everiToken Monthly Report On May

Last Updated: 2019-05-30 05:06:32 (GMT)

Big News

Bitrise Capital

Famous blockchain fund Bitrise Capital recently announced its strategical investment to everiToken Public Chain.

everiToken creatively develops a token-based transaction model that naturally supports parallel transactions and prohibits security attacks with accurately tracing the trajectory of the token circulation. everiToken also allows third party to safely and quickly build Dapp by calling modular safe contracts, which make mass-adoption of blockchain possible. At present, everiToken has been widely implemented in the many fields such as cross-border payment, credibility points, and public welfare.

Nova Ecofund

The Nova Ecofund strategically invests in the everiToken public chain. Nova Ecofund is an eco-initiative fund co-sponsored by Bitrise Capital, Consensus Laboratories, ChainCapital, QRC Group, TRON Eco-Fund and CBE. Nova Ecofund will find the projects with the most potential value, provide resources and funds for the most promising blockchain technology projects, and promote the positive development of the industry.

Concensus FinTechs

Silicon Valley's well-known fund Consensus FinTechs announced a strategic investment in everiToken. Consensus FinTech Ventures is a Silicon Valley blockchain investment fund with a portfolio of encryption mining, exchanges, digital asset funds, PreSale projects and secondary markets. Since its establishment in 2017, they have invested in 30 investment projects, including: Loopring, Filecoin, Mainframe, Game.com, etc.

Chain capital

Digital Capital Chain Capital announced a strategic investment in the everiToken public chain. Founded in 2015, Chain Capital is a new digital fund focusing on blockchain project investment and professional digital asset management globally. Its representative projects includes Filecoin, Polkadot, Blockstack, Origin, Omisego, Quarkchain, Aelf, etc.

QRC Capital

everiToken public chain has won a strategic investment form QRC Capital for global business layout and ecological expansion. The QRC Group is located all over the world and has offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, London, Ho Chi Minh and Manila. The QRC Group busniess includes a one-stop project incubation center, project research institutes and venture capital institutions. QRC has previously invested in blockchain digital identity application projects, risk management system projects, wallet projects, and has established industry standards with BSI (British Standards Institution) with rich investment experience.

BN Capital

Since BN Capital strategically invested in everiToken in November 2018, they recently announced the additional investments in everiToken.everiToken is invested and incubated by such capitals as Fenbushi Capital, Yuandao Fund, Yangtze Delta Region Institute of TsingHua University. Zhejiang, Nova Ecofund and James Gong.

everiToken creatively develops a token-based transaction model that naturally supports parallel transactions with 10000+TPS and prohibits security attacks with accurately tracing the trajectory of the token circulation. Modular safe contract replacing smart contracts can greatly improve code security and development speed, shortening development cycle to 7 days. The world first payment protocol everiPay allows 3 second transaction confirmations for all Dapp on everiToken. At present, everiToken has been widely implemented in the many fields such as cross-border payment, credibility points, and public welfare.


everiToken has signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Konstellation, a fintech company focused on development and implementation of blockchain technology for the global financial services industry. Image Description Image Description

The Third Generation of Transaction Models: Token-Based Published in IEEE Journal

Recently, an academic paper written about the token-based transaction model proposed by the everiToken public chain team was officially published in the IEEE Access electronic journal (SCI ii source journal with 3.557 impact factor).

The token-based model is the world's third generation blockchain transaction model, following BTC‘s UTXO and ETH's account-based system. everiToken's new model naturally processes transactions in a parallel manner and efficiently resists the 51% attack. With this unique infrastructure, the system achieves lightning fast speeds of 10,000+ transactions per second, while at the same time providing a high degree of security, regulatory conformity, and the numerous benefits of blockchain technology.

"After receiving official recognition from SCI, , everiToken will continue to expand its business partners and users,serving as a leader in the implementation and adoption of transaction-based blockchain technology." Image Description

Other than 9 language versions of whitepaper, 6 languages of technical guide, translated by community members, are updated to everiToken homepage: English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese.

Xiaoque xing

everiToken reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Xiaoque xing, which will adopts everiToken high performance, real-time data uploaded and dividends to create credible consumer pension points.

The user can get certain points and so on through online and offline stores in Xiaoque xing APP, which can be converted into a certain pension. everiToken will help Xiaoque xing to create open and transparent trusted points, contributing to the national pension service. Image Description

Makkah Investment

Makkah Investment will Issues Stablecoin Worth Hundreds of Million Dollars on everiToken and Express their intention to Invest in

Makkah Investment is based in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and has received local sovereign fund investments. Recently, Makkah Investment signed a strategic partnership with everiToken,which will issues Stablecoin Worth Hundreds of Million Dollars on everiToken to resolve the problem of cross-border remittances between Middle East and Sudan.

