Weekly Progress from 1st to 6th January

Last Updated: 2019-01-06 19:00:00 (GMT)

一、 everiToken Basic Chain Development

1、 Latest Update

-- Released the 2.3.3 version of the Mainnet, mainly serving as a fixed version.

2、 Code Optimized

-- Refactor system that processes the input and execution modules and completes the versioning process. Using the Meta-Porgramming technology based on C++ Templates, the compiler automatically generates processing code to implement versioning of Action. Also because of the bug emerging in compiling code by GCC 7.x, it is now compiled with GCC 8.x.

3、 Bug Fixed

-- Fixed an issue with writing to Postgres.

-- Fixed an issue with getting Actions information.

二、 Other Development

The Japanese version of everiToken development document has been officially launched. It is currently available in Chinese and English. The French version is being modified and is expected to be available soon. Image Description Java SDK

-- Continue to improve the design of Java Api

-- Implement more Api interfaces


On January 4th, CoinVoice founder Yu Wenhui visited the everiToken office. everiToken CEO Brady introduced everiToken project to him in detail, demonstrated the blockchain payment solution and current ecological progress. As a well-known media in this industry, CoinVoice has many industry-related resources. The two sides discussed the ecological construction of the public chain and reached a cooperation consensus on the development of global ecosystem. Image Description On January 5th, everiToken Operation Director Shuki attended the closed meeting of Zhejiang Financial Technology Association. As a guest, Shuki introduced everiToken project to the audience and explained the impact of the blockchain on finance. everiToken, as the blockchain infrastructure in the blockchain 3.0 era, has the characteristics of high performance, high standard and high security, which will certainly empower domestic enterprises. Image Description Business Development

On January 3, IDAX Exchange visited the everiToken office in Shanghai. everiToken CEO Brady introduced the everiToken project and ecological projects to them in detail. IDAX is currently the top ten exchange in Coinmarketcap, which is popular abroad. As a global project, everiToken is actively expanding markets in Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan, Russian, Europe, etc., and hopes to seek more overseas resources. The two sides have reached a consensus on cooperation. Image Description On January 3rd, the head of the EOS Cannon community came to the everiToken office. everiToken CEO Brady gave a brief introduction and focused on some online applications. As global 21 super nodes of EOS, EOS Cannon Community has a very deep understanding on development of the public chain ecology. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on how to reduce the entry barriers for users, and will cooperate in digital identity and rights management products in the future. Will the collaboration on digital identity jointly by everiToken and the EOS Cannon community solve the problem of billions of unidentified users worldwide? let us look forward to it Image Description On January 4th, everiToken CEO Brady and foreign partner Marian discussed the new overseas operation plan. In order to continue to expand the global influence of everiToken and to activate foreign communities, everiToken will continue to carry out more activities and show more use cases to global that everiToken has been launched, including blockchain payment, deposit, NFT games, smart door locks and so on. Image Description Taiwan Tour

On January 5th, everiToken core team met a local artificial intelligence startup in Taiwan. After introducing each other's projects, the two sides discussed future cooperation in data security and new data business models. At the same time, the other party is optimistic about the design concept of the new "Token-based" transaction model of everiToken, introducing some local commercial resources for everiToken. Image Description On January 5th, everiToken core team negotiated business cooperation with Taiwan's large e-commerce saas system provider to discuss the application of the blockchain in the e-commerce system. The e-commerce system has more than 40,000 customers worldwide. In some aspects, it is necessary to combine everiToken, such as issuing token for software usage rights, data security protection, and so on. Image Description On January 6th, everiToken CEO Brady met with Chen Luyi, the chairman of Taiwan Huawang Group. Brady popularized blockchain, everiToken project and introduced some application cases in detail to him. Mr. Chen is optimistic about the changes in people's daily lives by technology, and believes that everiToken can create enormous value. The two sides discussed some possible cooperation points. Image Description On January 6th, the everiToken core team participated in Meetup held by BN Capital. everiToken CEO Brady introduced the everiToken project to Taiwanese audiences and highlighted the first commercial blockchain payment solution--everiPay, which was frequently praised by the users present. As is known to all, Taiwan lags behind the mainland in digital payment. everiToken wants to make Taiwanese people access to fast and safe micropayment with advanced blockchain payment solution. Image Description Image Description everiToken CEO Brady got a bunch of fans after the end of the speech, and everyone's design concept has been widely recognized. Kelly Duan, co-founder of the famous blockchain incubator SuperCharge in the United States, planned to use the everiPass verification system and the everiPay offline payment solution in overseas vending machine scenarios, after listening to Brady's introduction of everiToken. Image Description In the dinner time, everiToken CEO Brady met with Ivan, the head of Taiwan's Red Building Capital, to discuss business cooperation. Red Building Capital is well-known in the local area and has a lot of commercial resources. The other party believes that everiToken has great advantages in actual business, and hopes to cooperate with everiToken to jointly develop the blockchain ecology in Taiwan and even the world.

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