Year 2018 for everiToken: Key achievements

Last Updated: 2019-01-22 15:16:15 (GMT)

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It’s been a truly exciting year for everiToken, full of big accomplishments and lightning-fast development. everiToken co-founder and CEO Brady Luo looks back over the key events of 2018 and outlines plans for the company in the year ahead.

1. Your team wrote your first line of code in March 2018 and have managed to accomplish so much over the remaining 9 months of the year. What do you consider your top 5 achievements in 2018? What was the most significant achievement?

First and foremost, we gathered together a winning team of technology and business development professionals. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our amazing team, we successfully delivered our mainnet on July 31st and reached a mainnet TPS of 10,000 on Dec 12th. everiToken attracted about 95 potential applications, 8 have already launched while a further 90 are set to go live in early 2019 We raised millions of dollars from big-name cornerstone investors in a bear market. We hosted a global hackathon and brought many wonderful projects into our ecosystem. One of our main aims in 2019 will be to help these teams deliver live products based on everiToken. Most significant accomplishment: our successful mainnet launch!

2. How many countries and events did you visit for business this year? How many speaking engagements did you have?

This year, I felt like I was constantly flying. I personally visited about 30 countries within half a year. Sometimes I traveled just to learn about opportunities to enter the market and meet key players, but many of my trips were focused on signing deals and implementing everiToken technology on partner projects, such as my trip to Malaysia to set up the technology behind the $500 million HWG Cash stablecoin. On average, I organized at least one speaking opportunity per trip, which proved to be an efficient way to attract new partners and other types of cooperation.

3. Speaking of partners and cooperation, what were some of the key partnerships that everiToken secured during the year? How do you expect these partnerships to grow and develop?

We signed more than 10 strategic partnerships after our mainnet launch. Some of the biggest agreements include the $500 million HWG Cash stablecoin, which I mentioned earlier, a partnership with Coinchain Capital, and Choizen Technology, among some others which we will reveal soon. Some of these partnerships have already blossomed into mutually beneficial business ventures, while others are still developing. My aim in every one of these agreements is to implement the everiToken solution as quickly as possible to help our partners start generating new business with as little time or cost overhead. I can’t share too many details now, but you should expect some big partnership announcements from our team in early 2019.

4. You mentioned that growing your team was one of your biggest accomplishments in 2018. How many people are involved with the project now? How did you go about recruiting top talent?

We started with 5 co-founders and have since grown to 9 full-time employees and about 30 part-time community contributors (ambassadors, advisors, etc) working from all over the world. It’s always hard to find quality talent, especially in the blockchain industry, but we are very fortunate to have attracted some of the best minds to join the everiToken team. I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished. Surprisingly, I found that the best way to recruit is not to distribute job postings all over the Internet or work with recruiting agencies, but to participate in offline meetups all over the world. I met many bright and talented people this way, and some of them that believed in our vision have become a valuable part of our team.

5. 2019 is right around the corner. What are your plans and goals for everiToken in the New Year?

As I mentioned earlier, everiToken signed some promising partnerships in 2018. We aim to deliver on our promises for all of those projects in the first few months of 2019. Our ultimate goal in 2019 is to attain 100 live applications on everiToken and 1 million real end-users!

6. Were there any goals that you didn’t quite reach in 2018? Will you strive to make them happen in 2019?

Due to the current market situation, we didn’t reach our first round private sale fundraising target by year-end. However, we’re over half-way there now and are on track to reach our private sale target in Q1 of 2019.