Weekly Progress From 18th to 24th Feb.

Last Updated: 2019-02-24 02:39:05 (GMT)

一、 everiToken Basic Chain Development

A, Latest Update

-- Add object cache in token_database, which is independent of the storage cache in RocksDB, to avoid serialization/deserialization issues due to repeated access to data. At the same time, improve the corresponding unit test.

-- Add support for physical paths in the docker_ops script.

B, Code Optimized

--Improve API testing.

C, Code fixed

-- Fix a consistency issue caused by incorrect input accuracy.

二、 Other Development

-- continue working on actions

-- finished newfungible, issuefungible, updfungible, transferft, transfer, destroytoken, evt2pevt actions

-- add more code examples e.g. for pushTransaction, estimateCharge and other actions

-- refactoring


On February 18th, one of global community members Matt assisted the everiToken CTO to re-edit the English version of white paper, mainly modifying the details of grammar, some expression, typesetting and so on. When Matt looked through the everiToken white paper, he was confused by some uncertain problems, so he proposed to modify the white paper and localize the white paper in a way that is easier for foreign users to understand. Image Description On February 19th, everiToken CEO Brady visited the “The Blockchainer” office, introduced the everiToken project and the latest application cases, and showed the payment solution based on everiToken. The other party expressed optimism about the future potential of everiToken in overseas payment, and hopes to cooperate with everiToken in ecological construction, application incubation, global community and so on. Image Description Image Description On February 19th, everiToken was invited to participate in the virtual summit of the “Global Startup Summit” hosted by Fintech4Good, and our project video was freely streamlined in Europe part. The video was recorded and produced by the global community member Matt, and during the short presentation time, hundreds of thousands of overseas users have browsed. Image Description

On February 20th, everiToken core team visited the Hangzhou DFC Institute. everiToken CEO Brady introduced the core innovations of everiToken and its advantages in financial payment. Hangzhou DFC Institute has rich professional knowledge and experience in domestic financial and digital economic research. It expresses its optimism about the development potential of everiToken in overseas financial payment, and hopes to cooperate with everiToken in depth.

Business Development

On February 18th, Hongfu Tech core team visited the everiToken office in Shanghai. everiToken business partner Fon introduced the technical innovations of everiToken and specific applications in smart door and Internet of Things. Hongfu Tech is the world first solutions provider of new retail intelligent unmanned freighter on blockchain. The other party believes that the platform of the everiToken blockchain has high performance, particularly in dealing with Token, and the core innovation everiPass will also produce a huge impact on IoT applications, hoping fast cooperation with everiToken.

Image Description Image Description On February 18th, Mr. Huang, the head of the Cabinet capital, visited the everiToken office to discuss the STO cooperation with the everiToken core team. The design and innovation of everiToken, such as “safe contract” and multi-signing mechanism, makes everiToken the more friendly to regulator across the world, which is naturally suitable for STO projects. Cabinet Capital has rich operational experience and resources in STO. The two sides reached a strategic cooperation and will try on the global STO. Image Description Image Description On February 19th, the everiToken core team visited Timestamp Capital in Hangzhou. everiToken chief operating officer Shuki introduced the design concept, core innovations and application direction of everiToken. The other party said that it is very exciting for everiToken to finish such achievements in such a short time and they will greatly assist the development of everiToken in all aspects.

On February 20th, everiToken CEO Brady met with GLP Mr.Wu. Brady introduced the everiToken use cases to the other party, and discussed the application of everiToken in the logistics infrastructure. GLPis the world's leading provider of modern logistics facilities and industrial infrastructure. It has extensive operational experience in logistics and hopes to upgrade and more business models through everiToken. Image Description