the first time and successfully concluded

May 24th everiToken held the offline Meetup for the second time

June 22nd everiToken visits Korea for the first time

June 23rd everiToken team arrived in Japan and reached strategic cooperation with many partners.

July 20th everiToken co-founder & CEO Brady gave a speech at the Industry Public Chain (Nanjing) Summit

July 29th EveriToken co-founder & CEO Brady led the team to Dubai to participate in the 2018 Dubai Global Blockchain Conference

September 9th everiPay, a blockchain payment project based on everiToken public chain, won the first prize in the Florin payment contest Innovation Award (Public Vote)

September 28th everiToken wins first prize in Madison's overseas blockchain closed-door investment conference

September 30th HWG Group reached strategic cooperation with everiToken, issuing $500 million stablecoin

October 2nd everiToken signed a cooperation agreement with the Zhejiang Musicians Association; everiToken signed a cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Wutang Main Block Chain Technology Co., Ltd.; everiToken signed a cooperation agreement with Hangzhou Gujia Technology Information Technology Co., Ltd.;

October 25th Everball reached a strategic partnership with everiToken

October 27th everiToken team arrived in Europe, preaching in the Netherlands, France, Germany and organizing Meetup and hackathon activities

November 6th, everiToken exhibited the 5th World Internet Conference with its ecological partners, which was reported by CCTV, People's Daily and Xinhua News Agency.

November 9th everiToken signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BN Capital and Shenzhen Daxing Automobile Group

November 12nd everiToken core team went to the Macau University of Science and Technology, and everiToken CEO Brady gave a lecture on "Blockchain Application" for many students.

November 22nd everiToken attended the New Economy Unicorn Awards Ceremony of Dawan District, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and won the blockchain financial technology award

December 1st everiToken signed a strategic agreement with LIYING Co,Ltd to expanding the Southeast Asian payment market. everiToken will provide a complete blockchain payment solution for them, andLIYING will issue a stablecoin based on everiToken and realize crypto payment through everiPay

December 2nd everiToken core team was invited to the Australian Payment Summit where everiToken CEO Brady gave speech at the panel discussion

December 2nd everiToken successfully hosted Meetup in Vietnam where the present audience showed great enthusiasm for everiToken

December 5th everiToken Global Hacking was successfully held. During this four months, five award-winning projects were selected, and everiToke reached strategic cooperation with the best original project Asiov.

December 16th everiToken participated in Korea's Meetup for the first time

December 23rd everiToken core team arrived in Southeast Asia to further communicate with the HWG Group for annul plan.

December 25th everiToken signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the China Chamber of Commerce and Investment of Panama. Currently, everiToken will provide the other party with blockchain payment system, which will been used the thier own business scenarios through wallet,then the two sides will conduct more in-depth cooperation.

December 29th everiToken Tour Sharing Meetup first stop nationwide--Chengdu Station ended successfully, attracting more than 80 institutions, projects and media