Weekly Progress From 29th Apr. to 5th May

Last Updated: 2019-05-06 02:00:25 (GMT)


On April 29th, everiToken chief scientist Hengjin Cai and everiToken COO Bozhen Chen attended the closed-door sharing conference entitled “2019 Blockchain Technology Application and Digital Financial Assets” in Beijing, discussing with many scholars, digital financial experts and institutional investors on the topic of digital finance. everiToken team started from the blockchain and the financial industry, introduced the specific application of everiToken in the financial industry, such as stablecoin, and clarified the importance of blockchain payment for the business world, which was greatly praised by many experts present. Image Description On April 30th, everiToken was invited to participate in the Hangzhou Blockchain Application Professional Committee, and market director Hugo Li attended the meeting. everiToken's advantages in business application are obvious to everyone for its cooperative 300 projects and more than a dozen online projects in just half a year. At this meeting, Li Chenghua contributed the blockchain application standards to everyone based on practical experience, and discussed the feasibility and many participants. Image Description On May 1st, everiToken CEO Brady met with the head of Primas to introduce the latest progress of everiToken and discuss the possibility of cooperation. Brady revolves around the latest online application, combining the latest products from everiToken, such as blockchain chips, blockchain smart door locks, etc., to interpret the development direction and application ability of the everiToken for multiple dimensions. As an early project in the blockchain industry, Primas has many users and industry resources, and we looks forward to the cooperation between the two parties in the near future. Image Description On May 4th, everiToken domestic community member visited everiToken office on the day of the May Fourth Youth Day, and he had make acquaintance of everiTokn on the Meetup in France. The community partner is studying in France and is very optimistic about the everiToken project. This time, he wants to learn more about the latest developments and application of the project, and some of the contents will be applied to his graduation thesis. Image Description

Business Development

On April 29th, everiToken Business partner Fon met with the head of the Malaysian Blockchain Technology Association to introduce the latest progress of the project and explore new cooperation opportunities. Fon said that everiToken products has been adopted in currently large-scale such as payment, blockchain chips, and blockchain smart door locks and hoped that the other party can introduce more international resources and promote cooperation. Image Description On May 1st, everiToken core team arrived in Hangzhou to communicate with a crowdfunding platform and guide other party on the details of the specific technology. everiToken believes that many crowdfunding platforms now have problems of fraud, including deception of donors, etc. After adopting the blockchain, all information from the initiator to the specific use of the funds will be transparent on the chain, which can greatly increase the trust of the platform and create more a more fair and credible society.

Image Description On May 1st, the Japanese project leader arrived in Shanghai to discuss the related business cooperation with everiToken CEO Brady. everiToken's excellent performance in handling the token and numerous application cases have attracted many global eco-collaborators. The Japanese friend's ticketing company has a large share of local ticketing, and hopes to reshape the ticket market sales and verification by combining everiToken. Image Description

Latest activity

Hongkong Meetup

everiToken will hold MeetUp on Hong Kong as one of stations of China Tour on May 8th to discuss " Use Cases Based on everiToken". As an international financial center, the application of financial technology in Hong Kong cannot be underestimated. The innovation of the everiToken public chain in the underlying layer allows ordinary users to directly enjoy the fruits of financial technology. The encounter between the two will inevitably produce a wonderful chemical reaction. The registration channel for this conference has been opened.

APW 2019

The APW 2019 will focus on innovation around startups and their ecosystems, the global megatrend of the 21st century. Berlin Mayors and senators will also be on the spot to create more exchange opportunities for startups. everiToken CEO Brady will be present at the conference to have you deep dives into cryptocurrencies. Image Description

一、Basic Chain

A. Latest Update

EVT 3.3.3 contains several improvements on performance and stability. Main changes compared to EVT 3.2X

-- Support FT v2

-- Support group address(multi-sign address)

-- Fix minor bugs

B. Code Optimized

-- Optimize the previous code.

C. Code fixed

-- Fixed other bugs.

二. Other Development

Java SDK (evt4j)

-- Fix a bug in cancelsuspend action

-- General refactoring and bug fixes