Weekly Progress From 4th to 11th Mar.

Last Updated: 2019-03-11 02:09:04 (GMT)

一、 everiToken Basic Chain Development

A. Latest Update

-- Added support for partitioning in Postgres. Currently, both block and transactions table can be manually partitioned. The partitioning feature uses the pg_pathman plugin, which performs better than Postgres' built-in partitioning.

B. Code Optimized

-- Improve unit testing.

C. Code fixed

-- Fixed some Bugs.

二、 Other Development

-- Added support for suspend actions (newsuspend, aprvsuspend, cancel suspend and execsuspend) -- Added everipay and everipass action -- Added timeout support for Api requests -- Added addmeta action -- Various refactoring -- Supported -- Added some missing Api endpoints -- Various bug fixes


On March 4th, Yingke Vensco Lawyer Jay conducted business communication and negotiation with everiToken CEO Brady. In addition, Brady also introduced the everiToken project and the latest application to the lawyer who understands the blockchain, hoping to introduce more quality resources to everiToken. Image Description On March 4th, Mr.Jiang from Coinscious visited the everiToken office to learn about the everiToken project, and discussed possible cooperation points. everiToken CEO Brady introduced the everiToken project, core innovations and eco-applications, which has been greatly praised from other side. The Coinscious is a company providing big data of secondary market and AI service, and we may work together on data services in the future. Image Description On March 5th, Northern Light Maple met with everiToken CEO Brady, and both parties discussed and exchanged the everiToken project. Brady introduced the everiToken design philosophy, core innovations and the latest large-scale application cases, and demonstrated a blockchain payment solution. Maple believes that the everiToken public chain is relatively unique in the public chain track, with great potential for future development. Image Description On March 5th, Lichang founder Ocean visited the everiToken office to learned about the everiToken project and explore possible future cooperation points. everiToken market operator Hugo introduced the design concept, key innovations, and global ecological progress. Ocean is also the initiator of the EOS Gravity and has extensive experience in project operations, ecological construction, and community operating. Image Description Image Description On March 5th, a Thai developer who graduated from Peking University took the initiative to talk with the everiToken CEO Brady. He expressed his interest in everiToken technology and came to the Shanghai office to communicate and learn about specific design concepts and technical details. The developer will translate the Thai version of the developer documentation for everiToken to have a deeper understanding on how the everiToken technology is applied. Image Description On March 7, Gu Qianfeng, the founder of the Chain Link Alliance, visited the everiToken office to gain a deep understanding of the everiToken project. everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng explained the design concept, core innovations and application scenarios of everiToken. The two sides reached a preliminary recognition on the form of cooperation. Image Description

Business Development

On March 5th, the heads of Wuya community visited the everiToken office to conduct in-depth communication and discussion on the technical curriculum cooperation. The technical community has many blockchain technology enthusiasts, and hopes that the everiToken course will be produced as soon as possible, so that more people can start blockchain development. Image Description On March 7th, an independent game studio visited the everiToken office to discuss the possibility of combining their games with the everiToken. everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng firstly introduced the performance advantages of everiToken on handling game, and then described the low cost and extremely short development cycle of building games on everiToken. The other party is more aware of technology and performance advantages of everiToken and will try to cooperate soon. Image Description Image Description


On March 8th, everiToken won the “Asia’s Top 100 Blockchain Companies” promulgated by the Asia Blockchain Society, affirming the innovation and application of everiToken in the underlying public chain and blockchain payment. As a company innovating blockchain technology, everiToken has always adhered to the principle of easy to use and fast to develop, and fundamentally met the various requirements for the commercial side applications. Image Description Image Description


Recently, Professor Hengjin Cai, co-founder and chief scientist of everiToken, was invited by the Huobi University to summarize the specific point projects on everiToken, and to decipher the development status of domestic “blockchain+points” for many blockchain enthusiasts. Image Description