Weekly Progress From 8th to 14th April

Last Updated: 2019-04-14 10:18:24 (GMT)


On April 11th, everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng served as a guest in Wuya community, sharing a topic on the topic of “Becoming the World's Fastest Public Chain everiToken for Commercial Applications”. The Wuya community is a very active technical community with blockchain fans, and the quality of community members is very high. Ceeji Cheng talked about the everiToken technical characteristics of “three highs and one low” with the meaning of high standardization, high security, high performance and low development cost, and combined with specific use cases such as Zhiyuanhui, etc, elaborating on everiToken is the target of blockchain infrastructure. Image Description On April 12th, everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng was invited by B-Labs to share the everiToken project and the latest applications for its community members, winning many fans for everiToken. B-Labs is a joint blockchain incubator initiated by the leading companies in the industry, which was jointly established by Zhejiang Qinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute Hangzhou Branch, OK Group and Jianan Block Chain. Image Description On April 12th, everiToken CEO Brady was invited to participate in meeting ITU Fiat Currency Digital Currency Group in Washington, DC, and discuss the central bank's legal digital currency with representatives of the IMF, BIS, ECB, WEF and other international organizations. Distinguished guests showed great interest in stablecoin everiToken and everiPay micropayments showed by Brady. Image Description Image Description On April 12th, everiToken market director Hugo Li was invited to participate in the “Summit on New Digital Engine of Digital Economy and Application of Blockchain Technology Innovation” and attended the round table to discuss with many industry insiders how the blockchain can enpower the real economy. Hugo said: "Many companies hold wait-and-see attitude, because it has not really found a connection with the blockchain. The same is true for startup companies, most of them do not think clearly about the needs. everiToken aims to be infrastructure that empowers the real economy, which has been identified as a public chain for commercial applications from the outset. For this we have done many underlying innovations such as high performance, high security, high standards and low Development costs." Image Description

Business Development

On April 8th, a person in charge of a technology company visited the everiToken office to learn about each other's business with everiToken COO Bozhen, discussing possible future cooperation points. Bozhen introduced the progress of the current project of everiToken to the other side. Both sides agreed that there may be a large space for cooperation in project incubation and mutual assistance. Image Description On April 8th, everiToken CEO Brady visited the Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association with everiToken officially entering the association. He hoped that the strength of the association would enable the everiToken project to grow stronger. The other party is also deeply aware of the superiority of the everiToken project in the underlying technological innovation and empowering business. It shows great interest in everiToken and said that it will do its utmost to help everiToken develop globally. Image Description On April 8th, Blockshine overseas market director visited the everiToken Shanghai office to communicate with the everiToken core team on business cooperation. everiToken CEO Brady introduced everiToken's underlying innovation, blockchain payment solutions and overseas application cases. The other party also told everiToken about the current needs in the Japanese market, and recognizes the technology of everiToken, which will adopt payment solutions in overseas wallets for various offline scenarios. Image Description On April 8th, the head of an investment institution communicated with the core team of everiToken. everiToken CEO Brady introduced the development direction of the current everiToken application at home and abroad, and showed use case, hoping to seek more commercial applications. The other party is more surprised at the development speed of everiToken, and said that it is optimistic about the development direction of blockchain smart door locks, blockchain chips, overseas payment, etc., jointly promoting the ecological building. Image Description On April 9th, everiToken COO Chen Bozhen visited the Dark Horse and negotiated business with the head of the Shanghai area. Dark Horse is a comprehensive service provider focused on helping the growth of innovative startups,which has a very rich government and project resources throughout the country. After introducing the everiToken project, the two parties stated that they have many cooperation points with much likely to cooperate in the government and entrepreneurial projects on this stage. Image Description

On April 9th, everiToken COO Chen Bozhen visited TokenGazer to discuss business cooperation with the person in charge. Bozhen first introduced the current progress of the everiToken project and the arrangement of projects recently. The other party expressed strong interest in the technical innovations and commercial applications of the everiToken project, hoping to cooperate with everiToken in content and community to let more people know more about everiToken. Image Description On April 9th, everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng went to Xinjiang to bring the blockchain solution to the local commercial side, helping the other party to build smart business circle and allowing users to enjoy the convenience brought by technology. Ceeji Cheng explained the other side from the aspects of technology, applying details, business profit, etc., including many commercial application scenarios such as parking lot and smart marketing, which received strong recognition from the other side. The two sides plan to formally cooperate in near future and strive to finish the entire program in the second quarter. Image Description

Media Announcements

This week, DOGI Media Station published an article titled “50 Million Dollar Incentives | Hot Public Chain Competition for Developers”, which mentions many current public incentive programs, including the everiToken public chain which revealed his support for the ecological project.

In terms of developer cooperation mode, everiToken provides free code security audit and a variety of game common function templates with German, Japanese, Chinese and English language support and collaboration; in terms of funds, developer can enjoy the everiToken ecological fund, developing games as mining(unlimited reward). Image Description

This week, Zinc Finance reported on the everiToken smart door lock, everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng gave a detailed explanation on the principle of the intelligent door lock and the specific application scenarios. Image Description

一、Basic Chain

A. Latest Update

-- Add confirmation plugin to assist the process of application to implement the transaction confirmation. confirmation is divided into multiple modes, and use different strategies to wait for transaction confirmation, so that ordinary application developers do not need to understand the confirmation mechanism of everiToken in detail.

B. Code Optimized

--Optimize the previous code.

C. Code fixed

-- Fixed other bugs.

二. Other Development

Java SDK (evt4j)

-- Release evt4j 1.0.0-rc2 to maven.

-- Remove org.json as dependency to have better Android support.

-- Improve reliability on signature generation.

-- Minor bug fixes.

EveriSigner (Browser extension)

-- Continue working on the signing procedure

-- Support more client methods