Weekly Progress From 1st to 7th Apr.

Last Updated: 2019-04-07 22:28:50 (GMT)

Strategic cooperation

On April 1st, everiToken reached a strategic cooperation with AO, which will issue gold stablecoin based on everiToken and adopt payment solution. everiToken is world's first token-customized public chain with high TPS, high security, high standardization and low cost. everiToken will help AO build stablecoin ecosystem in the future and open up the gap between digital coin and physical gold, realizing “gold asset tokenization”. The AO PROTOCOL (AO) project includes high-performance public chains, gold stablecoin GGEC and decentralized exchange GGE. Image Description On April 3rd, everiToken public chain signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhengzheng Ma (Zhengxi Tech) to jointly promote the "blockchain + traceability" application. Zhengxi Tech is a benchmarking enterprise in the field of traceability and its traceability and smart marketing solutions are widely used in tobacco and alcohol, food, automobile, tea, mother and baby, which has provided solution to some typical customers such as PepsiCo's 7-up, Qiayina and Huagui. everiToken public chain has the ability to independently develop high-performance blockchain security chips and achieve low-cost data-uploading for traceability and anti-counterfeiting. The two sides will work together to create a new traceability ecosystem with blockchain security chips and trusted points as its core. Image Description On April 3rd, everiToken signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Philippine Stablecoin GMQ, which will issue a stablecoin based on everiToken and circulate it in global ecosystem. everiToken will also cooperate with GMQ on everiCard to provide global green-hand with a stored-value card with no usage threshold to jointly expand the global payment network.

On April 4th, everiToken CEO Brady arrived in Beijing to sign a strategic cooperation with Makkan Investment. The other party will issue a stablecoin based on everiToken for circulation in the Middle East, and its stablecoin will also join the everiToken global stablecoin ecosystem to continue to expand it, truly achieving global circulation. Image Description


On April 1st, everiToken business partner Fon was invited to participate in the “China-Europe IEO Status” conference, and served as a round table guest to discuss the current status of IEO and future development trends with many industry insiders. Fon said: "IEO has indeed once again ignited the enthusiasm of blockchain practitioners. everiToken as an outstanding global public chain will also continue to lead the industry in innovation and make blockchain payment technology access to everyone." Image Description On April 2nd, fund team from Silicon Valley visited everiToken office in Shanghai to communicate with everiToken core members. everiToken CEO Brady introduced the everiToken project, the latest application cases and development strategies at home and abroad. The other party consulted the core team on specific issues and got clear answers from everiToken in detail. Professor Hengjin Cai, as the chief scientist in everiToken, also explained the design concept and innovation of everiToken project. The other party recognizes the everiToken project and its future development potential, and wish to cooperate as soon as possible. Image Description On April 2nd, Western Securities team visited everiToken office to learn about the blockchain industry and everiToken project. everiToken CEO Brady introduced everiToken project, design concepts, core innovations, and application cases to them. As a traditional financial institution, the other party is more optimistic about the innovations of everiToken in terms of payment, and believes that the future blockchain payment has great potential. Image Description On April 2nd, the head of the overseas fund met with everiToken CEO Brady in Shanghai to have a detailed understanding of the everiToken project and to discuss business cooperation. Brady first introduced the underlying innovations of everiToken project and the application cases at home and abroad, then demonstrated the blockchain payment solution. The other party has a wealth of commercial resources overseas, and is very optimistic about everiToken's payment technology and overseas development strategy, which will help everiToken to expand overseas market. Image Description Image Description On April 3rd, everiToken CTO Harry Wang was invited to participate in the “hiblock blockchain technology workshop” and shared the “Automatic Divided Product based on everiToken”. Based on the actual case on everiToken, Harry Wang introduced the overall design of the underlying system design and the automatic divided on the chain. After the meeting, everiToken also received a large number of technical fans, joined the everiToken technology community, and continued to discuss some issues. Image Description On April 3rd, everiToken business partner Fon visited the Jiedian Yunsuan and had a business talk with the person in charge. Fon explained the technology of the everiToken project, the development roadmap, and disclosed the node election to the other party. The Jiedian Yunsuan showed great interested in the everiToken project, and also wants to contribute to the stability of the entire network, and hopes to cooperate with everiToken in the future. Image Description On April 3rd, everiToken core team visited well-known institutions in Hangzhou and discussed the impact of blockchain innovations on finance and the future development trend. everiToken CEO Brady introduced the underlying innovations of the everiToken project and its advantages in blockchain payments, and demonstrated the payment solution to them. The other party believes that blockchain payment is most likely to achieve large-scale application, and the potential for small payment on everiToken line is unlimited. Image Description

Business Development

On April 1st, everiToken core team arrived in Manila to conduct business negotiations with the local large commercial parties on Stablecoin. everiToken CEO Brady first introduced the underlying innovation of the everiToken project, the advantages in payment, and demonstrated the blockchain payment solution on the spot. It also explained the application case of the online HWG Cash. The other party also has more offline payment usage scenarios in the local area, believed other everiToken solution is better than other public chains, reaching a preliminary cooperation. Image Description On April 4th, everiToken market director Hugo Li visited Bole Home to discuss the cooperation in the “New Retail of Real Estate + Blockchain”. Hugo Li mentioned that the blockchain chip independently developed by everiToken can seamlessly access any smart door lock, thereby improving the security of user data and improving the operation management of the house. At the same time, the real-time dividend mechanism also allows investors to trust the operator more. The other party thinks that everiToken is very helpful for the actual scene, and will try to cooperate. Image Description On April 4th, everiToken market director Hugo Li visited Shanren Network Technology to share with other party on the progress of the everiToken and the latest use cases. The other party is a blockchain service company, and has served many companies in the “blockchain+”with rich experience. Two sides has complementary relationship in terms of technology and resources, which has reached a sense of cooperation on the construction of ecological projects. Image Description On April 3rd, everiToken core team visited a well-known unit in Hangzhou to discussed the “blockchain+Point” application. everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng explained the specific point solution for other party. Based on the high performance and low development cost of everiToken, it can be applied quickly and provide a good user experience. The other party agrees very much with the specific cooperation plan of everiToken, and will quickly upgrade the original system and launching application. Image Description

Community Dynamic

On April 4th, everiToken Global Community Volunteers hosted Overseas Meetup for everiToken in Bali, Indonesia. Those Volunteers popularized the blockchain for the participants, explained the advantages of everiToken in the blockchain payment, demonstrated fast offline payment solution, which has attracted many fans and local business partners for everiToken. It is hoped that global community users will work together with everiToken to make the everiToken ecosystem bigger and stronger, and let more people enjoy the fruits of financial technology. Image Description Image Description

一、Basic Chain

A. Latest Update

-- Adding the address function to the group, the owner permission related to the group addresses appears to require confirmation in the group. This feature can be regarded as a multi-signal address, which allows a group of users manage assets through a permission tree. The group address is generated in the form of (.group, name, nonce).

B. Code Optimized

-- The FT has been upgraded, and now FT also supports transfer permissions, which helps build a more flexible FT-based business scenario.

C. Code fixed

-- Fixed other bugs.

二. Other Development

Java SDK (evt4j)

  • change http client from apache to okhttp3
  • Performance optimisation

EveriSigner (Browser extension of everiToken)

  • migrate repository to typescript for better code quality
  • Introduce react, redux and redux-saga for building UI
  • introduce modern UI framework: material-ui
  • introduce better work flow for creating account
  • Improve extension security