everiToken Monthly Report on March

Last Updated: 2019-03-31 07:51:16 (GMT)

一、 everiToken Basic Chain Development

A. Latest Update

-- Newly release EVT 3.1.0 version.

-- Added support for partitioning in Postgres. Currently, both block and transactions table can be manually partitioned. The partitioning feature uses the pg_pathman plugin, which performs better than Postgres' built-in partitioning.

-- Added multi-threaded support to http_plugin and net_plugin to take advantage of multi-core performance.

-- Adding a write cache to the Token Database, forming a three-level cache architecture mode, can achieve the desired read and write performance using ordinary disk media to fully reduce the cost of the node.

B. Code Optimized

-- Optimized the performance of several Postgres queries.

-- Improved unit testing of the API.

-- Optimize some data structures to improve local performance in specific scenarios.

C. Code fixed

-- Fixed some Bugs.

二、 Other Development


-- evtscan synchronizes the list of nodes and adds multiple query apis.

-- Support for fungible action queries and circulation queries.

Java SDK:

-- Release evt4j (Java SDK) to Maven central

-- Improve documentation of evt4j

-- Major refactoring on everiSigner

-- Support adding everiToken account on everiSigner

-- Support checking fungible balance on everiSigner

-- Started writing documentation for Java SDK.

-- Added more example code for Java SDK.

-- Finished missing actions, such as newgroup, updategroup and updatedomain.

-- Started working on everiSigner.

-- Added support for suspend actions (newsuspend, aprvsuspend, cancel suspend and execsuspend) .

-- Added everipay and everipass action

-- Added timeout support for Api requests .

-- Added addmeta action .

Online application

HWG Cash

HWGG Capital P.L.C, one of the leading blockchain payment solutions providers in the region, has officially announced the release of HWG Cash, a fiat-pegged cash token. Approved and supervised under the Labuan Financial Services Authority, HWG Cash is the first licensed cash token in Asia, the only stable and secure token amongst cryptocurrencies.

HWG Cash can be used by consumers and businesses via the company’s new payment app HwgPay, now available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and iOS devices respectively. Image Description Image Description

Dongxi Cabinet

The e-commerce application Dongxi Cabinet based on the everiToken is officially launched, and its entire point system is issued on everiToken. Users can get the corresponding points after consumption. Points can be used to deduct goods or make discounts, while future points will be used for marketing to give participants real-time dividends.


Midas Protocol is a universal cryptocurrency wallet that provides users with a platform to buy, store, and trade hundreds of different tokens, available on both Android and iOS. The wallet also provides portfolio performance evaluation, instant token conversions with multiple decentralized exchanges, and advanced order types, such as trailing stop-loss orders.

Midas Protocol has integrated everiToken’s everiPay payment solution and supported everiToken’s EVT token on its platform. Image Description Image Description


SWFT Pay has integrated everiToken’s everiPay payment solution and supported everiToken’s EVT token on its platform.SWFT Blockchain is a “Next-Generation Blockchain Global Transfer Agreement”,focusing on providing customers with an efficient and easy-to-use platform for cryptocurrency transfers. with everiToken’s 10000+TPS and high transcation speed within 3 second,they can fully achieve thier goal and improve user payment experience Image Description


Currently, BitMessage officially launched the everiToken Coin EVT , and allows user to deposit and withdrawal EVT for the circulation of EVT in its social field. As a global intelligent social ecological platform, BitMessage integrates digital asset information, instant social and community functions to realize an one-stop social solution.

Image Description Image Description

Big News

Recently, everiToken public chain reached a strategic partnership with Timestamp Capital. everiToken has received strategic investments from well-known funds at home and abroad such as Fenbushi Capital, Yuandao Fund, longhash, Turbo Capital and ChainFunder. Its Mainnet launched successfully in July 2018 with more than 10,000 TPS. It is one of the commercial public chains with high performance for its global transaction confirmation speed within 3 seconds. Image Description On March 8th, everiToken won the “Asia’s Top 100 Blockchain Companies” promulgated by the Asia Blockchain Society, affirming the innovation and application of everiToken in the underlying public chain and blockchain payment. As a company innovating blockchain technology, everiToken has always adhered to the principle of easy to use and fast to develop, and fundamentally met the various requirements for the commercial side applications. Image Description On March 29th, everiTokengot “Best Blockchain Technology Innovation Project”by Mars Finance on its annual event.Mars Finance provides users with 24/7 news, market research, data, market price and other services. Original features such as an encyclopedia and a video content section are also created. Huoxing Finance has become one of the most influential and leading blockchain media in China. Image Description Image Description


