everiToken Monthly Report On April

Last Updated: 2019-04-30 05:54:03 (GMT)

一、 everiToken Basic Chain Development

A. Latest Update

EVT 3.3.0 contains several improvements on performance and stability. Main changes compared to EVT 3.2X

-- Support FT v2

-- Support group address(multi-sign address)

-- Fix minor bugs

-- Add confirmation plugin to assist the process of application to implement the transaction confirmation. confirmation is divided into multiple modes, and use different strategies to wait for transaction confirmation, so that ordinary application developers do not need to understand the confirmation mechanism of everiToken in detail.

B. Code Optimized

-- Optimize the previous code.

C. Code fixed

-- Fixed other bugs.

二、 Other Development

Java SDK (evt4j)

-- Release evt4j 1.0.0-rc4 to maven.

-- Further optimization for Android platform Minor bug fixes.

-- Remove org.json as dependency to have better Android support.

-- Improve reliability on signature generation. Minor bug fixes.

EveriSigner (Browser extension)

-- Continue working on UI/UX of everiSigner.

-- Added “Jest” as testing framework.

-- Added “Storybook” for UI component documentation.

-- Continue adding more client methods migrate repository to typescript for better code quality.

-- Introduce react, redux and redux-saga for building UI.

-- introduce modern UI framework: material-ui.

-- introduce better work flow for creating account.

-- Improve extension security

Community Dynamic

  1. On April 4th, everiToken Global Community Volunteers hosted Overseas Meetup for everiToken in Bali, Indonesia. Those Volunteers popularized the blockchain for the participants, explained the advantages of everiToken in the blockchain payment, demonstrated fast offline payment solution, which has attracted many fans and local business partners for everiToken. It is hoped that global community users will work together with everiToken to make the everiToken ecosystem bigger and stronger, and let more people enjoy the fruits of financial technology.

  2. On April 16th, member from the everiToken global technology community came to the everiToken office to communicate with the core engineer Huang Jialei on specific white paper questions. The Thai-based partner has written a Thai version of technical white paper for everiToken to help everiToken expand its Southeast Asian market. Image Description

  3. On April 26th, everiToken overseas community partners held a Meetup in Amsterdam. Industry insiders, developers, start-up entrepreneurs and investors participated in the meeting with warm response for forcedly postponing one-and-a-half-hour meeting to three hours. everiToken CEO Brady online shared the latest developments and future plans of the everiToken project in Japan. It was warmly welcomed by the participants and sent 1000EVT to our champion in the Q&A session. Image Description Image Description

  4. On April 27th, everiToken and Waterdrip Capital successfully held MeetUp on Qingdao as one of stations of China Tour. The conference centered on “How to use the blockchain to empower industry”, and gathered a number of government personnel, investment institutions, and personal invertors. everiToken COO Bozhen Chen introduced how everiToken empowered the real economy. Condidering real needs of the real economy. everyiToken provides high security, high standards, high performance and low cost to third parties through the underlying innovations., which can really reduce the cost of its development and user education. Image Description

Strategic cooperation

  1. On April 1st, everiToken reached a strategic cooperation with AO, which will issue gold stablecoin based on everiToken and adopt payment solution. everiToken is world's first token-customized public chain with high TPS, high security, high standardization and low cost. everiToken will help AO build stablecoin ecosystem in the future and open up the gap between digital coin and physical gold, realizing “gold asset tokenization”. The AO PROTOCOL (AO) project includes high-performance public chains, gold stablecoin GGEC and decentralized exchange GGE. Image Description

  2. On April 3rd, everiToken public chain signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhengzheng Ma (Zhengxi Tech) to jointly promote the "blockchain + traceability" application. Zhengxi Tech is a benchmarking enterprise in the field of traceability and its traceability and smart marketing solutions are widely used in tobacco and alcohol, food, automobile, tea, mother and baby, which has provided solution to some typical customers such as PepsiCo's 7-up, Qiayina and Huagui. everiToken public chain has the ability to independently develop high-performance blockchain security chips and achieve low-cost data-uploading for traceability and anti-counterfeiting. The two sides will work together to create a new traceability ecosystem with blockchain security chips and trusted points as its core. Image Description

  3. On April 3rd, everiToken signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Philippine Stablecoin GMQ, which will issue a stablecoin based on everiToken and circulate it in global ecosystem. everiToken will also cooperate with GMQ on everiCard to provide global green-hand with a stored-value card with no usage threshold to jointly expand the global payment network.

  4. On April 4th, everiToken CEO Brady arrived in Beijing to sign a strategic cooperation with Makkan Investment. The other party will issue a stablecoin based on everiToken for circulation in the Middle East, and its stablecoin will also join the everiToken global stablecoin ecosystem to continue to expand it, truly achieving global circulation.

