Weekly Progress From 25th Feb. to 3rd Mar.

Last Updated: 2019-03-04 02:14:16 (GMT)

一、 everiToken Basic Chain Development

A. Latest Update

-- Add the query statistics function of RocksDB to better optimize related parameters.

B. Code Optimized

-- Add own Docker image of PostgreSQL to optimize the relevant configuration, and add the pg_pathman plugin to prepare for the next partition.

C. Code fixed

-- Fixed some issues with the docker_ops.py script.

二、 Other Development

Official website:

-- Update layout and display content.

-- Add media coverage and case study sections.


--Update and adapt evt3.0 api

Other development:

-- add full support for EvtLink, EveriPay and EveriPass -- continue working on actions -- bug fixes on -- various refactoring


On February 25th, Funblock core team met with the everiToken core engineer in Shanghai to have a comprehensive understanding of the everiToken project. Funblock team has extensive experience in blockchain development, which has developed many applications on ETH and EOS. After communicating with everiToken core engineer Huang Jialei, the other party thought that everiToken is very different from other public chains, which can greatly reduce programmer development costs and improve security. Image Description On February 26th, Future Money Co-founder Mr.Li visited everiToken Office, and everiToken core engineer Huang Jialei introduced the everiToken design concept, key innovations and commercial application. Mr. Li believes that everiToken is different from most smart contract platforms in business model, more similar to Ripple, and expressed his optimistic about the development potential of everiToken. Image Description Image Description On February 27th, everiToken CEO Brady met with Neutrino Marketing Director to introduce the everiToken project, key application directions, and showcased blockchain payment solutions. Neutrino has extensive experience in the incubation and operation of global blockchain projects. The two sides have reached a sense of cooperation on activities and communities, and look forward to more in-depth cooperation in the future. Image Description On February 28th, everiToken CEO Brady met with NearProtocol co-founder lllia to introduce the everiToken project and demonstrated blockchain payment solutions. The two sides communicated on possible cooperation points in overseas markets and also hoped to introduce more overseas resources to everiToken. Image Description On February 28th, everiToken CEO Brady was invited to participate in “the 14th chain sharing activity” held by InVault, and discussed with the many big coffees the current hot spot of stablecoin. In the face of JPM's stablecoin, Brady gave a different answer, saying: "Institutions like JPM are more concerned with regulation, and the world's giant banks will not consider using JMP stablecoin. but Ripple has more advantages to integrates the world's long tail banks! everiPay based on the everiToken public chain aims to be decentralized VISA." Image Description Image Description

Business Development

On February 25th, members of the Shanghai Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Center met with the everiToken core team in Shanghai to discuss the application of everiToken in energy conservation, emission reduction and public welfare. After working with the Volunteer Platform, everiToken has attracted the attention of many large domestic organizations. everiToken's core design concept "safe contract" and "multi-signing mechanism" have been recognized by the other party, and both of us will explore the possible cooperation on energy conservation and emission reduction in the future. Image Description On February 26th, the founder of LeSou LeSou visited the everiToken Shanghai Office and conducted detailed communication with everiToken COO Bozhen. The other party is very optimistic about the underlying technology of everiToken, and will work with everiToken to upgrade the platform and apply innovative technologies such as “everiPass”. Image Description On February 26th, everiToken's strategic partner LiYing Technology communicated with the core engineer Huang Jialei on technical docking, application implementation, wallet development and other aspects. Huang Jialei gave a detailed answer to the specific technical problems of the other party and solved the problem in the process of development. Image Description On February 26th, Finblock visited the everiToken office again to learn about the latest functional dividend mechanism of everiToken, and also discussed the specific development plan and operation plan. The 1.0 version of product will soon be launched. Image Description

Closed-Door Meetup

everiToken held a closed-door sharing meeting on March 1, 2019. Participants included Yuandao, Fenbushi capital partner Yao Jingyi, Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute Investment Minister Yuan Jia, and waterdrip capital partner Zheng Yushan, cybex/longhash Partner Chen Yanfeng, Turbo Capital Partners, Chain Funder Partner Chris, etc. everiToken core team report future development strategies and key application development direction.

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