Weekly Report From 6th to 12th May

Last Updated: 2019-05-13 02:49:22 (GMT)

Strategic Investment

Bitrise Capital

Famous blockchain fund Bitrise Capital recently announced its strategical investment to everiToken Public Chain.

everiToken creatively develops a token-based transaction model that naturally supports parallel transactions and prohibits security attacks with accurately tracing the trajectory of the token circulation. everiToken also allows third party to safely and quickly build Dapp by calling modular safe contracts, which make mass-adoption of blockchain possible. At present, everiToken has been widely implemented in the many fields such as cross-border payment, credibility points, and public welfare.

Nova Ecofund

The Nova Ecofund strategically invests in the everiToken public chain. Nova Ecofund is an eco-initiative fund co-sponsored by Bitrise Capital, Consensus Laboratories, ChainCapital, QRC Group, TRON Eco-Fund and CBE. Nova Ecofund will find the projects with the most potential value, provide resources and funds for the most promising blockchain technology projects, and promote the positive development of the industry.


Silicon Valley's well-known fund Consensus FinTechs announced a strategic investment in everiToken. Consensus FinTech Ventures is a Silicon Valley blockchain investment fund with a portfolio of encryption mining, exchanges, digital asset funds, PreSale projects and secondary markets. Since its establishment in 2017, they have invested in 30 investment projects, including: Loopring, Filecoin, Mainframe, Game.com, etc.

Chain capital

Digital Capital Chain Capital announced a strategic investment in the everiToken public chain. Founded in 2015, Chain Capital is a new digital fund focusing on blockchain project investment and professional digital asset management globally. Its representative projects includes Filecoin, Polkadot, Blockstack, Origin, Omisego, Quarkchain, Aelf, etc.

QRC Capital

everiToken public chain has won a strategic investment form QRC Capital for global business layout and ecological expansion. The QRC Group is located all over the world and has offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, London, Ho Chi Minh and Manila. The QRC Group busniess includes a one-stop project incubation center, project research institutes and venture capital institutions. QRC has previously invested in blockchain digital identity application projects, risk management system projects, wallet projects, and has established industry standards with BSI (British Standards Institution) with rich investment experience.


everiToken’s MeetUp in Hong Kong as one of stations of China Tour has been successfully held on May 8th with the topic of " Use Cases Based on everiToken". At the conference, everiToken business partner Fon first gave everyone a speech on the everiToken project, the ecological application and how everiToken realizes large-scale commercial applications. Fon said: "everiToken solves the problems of high threshold, large-scale application difficulty, lack of innovation with everiToken original safe contract, "Token-Based" transaction model and the world's first token verification protocol everiPay, , which has reached the demand of commercial end. At present, it has reached cooperation with more than 300 projects with a 100 million users, covering the United States, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other places around the world."

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At the meeting, Mr. Zhu, the person in charge of the everiToken ecological project GoodPago, came to the stage to introduce the GoodPago Super Wallet. Mr. Zhu mentioned that GoodPago is creating a blockchain ecosystem for mobile commerce, and issuing bank cards through the Gateagle card issuance platform to connect DARIA's wallet, exchange, credit, treasury center, acquiring, issuing cards and other platforms. And he also showed everyone the payment solution based on everiToken.

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At the meeting, everiToken hired Mr. Cai, the Asian blockchain Association, as everitoken consultant and issued a blockchain digital certificate for him.

The Asian Blockchain Association was born in the financial capital Hong Kong,which has many members of enterprises and scholars. It hopes to unite multiple resources and is committed to blockchain academic exchanges and universal education for the masses.

With the addition of President Cai Zhichuan, everiToken public chain can go faster and go further in empowering the real economy, implementing applications, and building a global ecosystem. Together, we will make the everiToken “cake” bigger and bigger. Image Description

Business Development

On May 6th, everiToken global community partner visited the everiToken office to learn about the latest project progress and recent plans of everiToken. The community's partners helped everiToken to manage more than 5,000 Russian-speaking telegram groups and patiently answer questions for other community partners. During the visit, Marian wants to invite everiToken to hold Meetup in Nanjing, allowing overseas attenders to visit and learn more about the everiToken project.

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On May 6th, everiToken CEO Brady met with the head of Tokeninsight to discuss cooperation in application and global ecological development. Tokeninsight is more optimistic about the everiToken project and has also issued a professional rating report for us. In this conversation, Brady hopes to cooperate in more aspects, such as applications, building ecology and so on. Image Description

On May 7th, the Akkadu team visited the everiToken office to conduct business and project cooperation negotiations with everiToken CEO Brady. Akkadu is a global conference live broadcast platform that provides real-time translations and is dedicated to allowing people from all corners of the world to learn more. everiToken will hold meetings in various parts of the world, and can cooperate with Akkadu in depth. At the same time, Akkadu can also issue token based on everiToken to improve incentives and active users.

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On May 7th, everiToken COO Bozhen Chen and the head of the B-lab incubator met in Shanghai to discuss business cooperation. Under the strong support of the Jianggan District Government, B-lab has created an incubator jointly by Hangzhou Branch, OK Group, and Jianan Yunzhi. This time, everiToken as a public chain with many online projects, hopes to bring more high-tech content that can be displayed on B-Lab.

On May 8th, everiToken market director Hugo visited the Mist Calculation in Hangzhou to introduce the project and discuss possible cooperation points. everiToken introduces the core innovation of everiToken from the application, and mentions the global ecological progress of everiToken. Mist Technology operates very well in blockchain enthusiasts and technology communities, and hopes to cooperate with everiToken in technical cooperation communities, project incubation, chain application and other aspects. Image Description

On May 9, everiToken Business Partner Fon visited Xinminghua Blockchain Tech to discuss cooperation with them. Xinminghua Blockchain Tech has rich experience in blockchains, and has several patents, various hardware wallets and financial platforms. Fon introduced the world's first token verification protocol, which is compatible with any hardware and software equipment, achieving 3 seconds of speed payment. Image Description

一、Basic Chain

A. Latest Update

EVT 3.3.5 contains several improvements on performance and stability. Main changes compared to EVT 3.4X

-- Support FT v2

-- Support group address(multi-sign address)

-- Fix minor bugs

B. Code Optimized

-- Optimize the previous code.

C. Code fixed

-- Fixed other bugs.

二. Other Development

Java SDK

-- Add endpoints for getting available fungible ids。

-- Refactoring.


-- Better navigation support for nested routes.

-- Better work flow on creating and importing accounts.

-- Display accounts in a list view, and support various account actions.

-- Able to display balances for account.

-- General UI/UX improvements.

EVTJS 5.4.0

This is a version mainly for offline signing support.

-- Feature: EvtLink. getEveriPayText add a new param fixedAmount in options object which supports passing fixed amount for the payment.

-- Feature: Add httpRequestHook as new optional property in config param of APICaller constructor. You may use this feature to hook all http requests and process them by yourself.

-- APICaller. pushTransaction method add submitToNode: false support in transaction config param. If it is set then the transaction will not be pushed to the server.

-- APICaller. pushTransaction method add AbiJsonToBinLocally: true support in transaction config param. It could be used to support offline signing. Now only transferft is supported.5. APICaller class adds a new method pushSignedTransaction.

-- Add two new actions for bonus feature ( setpsvbonus and distpsvbonus ) .