  5. On April 22nd, everiToken officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Japanese company BluePrint. BluePrint is a game production company with a wealth of development experience in card games and has successfully produced multi-million user games. everiToken outstanding performance in handling NFT provides high performance (10000+TPS), high standardization, high security and low cost solutions. The two sides will jointly develop blockchain games and open up new game markets, so that blockchain games are not limited to gamble. Image Description

  6. On April 23, everiToken and Douni Wan Tech sign a strategic cooperation agreement, and both parties will jointly explore the application of “blockchain+games”. Douni Wan specializes in the R&D and distribution of stand-alone mobile games with rich development experience in games. In this cooperation, the two sides will explore in the aspects of game cards and props on everiToken, jointly creating a smooth and transparent new gameplay. Image Description

  7. On April 28th, everiToken and GRC officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and the other party will build a media-based overseas real estate sales platform based on everiToken. On the advantages of media and social, GRC joins the blockchain token incentive mechanism to achieve a variety of operational games and finally builds a 3.0 era of global sales platform. In this cooperation, everiToken will provide other party with high-performance, low-cost modular function solutions to help them create a new platform. Image Description


  1. On April 1st, everiToken business partner Fon was invited to participate in the “China-Europe IEO Status” conference, and served as a round table guest to discuss the current status of IEO and future development trends with many industry insiders. Fon said: "IEO has indeed once again ignited the enthusiasm of blockchain practitioners. everiToken as an outstanding global public chain will also continue to lead the industry in innovation and make blockchain payment technology access to everyone." Image Description

  2. On April 2nd, fund team from Silicon Valley visited everiToken office in Shanghai to communicate with everiToken core members. everiToken CEO Brady introduced the everiToken project, the latest application cases and development strategies at home and abroad. The other party consulted the core team on specific issues and got clear answers from everiToken in detail. Professor Hengjin Cai, as the chief scientist in everiToken, also explained the design concept and innovation of everiToken project. The other party recognizes the everiToken project and its future development potential, and wish to cooperate as soon as possible. Image Description

  3. On April 3rd, everiToken core team visited well-known institutions in Hangzhou and discussed the impact of blockchain innovations on finance and the future development trend. everiToken CEO Brady introduced the underlying innovations of the everiToken project and its advantages in blockchain payments, and demonstrated the payment solution to them. The other party believes that blockchain payment is most likely to achieve large-scale application, and the potential for small payment on everiToken line is unlimited. Image Description

  4. On April 11th, everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng served as a guest in Wuya community, sharing a topic on the topic of “Becoming the World's Fastest Public Chain everiToken for Commercial Applications”. The Wuya community is a very active technical community with blockchain fans, and the quality of community members is very high. Ceeji Cheng talked about the everiToken technical characteristics of “three highs and one low” with the meaning of high standardization, high security, high performance and low development cost, and combined with specific use cases such as Zhiyuanhui, etc, elaborating on everiToken is the target of blockchain infrastructure.

  5. On April 12th, everiToken CEO Brady was invited to participate in meeting ITU Fiat Currency Digital Currency Group in Washington, DC, and discuss the central bank's legal digital currency with representatives of the IMF, BIS, ECB, WEF and other international organizations. Distinguished guests showed great interest in stablecoin everiToken and everiPay micropayments showed by Brady. Image Description

  6. On April 12th, everiToken market director Hugo Li was invited to participate in the “Summit on New Digital Engine of Digital Economy and Application of Blockchain Technology Innovation” and attended the round table to discuss with many industry insiders how the blockchain can enpower the real economy. Hugo said: "Many companies hold wait-and-see attitude, because it has not really found a connection with the blockchain. The same is true for startup companies, most of them do not think clearly about the needs. everiToken aims to be infrastructure that empowers the real economy, which has been identified as a public chain for commercial applications from the outset. For this we have done many underlying innovations such as high performance, high security, high standards and low Development costs."

  7. On April 17th, the head of the DUSD project team met with everiToken CEO Brady, discussing everiToken project and possible cooperation points. Brady first introduced the everiToken design concept, the latest online applications and the eco-partners at home and abroad, also demonstrating the blockchain payment solution. The other party is particularly interested in the high performance and micro payment of everiToken and will try to cooperate with everiToken on blockchain payment solutions. Image Description

  8. On April 17, EliteX Exchange came to the everiToken office to gain a deep understanding of the everiToken project. everiToken CEO Brady introduced everiToken's core innovations, eco-cases and crucial overseas markets. The other side is mainly in the European market and has more resources ,so there is huge room for cooperation in the future for everiToken active community in Europe and other places. Image Description

  9. On April 18th, everiToken business partner Fon was invited to participate in the “2019 Hong Kong-World Digital Economy Innovation Leadership Summit”. At the conference, he shared the everiToken project for many guests and participated in the round table to discuss the future of the digital economy with many industry insiders. Fon said: "The requirements of the blockchain in the digital economy era are bound to be high standards, high security, high performance and low cost. everiToken's innovation in the underlying technology just meets this demand. In addition, everiToken occupies the door into digital economy for its more advanced blockchain payment solution than other companies." Image Description

  10. On April 18th, everiToken was invited by Fenbushi capital to participate in the roadshow, introducing everiToken project to many industry capitals and project parties. everiToken CEO Brady talked about the design concept and core innovation of the project, and explained the advantages of everiToken in commercial application with specific use cases. Finally, he shared with the global ecological progress and domestic and foreign development strategies.