The founder of Makkah Investment Sultan Alsadoon said that he is very optimistic about the advantages on everiToken and everiPay micropayment solution in cross-border payment and also expressed his investment intention. Image Description


Lucia's Shuangsu will adopt everiToken technology for the B&B field

Lucia's Shuangsu has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with everiToken public chain, and will adopt everiToken technology in its smart door locks to jointly explore the application of the blockchain in the B&B field.

Lucia's Shuangsu has many products including smart door locks, one-click distribution SaaS system, and many homestays across the country. In 2019, Lucia's monthly net profit exceeded 2,000 yuan for one single room, with an average occupancy rate of over 80%, which is ahead of the industry.

Relying on the high-performance, real-time data on chain and dividends of everiToken public chain, Lucia will build a complete technical solution for SaaS+ intelligent hardware + blockchain, hoping to build the world's first blockchain integrity rental community.


everiToken’s MeetUp in Hong Kong as one of stations of China Tour has been successfully held on May 8th with the topic of " Use Cases Based on everiToken". At the conference, everiToken business partner Fon first gave everyone a speech on the everiToken project, the ecological application and how everiToken realizes large-scale commercial applications. Fon said: "everiToken solves the problems of high threshold, large-scale application difficulty, lack of innovation with everiToken original safe contract, "Token-Based" transaction model and the world's first token verification protocol everiPay, , which has reached the demand of commercial end. At present, it has reached cooperation with more than 300 projects with a 100 million users, covering the United States, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other places around the world." Image Description On May 13th, everiToken public chain was invited to participate in Asia Pacific Week- Berlin. CEO Brady appeared at the conference to share the impact of Fintech on finance. Brady started with the everiToken project and explained the underlying innovations of everiToken and the whole blockchain payment solution; mentioning that many countries in the world do not have ID cards, and it is even less likely to enjoy banking services, and Stablecoin + blockchain payment can make these People directly enter the era of electronic payment. Image Description On May 13th, everiToken attended the New York Consensus Event. Community partners attended the meeting and discussed the blockchain industry and blockchain technology for large-scale applications. The community partners take the example of everiToken technical innovations, mentioning the difficulty of applying now lies in the technical threshold and poor user experience. Image Description Image Description

On May 15th, “How blockchain will transform the financial industry”has been held successfully by everiToken, Darc Matter and Bitcurate. CEO Brady started with the everiToken project, core innovations and applications in financial technology, introducing the key to the large-scale application of the blockchain with high security, low development cost and low user education costs. everiToken, with its innovations such as safe contracts, fully realizes the conditions required for large-scale applications. Image Description On May 16th, everiToken Global Community Partner MIK introduced the everiToken project and the application of everiPay in real life to many blockchain enthusiasts in New York. Mik spoke from the underlying innovation of everiToken, mentioning everiPay, the world's first token verification and payment protocol, explained the application of everiPay in Malaysia. Millions of users can enjoy Inclusive Finance and merchants can use any hardware device to scan the wallet for deduction within few seconds. Image Description On May 17th, everiToken CEO Brady attended the "2019 Global Blockchain Forum" and gave a speech on "The Blockchain Technology Provider for Millions of Ordinary People". Brady mentioned that the difficulty of adopting blockchain is a pseudo-proposition because the blockchain is useful, and has its own scenarios. Current infrastructure is weak, the user experience is too bad, and the entrance threshold for ordinary people is too high. Excellent blockchain projects should minimize the threshold for commercial-side developer and end-user use, and ultimately achieve today's Internet-level user experience. Image Description Image Description

On May 20th, everiToken was invited to participate in the Let's Talk Blockchain. CEO Brady attended the meeting and discuss "Decentralized Finance" with many insiders. Brady started with everiToken project and introduced the core innovation of everiToken and its application in the financial payment field according to the pain points of the blockchain industry. In the face of enthusiastic questions from the audience, Brady patiently answered their questions and gave them a deeper understanding of the blockchain payment field. Image Description In this session, Brady, as a round table guest, discussed with many industry experts the topics of public chain, exchanges, applications and the future development of the industry. Among them, Brady mentioned that the current public chain is mostly similar, which is too unfriendly for the application builder, and the commercial ability of the public chain also remains to be discussed. From the commercial essence, the boundaries between APP and Dapp will become more and more blurred in the future, which user migration costs and education costs play an important role. Image Description

On May 23, everiToken was invited by WBF to participate in the World Digital Economy Forum. Commercial Director Fon attended the meeting and participated in the round table to discuss the development trend of blockchain with many insiders. Fon said that the key to accelerating the development of the blockchain industry lies in infrastructure, and the commercial nature is the key. everiToken is a public chain born for commercial applications. Image Description

On May 24th, community partners organized the online Meetup as scheduled for us in Amsterdam, hoping more global users understand everiToken. Brady, which is far away from South Korea, participates in online sharing across several time zones to introduce the everiToken project to more people. Image Description We also thank Thoma for sharing the basics knowledge about the blockchain and congratulations on his winning the 1000evt in the EveriQuiz session. Image Description The monthly online sharing in Amsterdam will continue. The next issue will focus on the applications on everiToken and will demonstrate everiPay demo for enthusiasts.