On March 4th, Mr.Jiang from Coinscious visited the everiToken office to learn about the everiToken project, and discussed possible cooperation points. everiToken CEO Brady introduced the everiToken project, core innovations and eco-applications, which has been greatly praised from other side. The Coinscious is a company providing big data of secondary market and AI service, and we may work together on data services in the future. Image Description On March 5th, Northern Light Maple met with everiToken CEO Brady, and both parties discussed and exchanged the everiToken project. Brady introduced the everiToken design philosophy, core innovations and the latest large-scale application cases, and demonstrated a blockchain payment solution. Maple believes that the everiToken public chain is relatively unique in the public chain track, with great potential for future development. Image Description On March 5th, Lichang founder Ocean visited the everiToken office to learned about the everiToken project and explore possible future cooperation points. everiToken market operator Hugo introduced the design concept, key innovations, and global ecological progress. Ocean is also the initiator of the EOS Gravity and has extensive experience in project operations, ecological construction, and community operating. Image Description On March 11th, everiToken CEO Brady introduced the everiToken project, technical innovation, the latest applications to institutional investors and showed the payment solution based on everiToken. The other party is more optimistic about the development strategy and payment technology of everiToken, and believes that everiToken has great development potential. Then they had an in-depth communication with everiToken CPO Ceeji on the technical details. Image Description On March 21st, the head of the DarcMatter project visited the everitoken office, and Brady introduced the everiToken project and its global development strategy. The two sides reached preliminary cooperation based on their respective advantages and possible cooperation points, and will carry out the next step of in-depth communication. Image Description On March 22nd, STOCOOP “An International Cooperative Organization for STO and Governance Mechanism Presentation” held by Cabin Capital was successfully concluded in Shanghai. everyiToken CEO Brady was invited to participate in the expert roundtable discussion to discuss the development significance and future development of STO with many industry experts. Brady said: "STO has great help for the circulation of encrypted assets. everyiToken's safe contract and multi-signing mechanism have a natural integration with STO. Many STO projects on everiToken are underway.” Image Description On March 23, everiToken was invited to participate in TECOM's “China’s first Tech and Entrepreneur Communities Conference” event. everiToken CEO Brady said: "In the past, traditional financial companies is going downhill, and the market value is not as good as before. The impact of Fintech on the traditional finance with Blockchain as the core, relying on the efforts of the global community, can still achieve very High market value with efficient operation. Image Description Image Description

Business Development

On March 7th, an independent game studio visited the everiToken office to discuss the possibility of combining their games with the everiToken. everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng firstly introduced the performance advantages of everiToken on handling game, and then described the low cost and extremely short development cycle of building games on everiToken. The other party is more aware of technology and performance advantages of everiToken and will try to cooperate soon. Image Description On March 14th, Hongfu Tech founding team once again visited the everiToken office to ask a series of questions on the technical realization of the specific scene. everiToken core engineer Huang Jialei gave detailed answers and proposed reasonable technical solutions for them. The other party is the world's first blockchain solution provider on new retail smart Vending machine, which will implement blockchain intelligent solutions based on everiToken. Image Description

On March 20th, Lucia team visited the everiToken Shanghai office to conduct in-depth discussions on the blockchain smart door lock with the everiToken core team. everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng first introduced the advantages and application cases of everiPass in smart door locks, which can achieve high security and high performance. The two sides also discussed the application scenarios of blockchain smart door locks in the network room, and hope to reach cooperation and launch application as soon as possible. Image Description On March 21st, the Goldzip project team visited the everiToken office to conduct in-depth cooperation and communication with the everiToken core team. The project is in line with the development strategy of everiToken at home and abroad. After in-depth communication, we had reached cooperation in many aspects. Image Description

Hongkong journey

On March 13th, everiToken CEO Brady arrived in Hong Kong to introduce the everiToken project, development strategy,and showcased the blockchain payment solution for Merck Capital. The other party is attracted by everiToken's innovative design concept and fast payment technology, and hopes to cooperate with everiToken as soon as possible. Image Description On March 15th, everiToken CEO Brady met with Ethereum co-founder and IOHK/Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson in Hong Kong to introduce the core innovations, online applications and advantages on blockchain payment. The other party praised the everiToken for being very different from other public chains, which is very likely to stand out and become a dark horse in the public chain. Image Description On March 15th, everiToken CEO Brady also met with Litecoin founder Charlie Lee, introducing the everiToken project and specific solutions for blockchain payment. The other party is familiar with the impact of the blockchain on payment, and is more optimistic about the payment solution of everiToken, and said that the Litecoin solves the problem of large payment speed, and everiToken will be the leader in micropayment. Image Description On March 15th, everiToken met with Rayson, Chairman of the Malaysian Blockchain Association in Hong Kong, to introduce the innovation of everiToken. Taking HWG Cash as an example, it explained the impact of everiToken on the innovation of Malaysian enterprises. The other party is optimistic about the global development potential of everiToken, and will introduced more overseas resources for everiToken. Image Description On March 15, everiToken CEO Brady was invited to participate in the “SECURITY TOKEN FUTURE” event organized by STFuture, and participated in expert roundtable to discuss the impact of the public chain on Tokenization with many STO experts. Brady said:” as a regulatory-friendly public chain ,everiToken original "safe contract" and "multi-signing mechanism" both help with regulatory review, while high performance can achieve real circulation requirements.”At the same time, everiToken core team also talked with BN capital on STO cooperation. Image Description Image Description Image Description