Weekly Progress From 25th to 31st Mar.

Last Updated: 2019-03-31 10:03:55 (GMT)

Online Application


SWFT Pay has integrated everiToken’s everiPay payment solution and supported everiToken’s EVT token on its platform.SWFT Blockchain is a “Next-Generation Blockchain Global Transfer Agreement”,focusing on providing customers with an efficient and easy-to-use platform for cryptocurrency transfers. with everiToken’s 10000+TPS and high transcation speed within 3 second,they can fully achieve thier goal and improve user payment experience Image Description


Currently, BitMessage officially launched the everiToken Coin EVT, and allows user to deposit and withdrawal EVT for the circulation of EVT in its social field. As a global intelligent social ecological platform, BitMessage integrates digital asset information, instant social and community functions to realize an one-stop social solution. Image Description


On March 25th, members of the Encrypted Valley visited the everiToken office in Shanghai to gain a deep understanding of everiToken project and its development situations. everiToken Operations Director Shuki introduced the everiToken project, technical l innovations and the latest application cases. Afterwards, the two sides conduct specific communication on possible aspects such as communities and projects, reaching a preliminary cooperation. Image Description On March 25th, Shulian rating visited the everiToken office to gain a deep understanding of everitoken project and its development. everiToken Operations Director Shuki introduced the everiToken project, technological innovations and the latest application cases. As the industry's professional rating agency in China, the other party believes that everiToken project is very different from other public chains, and decided to seriously study everiToken public chain, reaching a preliminary cooperation on the community, research reports and other aspects. Image Description On March 25th, everiToken Commercial Director Fon met with Hong Kong blockchain community Bitwork to conduct in-depth communication on specific business cooperation. Fon introduced the innovation and online applications of everiToken on the underlying public chain. The other party thinks that the everiToken public chain is very special, showing great willingness to cooperate with everiToken. Image Description

On March 27th, Keystore core team visited the everiToken office to conduct business negotiations with the core members of everiToken. everiToken Operations Director Shuki introduced the everiToken project, technological innovation and ecological progress; at the same time, the other party shared the specific project with everiToken and discussed possible cooperation points. Image Description On March 27th, DarcMatter project CEO Li Xianghe visited the everiToken office to introduce the everiToken project, technological innovation、latest online application, and showed the payment solution based on everiToken. Last week, project leader also visited everiToken, and personal visit of project leader showed the recognition of everiToken and the strong intention of cooperation. Image Description On March 30th, everiToken Operations Director Shuki was invited to participate in the “Hangzhou Central Europe Blockchain Innovation Forum” conference, which popularized everiToken project for many guests. Shuki mainly explained the advantages of everiToken in empowering entities from the perspective of technical innovation, cooperation projects and online applications of everiToken. Image Description On March 31st, everiToken commercial director Fon was invited to participate in the event jointly organized by Wuya Community and Longzhu Dalu. Fon said: "Many people think that the blockchain is difficult to implement, but for everiToken, this is not appropriate. everiToken has received more than 300 projects since the miannet successfully launched at the end of July 2017. There are more than ten projects on the mainnet. This is because everiToken's innovation in the underlying technology can greatly reduce the project development barriers, user education and migration costs, which is likely to become the mainstream of the future." Image Description On March 31st, everiToken commercial director Fon visited Vla Vison and discussed the blockchain and Internet of Things with responsible person. Fon first explained the core innovation of everiToken and its specific application in the Internet of Things. everiToken currently implements 10000+TPS, which fully meets the current IoT data transmission needs. The other party is also more optimistic about the blockchain and the direction of the Internet of Things, and will continue to explore the direction of cooperation. Image Description

Business development

On March 25th, an investor from Australia visited the everiToken office to learn about the current development of everiToken and to consult on the development of their projects on everiToken. everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng reported to the other party on the specific project and the global ecology, and solves the problem of the other party's technical application difficulties. Image Description On March 25th, the head of the Lucia team visited the everiToken core team again to communicate with the everiToken on the progress of their project. Previously, Lucia smart door locks mentioned some new application scenarios of blockchain smart door locks. Currently, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the technical details and application direction, planning to start the project in the near future. Image Description

On March 25th, an overseas STO team visited the everiToken office to gain a deep understanding of the everiToken project and its development in STO. everiToken CEO Brady explained the direction of the everiToken project, the underlying innovation and the STO strategy. The team specializes in STO of company equity and is very e professional with a trading license. The two sides have reached a preliminary cooperation on STO and other aspects, hoping to complete the project as soon as possible. Image Description

On March 27th, smart door lock team from German visited the everiToken office to conduct in-depth business cooperation communication with everiToken COO Bozhen. The other party shared the progress of the project and the current difficulties with everiToken. everiToken discussed the specific problem with the other party and provided proper solutions to the other party. Image Description

On March 27th, everiToken business partner Hugo Li visited the everiToken ecological project Gu Jia Technology in Hangzhou to understand the latest business progress of the other party and discussed the cooperation in the blockchain chip. The other party believes that the blockchain chip is very useful in many scenarios such as traceability and smart door locks, striving to cooperate in early time to achieve mass production. Image Description


On March 29th, everiTokengot “Best Blockchain Technology Innovation Project”by Mars Finance on its annual event.Mars Finance provides users with 24/7 news, market research, data, market price and other services. Original features such as an encyclopedia and a video content section are also created. Huoxing Finance has become one of the most influential and leading blockchain media in China. Image Description Image Description


On March 29th, everiToken held roadshow exchange meeting of the blockchain project and more than 30 institutional investors and individual investors were attracted at the conference to discuss the future development and investment of blockchain.

everiToken public chain and its four ecological projects have carried out roadshow exchanges in the town, focusing on the fields of volunteer service, homestay, compliance consulting and bartering. This conference also provides investors with an opportunity to gain in-depth understanding and exchange of excellent blockchain projects. Image Description Image Description

一、Basic Chain

A. Latest Update

-- Improve the unit test of the write cache and merge it into Mainnet.

-- Add the LLVM library to the Docker image for some data structures.

-- Add the percent_slim class to optimize the binary representation of the percentage.

B. Code Optimized

-- Updated LICENSE.

-- Adjust the design of the dividend address, and the active dividend is not dependent on an FT.

C. Code fixed

-- Fixed an issue that could cause a crash in http_plugin.

二. Other Development

Java SDK:

-- Refactoring everiSigner.

-- Improve the Java SDK documentation.

-- everiSigner adds the Sign function.

-- everiSigner added the Verify function.