  11. On April 25th, everiToken CEO Brady arrived in Taiwan to communicate with the famous bitcoin investor Roger on blockchain payment. Roger is a true BCH believer, patiently explaining how to use BCH wallets for many guests. Brady showed fast payment technology based on everiToken, and mentioned that BTC and BCH solved the big money transfer problem, and everiToken proposed a solution for face-to-face payment. Image Description

  12. On April 25th, DLT held a STO&DLT101 event in Taiwan, and many industry experts discussed the STO on smart contracts. Among them, everiToken CEO Brady said: "With regard to STO, the project party has more hopes to ensure the security and circulation efficiency of the issuance of token, and the smart contract can no longer meet the demand. everiToken has realized the modular function through the safe contract, allowing anyone to use the everiToken platform in a standardized and secure manner, so safe contracts are the best choice for STO." Image Description

  13. On April 26th, everiToken CEO Brady arrived in Japan to have in-depth communication with the president of Cointelegraph Headquarters. Brady popularized the everiToken project, demonstrated the micropayment solution based on everiToken, and also consulted the Japanese cryptocurrency policy. From the perspective of cryptocurrency related policies, the other party expressed optimism about the everiToken payment technology, hoping to help everiToken develop in Japan. Image Description

  14. On April 26th, everiToken CEO Brady was invited to participate in the “The Meetup of Lisk ecosystem in Japan” and served as a guest speaker to share everiToken project. Brady said that it is often criticized about adopting blockchain. The quantity and scale of application are the value of the public chain. everiToken aims to be infrastructure since its inception and has achieved high standards, high security, high performance (10000+TPS) and low cost solutions, working with more than 300 projects. Image Description

Business Development

  1. On April 1st, everiToken core team arrived in Manila to conduct business negotiations with the local large commercial parties on Stablecoin. everiToken CEO Brady first introduced the underlying innovation of the everiToken project, the advantages in payment, and demonstrated the blockchain payment solution on the spot. It also explained the application case of the online HWG Cash. The other party also has more offline payment usage scenarios in the local area, believed other everiToken solution is better than other public chains, reaching a preliminary cooperation.

  2. On April 8th, everiToken CEO Brady visited the Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association with everiToken officially entering the association. He hoped that the strength of the association would enable the everiToken project to grow stronger. The other party is also deeply aware of the superiority of the everiToken project in the underlying technological innovation and empowering business. It shows great interest in everiToken and said that it will do its utmost to help everiToken develop globally. Image Description

  3. On April 8th, Blockshine overseas market director visited the everiToken Shanghai office to communicate with the everiToken core team on business cooperation. everiToken CEO Brady introduced everiToken's underlying innovation, blockchain payment solutions and overseas application cases. The other party also told everiToken about the current needs in the Japanese market, and recognizes the technology of everiToken, which will adopt payment solutions in overseas wallets for various offline scenarios. Image Description

  4. On April 3rd, everiToken core team visited a well-known unit in Hangzhou to discussed the “blockchain+Point” application. everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng explained the specific point solution for other party. Based on the high performance and low development cost of everiToken, it can be applied quickly and provide a good user experience. The other party agrees very much with the specific cooperation plan of everiToken, and will quickly upgrade the original system and launching application. Image Description

  5. On April 9th, everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng went to Xinjiang to bring the blockchain solution to the local commercial side, helping the other party to build smart business circle and allowing users to enjoy the convenience brought by technology. Ceeji Cheng explained the other side from the aspects of technology, applying details, business profit, etc., including many commercial application scenarios such as parking lot and smart marketing, which received strong recognition from the other side. The two sides plan to formally cooperate in near future and strive to finish the entire program in the second quarter. Image Description

  6. On April 16, the large domestic physical industry group arrived in Shanghai from Taiwan to conduct business negotiations with the core team of everiToken. everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng introduced the core innovation of everiToken, the newly developed blockchain chip and the application of blockchain chip in the actual scene. The other party is very optimistic about the application direction of everiToken public chain and the application of the blockchain chip in the entity, and will cooperate with everiToken in depth. Image Description 7 .On April 23, the head of the Xingzao Capital visited the everiToken office and negotiated various cooperation with everiToken. everiToken CEO Brady introduced the current everiToken-related products, including payment solutions, everiCard, blockchain chips, blockchain smart door locks, etc., as well as current applications in real-world scenarios around the world. The other party praised the hard power of everiToken technology and continued to communite on profit, product planning, project incubation and other aspects. Image Description

  7. On April 24th, the head of the goodpago project met with Hugo Li, the everiToken market director, to learn about the latest developments of the project at this stage. Hugo Li explained the everiCard, the latest development of everiToken, which can store any encrypted assets and allow users to consume without thresholds. The other party has a certain share in the Southeast Asian payment market, and hopes to combine the everiCard blockchain card with its encrypted asset wallet (also based on the everiToken) to allow more users to use and continue to expand the payment market. Image Description