Weekly Report From May 24th to June 2nd

Last Updated: 2019-06-02 22:52:07 (GMT)

Big News

Best Public Chain Platform

“2019 China Blockchain Technology and Application Award” is a more credible blockchain award initiated by Lianta Tech. everiToken was selected as one of the best public chain platforms for ecological construction. Wining the first place in voting currently,we hope that community users will continue to vote and maintain the leading role. Image Description

"2019 TOP 50 Blockchain Innovative Projects Globally"

The "2019 TOP 50 Blockchain Innovative Projects Globally" campaign, jointly sponsored by Prof. Gong Yi and Darling Think Tank, is now launched. everiToken is also on the list, hoping that community members will remain active and continue to vote for this award. Image Description


On May 28th, everiToken CEO Brady held a conference call with Summer Capital to introduce everiToken project to persons incharge from all over Hong Kong and Beijing. Brady explained in detail the everiToken underlying innovations, related products such as blockchain chips, blockchain cards, and blockchain smart door locks, and described their usage scenarios. The other party is a well-known domestic fund, and is more optimistic about the development of everiToken on the track of the public chain. Image Description On May 29th, everiToken CEO Brady met Aly and discussed the blockchain industry with the other party. Aly is an expert in the blockchain industry, and CZ, the founder of Binance, followed also its Twitter. Brady explained the innovations of everiToken, and told everiToken targeted market and the case of large-scale application with everiPay. Image Description Image Description On May 29th, Brady explained everiToken project to Colombian community users at the La-Conexion event. Brady said: "Latin America is also a strategic place for everiToken, and everiToken's payment solution can perfectly solve the problem of local digital economic reform." Image Description On May 31st, Matrixport Vice President Cynthia and everiToken core team met in Shanghai to learn about the everiToken project, the latest developments and ecological construction. everiToken core team introduced the innovations of everiToken in the underlying technology, and explained the specific application in the fields of payment, internet of things and public welfare. Image Description

Businsess Development

On May 27th, everiToken strategic investment partner Silicon Valley Fund CFG visited the everiToken office again to learned about latest dynamics and conduct business negotiations with Brady. He mentioned that there is still a long way to go. The most important thing is to solve the problem of node elections. I hope to recommend suitable resources to help everToken build a stable network. Image Description On May 27th, Blockchain Lab visited everiToken office to discuss the specific business cooperation with everiToken with operations director Shuki. Blockchain Lab is an experienced blockchain service provider with a wide range of products. At present, the two sides have reached initial cooperation on wallets, communities, conferences and other aspects. Image Description

On May 27th, the person in charge of an exchange,also as the fans of the everiToken community, conducted a business negotiation with CEO Brady. Brady gave a detailed introduction to the current project progress, recent community development plans, etc., and hoped that the other party can also actively participate in ecological building. Image Description On May 29th, the head of Neoworld visited everiToken office to discuss the cooperation with everitoken. The other party explained the Neoworld project model for everiToken in detail, and also hopes that everiToken can also settle in Neoworld, and activate users through innovative operations. Image Description On May 31, Leo, the head of the Exchange Alliance, visited the everiToken office to communicate and understand the latest developments and recent plans of everiToken. The other party pays close attention to everiToken project earlier, and is also optimistic about the future potential of the project, hoping to cooperate as soon as possible. Image Description On May 31, the head of the Higgs project visited the everiToken office to consult and negotiate on specific project conditions and business cooperation. The two sides mainly discussed cooperation in blockchain games and game distribution. Due to the excellent performance of everiToken in handling games, there are many game applications in the eco project. Image Description


Journey to Taiwan

everiToken CEO Brady arrived in Taiwan today for a three-day trip. He will introduces the everiToken technology to university students, local businesses and government officials, so that everiToken has the opportunity to take root in Taiwan and achieve rapid development.

Shenzheng Meetup

On June 12th, everiToken will hold an offline Meetup in Shenzhen to provide local community friends with an opportunity to learn about the everiToken project. Thanks for your long-standing support for the everiToken project. Image Description

一、Basic Chain

EVT 3.4.0 Release

Congratulations on EVT listing on exchanges!

二. Other Development

Java SDK

Official release of 1.2.0

-- Added support to get transactionId locally before it is pushed to chain

-- Added optional memo for everipass action

-- Added support of /v1/chain/get_block endpoint -- Added support of /v1/history/get_fungible_ids endpoint

-- Added better support for building transaction locally

-- Fixed a bug where maxCharge overflows

-- Fixed a bug caused cancelsuspend action to fail

-- Fixed a crash caused by empty body in POST request

-- Added more tests


-- Add support to transfer fungible

-- Bugfixes