Weekly Progress From 11th to 17th Feb.

Last Updated: 2019-02-17 20:52:40 (GMT)

一、 everiToken Basic Chain Development

A, Latest Update

-- Newly release a 3.0 version of Mainnet.

-- Add the concept of action upgrading and support action upgrades online.

-- Add a bonus feature that distributes a portion of the revenue to all holders according to the specified rules and proportions.

-- Add support for enum and variant types in abi_serializer.

B, Code Optimized

-- Refactor token database to improve performance and flexibility.

-- Refactor the snapshot feature to better support cross-platform features.

-- Optimize postgres to provide better query and write performance.

C, Code fixed

-- Other issues and fixes

二、 Other Development

Evtjs 5.2 Version:

-- Support for everiToken 3.0.

-- Compatible with API to get the balance of the nonfungible token in the new version.

-- Optimize the way to synchronize remote timestamps.

-- Support for serialization of groups.

-- Support for new abi.

Official website:

-- Add a node map.

-- Added tps icon.

-- Change the list of nodes.

-- Responsive design adapts to any screen.

-- Fix some display issues.

-- Fix splash screen bugs.

Java SDK

-- Add SignProvider

-- Add KeyProvider

-- Finished pushTransction, extimateCharge Api

-- Started building Abi actions, finished newdomain, issuetoken

-- Continue working on other actions

-- Created example package showing how to interact with Java SDK


On February 13th, everiToken business partner Fon was invited to "STO Real Estate Investment and Financing Trends" held by LABS, and brought a presentation to audience present. Fon said: "everiToken safe contract and multi-signing mechanism can help project parties and regulators to quickly complete the compliance process, which is a regulatory-friendly public chain. everiToken can fully meet the regulatory needs of various regions of the world, and the design concept is far ahead. ” Image Description On February 15th, everIToken core team visited Bite Shidai, and business partner Fon explained the everiToken project and the latest ecological progress. The other party strongly agrees with the potential of everiToken in China and the world, and expresses their willingness to cooperate with everiToken in domestic communities and resource sharing. Image Description On February 16th, everiToken overseas eco-partner SMC Capital held a “Tokenize it” event in New York, which focused on the core innovations of everiToken, business highlights and its advantages in Tokenization. The whole meeting was warmly welcomed. We were totally oversubscribed, more than 120 attendees (the limit was a 100) were there , and more than 75 guys can’t come any stayed downstairs and waiting for free spots , because we had limited capacity. Image Description On February 16th, everiToken core team visited Jianhe Technology Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen. business partner Fon introduced the design concept, key innovations and application examples of the Internet of Things chip to the other party. Jianhe Tech has rich experience in the Internet of Things + chip, and will work together with everiToken to create IoT chips based on blockchain and then quickly explore new markets. Image Description

Business Development

On February 11th, everiToken market director Hugo Li visited Jinshi Chuangjia Holding and had in-depth communication with the chairman of the board, reaching a preliminary partnership. Jiang Zong, chairman of Jinshi Chuangjia Holding, said that he is optimistic about the underlying technology of everiToken and its future potential, and will cooperate with everiToken in project incubation. Image Description On February 11th, everiToken market director Hugo Li visited the Bepal wallet team and had in-depth communication with the founder Mr.Hu. They expressed optimism about the technical innovations of everiToken, and will carry out in-depth cooperation in project incubation, chain reform project and wallet. Image Description

On February 12th, everiToken market director Hugo Li visited OGAITE Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd. to conduct in-depth communication with the person in charge. He stated that we should work together to incubate more projects on the advantage of everiToken, empowering the real economy.

On February 12th, everiToken market director Hugo Li visited Guoji Internet and introduced the everiToken technology and ecological progress. Guoji Internet is an Internet company that promotes the development of the real economy by technological innovation and it has rich experience in project incubation. The two sides will continue to play their respective advantages to empower more entities. Image Description On February 13th, Tongzheng Tong Mr.Song visited the everiToken office and had in-depth communication with everiToken COO Bozhen Chen. The two sides reported on each other's project progress, and will carry out in-depth cooperation in resource exchange and content cooperation to jointly promote the development of the project during the bear market.

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