Weekly Progress From 18th to 24th Mar.

Last Updated: 2019-03-24 10:27:49 (GMT)

一. everiToken Basic Chain Development

A. Latest Update

-- Adding a write cache to the Token Database, forming a three-level cache architecture mode, can achieve the desired read and write performance using ordinary disk media to fully reduce the cost of the node.

The first layer is the data cache of RocksDB itself to improve read and write performance. At the same time, we built two sets of memory-based object caches on top of it. The first layer is mainly to cache memory objects, reducing the loss caused by frequent serialization.

The second layer is the write cache. This is mainly for a specific large number of scenarios that generate small values (such as the distribution of dividends, involving 100,000-level writes in a short period of time), and frequent updates, which can be reduced the situation of storing a large number of duplicate key values caused by rollback.

B. Code Optimized

-- Improved unit testing.

C. Code fixed

-- Fixed other bug and optimizations.

二. Other Development


-- evtscan synchronizes the list of nodes and adds multiple query apis.

-- Support for fungible action queries and circulation queries.

Java SDK:

-- Release evt4j (Java SDK) to Maven central

-- Improve documentation of evt4j

-- Major refactoring on everiSigner

-- Support adding everiToken account on everiSigner

-- Support checking fungible balance on everiSigner

Big News

Recently, everiToken public chain reached a strategic partnership with Timestamp Capital. everiToken has received strategic investments from well-known funds at home and abroad such as Fenbushi Capital, Yuandao Fund, longhash, Turbo Capital and ChainFunder. Its Mainnet launched successfully in July 2018 with more than 10,000 TPS. It is one of the commercial public chains with high performance for its global transaction confirmation speed within 3 seconds. Image Description


On March 18th, everiToken market director Hugo Li visited the Zhejiang University Blockchain Association. Li Teng, secretary general of the Zhejiang University Blockchain Association, and members and Council Members attended the meeting. Hugo Li discussed and shared with them about the ecological development of everiToken. Everyone present will jointly promote the development of the blockchain industry and cooperate on blockchain to empower the real economy. Image Description On March 18th, everiToken market director Hugo Li visited Wuzhen Think Tank and discussed the development of blockchain industry with responsible person. The other party is more optimistic about the prospect of everiToken, will output some industry research reports for everiToken, and will also help everiToken in the development of global ecology and industrial empowerment. Image Description On March 18th, everiToken core engineer Huang Jialei explained the everiToken project and the latest application to the person in charge of Wandian tech. everiToken has inspired new thinking about commercial applications for him. Other party is very happy with the development of everiToken in ecological construction and application implemtation. Image Description On March 18th, everiToken market director Hugo Li visited Tencent Zhongchuang Space (Hangzhou) and introduced the everiToken project, online applications and domestic development strategy to the person in charge. The other party agrees that the blockchain will bring innovation to all industries, and will try to cooperate with everiToken in industrial services and project incubation. Image Description On March 21st, the head of the DarcMatter project visited the everitoken office, and Brady introduced the everiToken project and its global development strategy. The two sides reached preliminary cooperation based on their respective advantages and possible cooperation points, and will carry out the next step of in-depth communication. Image Description On March 21st, everiToken market director Hugo Li visited Ningxia Zhonggu Ningyou Technology Development Co., Ltd., and popularized the everiToken project, core innovations and the latest online application cases. The two sides explored the combination of their own business and the blockchain,trying to cooperate in depth. Image Description On March 22nd, STOCOOP “An International Cooperative Organization for STO and Governance Mechanism Presentation” held by Cabin Capital was successfully concluded in Shanghai. everyiToken CEO Brady was invited to participate in the expert roundtable discussion to discuss the development significance and future development of STO with many industry experts. Brady said: "STO has great help for the circulation of encrypted assets. everyiToken's safe contract and multi-signing mechanism have a natural integration with STO. Many STO projects on everiToken are underway.” Image Description Image Description On March 22nd, everiToken market director Hugo Li was invited to participate in the “2019 New Year Conference of the National Development Alliance of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce” in Hangzhou. He discussed with the members of the Chamber of Commerce the development and help of the blockchain on the real industry. Hugo Li takes the specific application of everiToken as an example to describe how everiToken can empower the real economy. The person in charge of the association also said that it will help the development of everiToken in the country and the world, unite the strength of the association, and let everiToken innovate the world. Image Description On March 23, everiToken was invited to participate in TECOM's “China’s first Tech and Entrepreneur Communities Conference” event. everiToken CEO Brady said: "In the past, traditional financial companies is going downhill, and the market value is not as good as before. The impact of Fintech on the traditional finance with Blockchain as the core, relying on the efforts of the global community, can still achieve very High market value with efficient operation. Image Description Image Description Image Description

Business Development

On March 21st, the Goldzip project team visited the everiToken office to conduct in-depth cooperation and communication with the everiToken core team. The project is in line with the development strategy of everiToken at home and abroad. After in-depth communication, we had reached cooperation in many aspects. Image Description On March 18th, Blocklemon project Mr. Ye visited eveiToken office to discuss the specific industry analysis and technology development issues with the core members of everiToken. Mr. Ye believes that the "translation + blockchain" project has great potential, is in line with the spirit of blockchain, and he also expressed optimistic about the everiToken public chain, and hopes to have deep cooperation with everiToken. Image Description On March 18th, FinBlcok core team visited the everiToken office again to conduct in-depth discussions on the specific product launch and operation with everiToken core team. everiToken CEO Brady said that as an everiToken eco project, everiToken will give the greatest support. Image Description Image Description On March 19th, everiToken arrived in Beijing and visited the team of the Chinese enterprise Zhitou. He introduced the latest project progress and industry innovation to the director~~ person in charge, and showed the blockchain payment solution to the other party. As the veteran of the financial industry, the other party evaluates everiToken from all aspects of policy and demand, and believes that everiToken is more innovative and has great development potential. Image Description On March 20th, the independent game production company once again visited the everiToken office to explain the progress of the project and communicate with everiToken core team on specific cooperation matters. everiToken is more optimistic about this game project, and assists the project to achieve various demands, hoping to get online as soon as possible.

On March 20th, Lucia team visited the everiToken Shanghai office to conduct in-depth discussions on the blockchain smart door lock with the everiToken core team. everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng first introduced the advantages and application cases of everiPass in smart door locks, which can achieve high security and high performance. The two sides also discussed the application scenarios of blockchain smart door locks in the network room, and hope to reach cooperation and launch application as soon as possible. Image Description Image Description On March 22nd, the head of ZBM exchange Tang Bohu visited the everiToken office and negotiated with everiToken CEO Brady. Brady introduced the innovation of the everiToken project and its advantages in STO, and discussed the business cooperation with the other party. Image Description