Weekly Progress From 14th to 20th January

Last Updated: 2019-01-20 20:21:21 (GMT)

一、 everiToken Basic Chain Development

A, Latest Update

--Added a new API to get all the actions of a trx, including system-generated, so you can get the information of paychage, which is the specific fee.

-- Add dividend structure to implement dividend logic (unfinished). -- Added an option to docker_ops.py to specify the exposed http port when creating evtwd.

B, Code Optimized

--Refactor the log module to reduce memory allocation, and used the fmt library as a serialization library to improve performance.

-- Refactor token database to reduce code redundancy, improve versatility, and improve performance.

-- Replace fc::static_variant with std::variant.

C, Code fixed

-- other fixs

二、 Other Development

Java SDK

Continue to implementation of the Api interface, currently implemented:

-- getDomainDetail,

-- getGroupDetail,

-- getFungibleActionsByAddress


-- getFungibleSymbolDetail

  • Add signHash and verifyHash
  • Refactor Exception handling


On January 15th, everiToken market director Hugo Li introduced the everiToken project and explained how everiToken and Volunteer will cooperate to Zhejiang Artificial Intelligence Technology Society. Both parties agreed that blockchain is critical to ensure the security of data, reaching a cooperation consensus on data privacy protection and other issues. Image Description On January 15th, the Vietnam head of Anh Le from Block Asia visited the everiToken office in Shanghai to learn more about the everiToken project and its global ecology, and discussed the status of the blockchain industry in Vietnam. Anh Le is attracted by everiToken's innovative ideas and core innovations, saying that it will introduce local companies to use everiPay and everiPass innovations. Image Description On January 16th, everiToken market director Hugo Li visited Hangzhou Yiyidao Cultural Development Company. Hangzhou Yiyidao Cultural Development companyis an art training company that trains young artists through its platform to help solve copyright and financial problems. The two sides discussed the scene of everiToken in terms of digital copyright and traceability. Image Description On January 17th ,everiToken was invited to attend the annual meeting of the Zhejiang Internet Society. As a treasure trove of China's Internet, Hangzhou is ahead of other regions in terms of blockchain policies and corporate support. everiToken will also enjoy more resources on this fertile ground to accelerate the development of domestic enterprises.

Business Development

On January 14th, everiToken Marketing Director Hugo Li and CPO Ceeji Cheng visited Ningbo's largest parking platform, Smart Cloud Parking. The two sides explored how everiToken can reduce the cost of existing parking facilities and how technology can innovate business models. First, the everiToken can alleviate the cost of storage, hardware, etc.; secondly, data stored on everiToken can be used for commercialization attempts. Image Description On January 14th, everiToken Marketing Director Hugo Li and CPO Ceeji Cheng met with Zihui Venture Partners Chen Weiqing and Jinta CEO. Based on the cooperation between everiToken and the Volunteer Platform, they discussed how the blockchain can empower enterprises. Image Description On January 15th, everiToken Marketing Director Hugo Li visited the eco-partner TrueShare artwork platform to learn more about project and technology progress. At present, the TrueShare art platform is still in technology development. In the first stage, it is using everiToken as database; later, a new digital art space will be created in conjunction with everiToken.

On January 16, Tokeninsight Co-Founder Alex Zuo visited the everiToken Shanghai office. everiToken Operations Director Shuki introduced everiToken project and use cases. As a well-known rating group and data provider in the blockchain industry, Tokeninsight has a very clear judgment on industry trends. The other party said that everiToken, as an excellent project in this industry, will definitely win people’s approval and hope to reach in-depth cooperation with everiToken. Image Description On January 16th, everiToken business partner Fon met with the principal of Dongguan Yunwang Network Technology Co., Ltd from Dongguan Incubator Entity. The two sides discussed the cooperation in the fields of smart door locks and blockchain e-commerce. Image Description On January 18th, everiToken Marketing Director Hugo Li visited Lepai.com. Lepai has extensive operational experience in hotel ecology and supply chain finance. The two sides discussed the application of blockchain smart door locks, artificial intelligence and blockchain in hotel ecology and supply chain finance, reaching a preliminary cooperation awareness。 Image Description

On January 18th, everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng was invited to participate in the signing ceremony of Bizkey and SK Jewelry. Together with TrueUSD, Binance and DigiFinex, everiToken has witnessed a heavy partner overseas with Bizkey. The signing ceremony was held in Singapore. everiToken introduced the payment technology based on everiPay to the guests, and demonstrated our payment solution. In the future, it will cooperate with Bizkey to upgrade the existing partner payment technology to reach the Internet level experience. Image Description

Indonesia Tour

On January 14, the everiToken core team arrived in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, to continue to the global ecosystem. everiToken CEO Brady met with two Indonesian entrepreneurs to introduce the everiToken project and showcase blockchain payment solutions. The other party said that Indonesia is lagging behind other countries in technology and hopes to rely on blockchain technology to revitalize the market. everiToken is the best technology and solution that can bring innovation to Indonesia's entire payment system. Image Description Aside that, the two entrepreneurs also introduced the officer of the Bank Indonesian to everiToken. everiToken CEO Brady showed the blockchain payment solution(code-scanning gun, POS machine, Bluetooth and NFC), which was praised by them. The other party said that everiToken is far ahead of other companies in blockchain payment, considering to adopt everiToken payment solution when it is appropriate. Image Description On January 14th, the everiToken core team met with the largest religious leader in Indonesia. everiToken CEO Brady popularized the blockchain technology, introduced the everiToken project. He mentioned that in the past, religious assets could be transferred globally through tokenization, and tickets can also use the everiPass solution to improve security in all aspects. The other party strongly agrees and will introduce other local companies to cooperate with everiToken. Image Description Image Description On January 15th, everiToken project was invited to participate in the “the Future of Digital Economy” in Indonesia. CEO Brady brought the everiToken project to the audience across the world and demonstrated the blockchain payment technology on the spot. Brady said: "The Indonesian government greatly supports the digital economy and hopes to drive the industry development through the digital economy. everiToken, as a global public chain project, will provide Indonesian companies with a number of commercial solutions, such as payment solutions."

On January 15th, the Southeast Asia Blockchain Alliance honored the “Interval Block Project” award to everiToken at the conference. The organizer said that on the basis of innovation, everiToken has solved the problems of high development technology threshold, long development cycle and poor security, providing a friendly development environment for the entire commercial terminal and essentially solving the needs of the commercial end. Image Description Image Description

everiToken CEO Brady was invited to participate in a panel discussion and discuss the topic of “Blockchain Status and the Future of the Digital Economy” with many experts around the world. Brady said that high-frequency and rigid demand are the key to large-scale application of blockchain, and blockchain payment meets these two characteristics. Bitcoin solves the problem of large-value payments, and everiToken is far ahead in micropayments. Image Description


On January 16,everiToken left Indonesia and arrived in Zurich, Switzerland to continue to explore the global ecology. In the local area, everiToken participated in the “Protos Blockchain Summit” and met many European local entrepreneurial teams and traditional business parties at the venue and reached a preliminary cooperation awareness。 Image Description


On January 18th, the everiToken core team met with the head of the Solaris Bank of Germany to show the everiToken payment technology and discuss the current situation and future development of the blockchain payment. Both parties agree that the blockchain will play a huge role in payment, and everiToken micropayment will have a transformative effect on traditional payments.

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