On May 24th, Professor Hengjin Cai, chief scientist of everiToken, attended the “Global Financial Technology Innovation Summit” organized by the People’s Daily, bringing “human-machine intelligent integration zones” to thousands of participants. He deeply analyzed the combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain, and presented a knowledge feast of wisdom and future intertwined. Image Description On May 26th, everiToken was invited to participate in the offline event, and CEO Brady participated in the roundtable forum and discussed with many industry experts “New Way to Attract Users in blockchain industry”.

Brady mentioned: "The most important gameplay in the current blockchain field is applications, which is also a critical period for the development of the industry. everiToken is constantly moving towards the commercial-type public chain through the underlying technological innovation, and there have been many large-scale applications. " Image Description

Business Development

On May 7th, the Akkadu team visited the everiToken office to conduct business and project cooperation negotiations with everiToken CEO Brady. Akkadu is a global conference live broadcast platform that provides real-time translations and is dedicated to allowing people from all corners of the world to learn more. everiToken will hold meetings in various parts of the world, and can cooperate with Akkadu in depth. At the same time, Akkadu can also issue token based on everiToken to improve incentives and active users.

On May 9, everiToken Business Partner Fon visited Xinminghua Blockchain Tech to discuss cooperation with them. Xinminghua Blockchain Tech has rich experience in blockchains, and has several patents, various hardware wallets and financial platforms. Fon introduced the world's first token verification protocol, which is compatible with any hardware and software equipment, achieving 3 seconds of speed payment.

On May 20th, Joe from everiToken ecological project GRC met with everiToken CEO Brady to communicate with the Indonesia conference. On the advantages of media and social, GRC joins the blockchain token incentive mechanism to achieve a variety of operational games and finally builds a 3.0 era of global sales platform. This time, GRC held a press conference in Indonesia, indicating that the project officially took the footsteps of globalization.

On May 20th, EliteX CEO Liu visited everiToken office to discuss in detail the specific business cooperation with everiToken CEO Brady. EliteX is an exchange with many European users, in line with the globalization of everiToken. The two sides reached an agreement on resource sharing and jointly development of the European market.

Journey to South Korea

everiToken was selected as one of the top ten projects of Block Battle in Korea's hottest blockchain program. CEO Brady attended the show and participated in the recording. Brady mainly introduced the core innovations of everiToken and its applications in the public warfare and other fields. Image Description everiToken CEO Brady received a reception from Ambassador Qiu, the Chinese ambassador to South Korea, at 7 am Seoul time to report on plans to enter the Korean market. Image Description On May 22nd, everiToken core team arrived in South Korea to visit Constellfulmen, and CEO Brady introduced everiToken project. Brady said: "Korean users are very enthusiastic about the blockchain, but the practical application is very small. everiToken is designed to take into account the needs of the project from the development difficulty and development cost, we minimize the development threshold for engineers and maximize the user experience, which is very suitable for the Korean market." Image Description everiToken core team visited a fund team in South Korea to negotiate business with them, hoping to bring more resources to everiToken and help everiToken to develop rapidly. Image Description At the same time, I would also like to thank the members of everiToken Korean community for their support. They also learn about recent development of everiToken. Image Description

一、Basic Chain

EVT 3.4.0 Release

Congratulations on EVT listing on exchanges!

Major changes compared to EVT 3.3.x

Improvements on execution context. Improvements on snapshot and postgres. Other improvements and bug fixes. For the full list of features included in this release, please check our official website.

二. Other Development

Java SDK

-- Fix a bug where maxCharge overflows


-- Improve account create and account import workflow by visualising in steps

-- Add support for importing account with mnemonic words

-- Add balance overview in account view

-- Add payeeCode in account detail view

-- Add network list and able to create new custom network

-- Add support for account private key export

-- Able to set default account for wallet

-- Introduce new setting page

-- Add support to remind user when a website request to connect to everSigner for the first time.

-- Add support to display Non-fungible tokens in overview page.

-- Add support to display the detail of Non-fungible tokens with embedded evtscan.io fragment.

-- Refactor fungible balance display for better UI/UX.

-- General UI/UX improvements.

-- Bugfixes.

EVTJS 5.4.6

-- Private key to public key performance is increased by 1000%. in the condition of high concurrency.

-- Add privateKeyFromBufferHex, privateKeyToBufferHex, publicKeyFromCompressedBuferHex methods to reduce the intermediate process and directly process the public and private key raw data.

-- Increase the memory FIFO cache to reduce unnecessary repeated counting.

-- In the NodeJS environment, the private key generation uses the crypto library, discarding the pure library script's bi library operations.

-- Cache 'getInfo' call, which will only get once in 5 seconds, avoids unnecessary server stress and transaction latency caused by infringement of the call 'getInfo’.