Weekly Progress From 28th January to 3rd Febuary

Last Updated: 2019-02-03 13:34:09 (GMT)

一、 everiToken Basic Chain Development

A, Latest Update

  • launch evt 3.0 of test network
  • add the bonus feature support to evtc.
  • evtd adds the ability to get bonus details.
  • Added unit tests for serialization of dividends。
  • Added support for generating new actions during the execution of the action.
  • During the execution of the action, record the newly created address and write it to postgres.
  • Add a unit test for the corresponding serialization.
  • Added serialization support for variant and enum types in abi serializer.

B, Code Optimized

  • Because of the underlying token database modification, the API for getting all the assets at an address in evt_plugin is no longer available, and this feature is supported by postgres.
  • Update the unit test for token database.
  • Updated Dockerfile to support Intel TBB.
  • Updated third-party libraries like Catch and CLI11.

C, Code fixed

  • Fixed an issue in the persistence of savepoint creation in token database.
  • Fixed a problem caused by concurrency during the Postgres query.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an overflow in token database.
  • Fixed an issue that may have been caused by initial serialization of the name128 type.

二、 Other Development

  • Continue working on pushTransaction
  • Implement multiple Api endpoints that are required for pushTransaction
  • Added capabilities of parsing signatures
  • Added more tests


On January 28, 2018, Angelvest visited everiToken office in Shanghai and conducted in-depth communication on FinTech. everiToken CEO Brady introduced the everiToken project and the latest commercial case to the other party. After consulting the project and overseas progress in detail, the other party said that the everiToken project is relatively new and has great potential. Image Description

On January 30, 2019, Pauvey Capital Partners met everiToken CEO Brady at the everiToken office. Brady gave a detailed introduction about everiToken project, current large-scale commercial applications and other collaborative developments. The other party conduct in-depth communication with Brady on the specific cooperation direction, and reach a preliminary cooperation awareness, and will carry out specific cooperation in the future. Image Description On January 30th, BSG Capital Partner Ma visited the everiToken office in Shanghai to get a closer look at the current situation of the everiToken project. everiToken CEO Brady introduced the everiToken public chain innovation and demonstrated everiToken's offline micropayment solution. BSG has a layout in the blockchain industry, and may cooperate with everiToken in resource exchanges and incubation in the future. Image Description On January 30th, Hangzhou Yulian Technology was honored to be the council member of Zhejiang University Blockchain Association. everiToken market director Hugo Li attended the invited ceremony and received the honorary medal. As a regulatory-friendly public chain everiToken has advanced design concept and is rich in innovative elements, which has the responsibility to provide better services to domestic governments and enterprises. Image Description

Business development

On January 28, the FinBlock core team visited the everiToken office to discuss specific cooperation issues with the everiToken core team. FinBlock is a one-stop professional media platform with many users at home and abroad, mainly based in Southeast Asia. FinBlock will create a media platform based on the everiToken where they can attract more users around the world and enhance user activity by adopoting“mining” and incentives measures. Image Description On January 28, 2019, the Huayi E Jia team visited the everiToken office to learn more about the specific technical details of everiToken and negotiate specific cooperation. First of all, everiToken CPO Cheng Xiyi popularized the blockchain knowledge for the other party, introduced the design concept of everiToken and the current technical progress. The other party expressed its strong recognition of the everiToken project and made in-depth discussions on the specific docking details. Image Description On January 30,, the head of the Cobo wallet visited the everiToken office, and introduced the current situations and core functions of the Cobo wallet, showing the Cobo hot wallet and cold wallet. everiToken, as a public chain that can implement blockchain payment solutions, can bring more application scenarios to Cobo wallet. The two sides reached a preliminary cooperation awareness on the wallet cooperation. Image Description On January 31st, everiToken CEO Brady visited the Huobi Club to introduce the everiToken project and explain the design concept, demonstrating the blockchain payment solution on the spot, which was highly praised by the other party. As the a leading project incubation center and resource integration platform, Huobi Club appreciated the everiToken ecological construction. The two sides reached a preliminary cooperation and will cooperate in project incubation, investment and financing, and global ecological construction in the future. Image Description Recent Award

"2018 China Top 10 Most Disruption Blockchain Innovation " list was officially released, jointly sponsored the Global Council of New Digital Economy, FinTech4Good and BlockGlobe. everiToken is ranked as top 3 blockchain innovations in China and will join the global competition soon. Image Description