Weekly Report From 3rd to 9th June

Last Updated: 2019-06-09 22:07:13 (GMT)

Big News

EVT Airdrop for Dragon Boat Festival

During Dragon Boat Festival, everiToken and BastionPay launched the event to send a blessing to the global community. Members of the global community actively participated in this activity, and more than 6,300 users got EVT. Finally, I would like to thank the community members for their support and companionship to everiToken. Image Description

Strategic Cooperation with Jintongbao Tech

On June 2,everiToken AG signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jintongbao Tech in Taiwan to jointly develop the blockchain payment and application market in Southeast Asia.

Jintongbao Techy will adds everiToken's chips and payment protocols to its electronic products such as tablet PCs, and jointly develops EveriPos to promote global blockchain payment software and hardware solutions.


On June 3, a traditional Chinese fund team visited the everiToken office, and everiToken COO Bozhen explained the specific details of innovation, project advantages and project ecological development. At the same time, he also consulted the domestic policy to other party and explore the possible cooperation with them. Image Description On June 5th, everiToken CTO Harry was invited by Invalut to participate in meetup named ‘Defi's decentralized financial revolution’. It is the first time for everiToken to publicly shared the design concept of everiToken's Staking. Harry explained the design principle of Staking from the perspectives of formula mechanism, circulation and network security, which was greatly recognized by many audiences. Image Description

Business Development

On June 3, the charger of the China Enterprise Intelligence Investment met with everiToken COO Bozhen in Shanghai to learn about the latest developments and the recent development plan of everiToken. As the veteran of the financial industry, the other party believes the huge potential of everiToken, and finally reached cooperation on project incubation. Image Description On June 6th, everiToken core team visited Yunphant Blockchain and reached strategic cooperation in the field of blockchain cross-border payment and credibility points. Image Description

Journey to Taiwan

Image Description everiToken's three-day trip to Taiwan ended successfully, and its Taiwanese partner Jin Tongbao made great support for this event, allowing everiToken to quickly take root in the Taiwan market. In this Taiwan event, everiToken core team introduced project to universities, enterprises, and governments.

After the meeting, many individual investors, applicators and entrepreneurs showed great interest in everiToken and further had an in-depth understanding of the specific development.

At the same time, these users also spontaneously created everiToken community, continuing to pay attention to the project.


On June 12th, everiToken will hold an offline Meetup in Shenzhen to provide local community friends with an opportunity to learn about the everiToken project. Thanks for your long-standing support for the everiToken project.

On June 11th, everiToken will participate in the event of ‘Digital Economy—the New Global Paradigm’ held in Hong Kong. CEO Brady will attend the conference and discuss the blockchain application and future with many insiders. Community members who are interested in this topic can join in to talk with Brady. Image Description

一、Basic Chain

EVT 3.4.0 Release

Congratulations on EVT listing on exchanges!

二. Other Development

Java SDK

-- Added support for ‘CustomNetParams'allowing testing with local node

-- Added support for signing Transactions with offline 'evtwd'

-- Fixed a warning when using the SDK

-- Expose 'getBalance' method from 'Asset' class to improve SDK’s usability

-- General refactoring and bugfixes