Weekly Report From 10th to 16th June

Last Updated: 2019-06-16 22:41:27 (GMT)

Big news

everiToken was invited to participate in MBTA Blockchain Conference held by Malaysian Blockchain Technology Association in 2019 and won the Outstanding Blockchain Technology Award. Image Description Image Description Image Description


On June 11th, everiToken core team arrived in Hong Kong to participate in Digital Economy --New Global Paradigm. CEO Brady attended the meeting and participated in the round table to discuss the blockchain application and its future. Brady said: "The blockchain technology is gradually walking into our daily life and is changing every aspect of people's lives. everiToken hopes to let more people enjoy electronic payment methods through financial technology. But this is just one of the applications of everiToken. ” Image Description On June 12th, everiToken core team visited the local children's welfare home in Shenzhen, popularized the blockchain knowledge to them and then conducted business cooperation negotiations. It is known to us that everiToken provides infrastructure for many non-profit organizations in China with a deep understanding of public service. This time, we hope to solve the pain points in its business through everiToken technology. Image Description

This week, one of everiToken global community members Mik hosted Meetup in Berlin and gave a webcast . Mainly focusing on everiToken killer application: stablecoin and everiPay

everiToken was invited to participate in MBTB 2019 Blockent Conference held by Malaysian Blockchain Technology Association. Brady delivered a speech on 'Public Chain Revolution', expounding the history of public chain development and innovations of everiToken, which has attracted the attention of many local entrepreneurs! Malaysian national parliamentarians sincerely invited everiToken promote the development of local blockchain technology.

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Business Development

On June 14th, everiToken CPO Ceeji met with Mr. Chen, the head of Gaitu network, to discuss the application and development of the blockchain. Ceeji started from the ecological applications of everiToken, introduced the characteristics and development of the everiToken to the other party in detail, and finally discussed the combination of the other business with everiToken. Image Description On June 15th, everiToken CPO Ceeji met with the head of Huo Teng Tech to discuss the combination of everiToken and its specific business. Both parties agree that the blockchain can create a credible business environment for untrusted parties in the business. The automatic dividend distribution system of everiToken is the core function of multi-party cooperation, which will further promote cooperation. Image Description

Shenzhen Meetup

Image Description everiToken business partner Fon reported the latest developments and ecological progress of everiToken to the participants. Fon said: "everiToken has expanded its global ecology after since its mainnet successfully launched in July 2018. It has reached cooperation with hundreds of projects around the world. At the same time, according to the needs of the ecological community, everiToken continue to develop functions to meet the needs of the business side." Image Description everiToken ecological project Dongxi Cabinet also arrived at the site to explain to participants the application of the blockchain on the e-commerce platform. Dongxi Cabinet use the token related operative way to achieve fast user’s increases (almost a thousand per day). It is already a mature blockchain application case. Dongxi Cabinet also announced a new gameplay on the spot. Image Description At the same time, a game developed by Douniwan tech is based on everiToken public chain, Which is an entertainment card game. Through everiToken high performance, it is built with easy to use. A clear schedule has been announced on the spot. Image Description everiToken's ecological partner Jintongbao Technology has reached the Shenzhen conference from Taiwan which showed its supportive to everiToken. They introduced the relevant blockchain products such as blockchain chips, payment systems and so on.

In addition, everiToken and Anjubao signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly expand the application of blockchain smart door locks in actual scenarios. everiToken will provide blockchain related services and smart door locks for the other party, starting the pilot project from the local community. Image Description At the round table, many guests discussed the applications of blockchain. Image Description

一、Basic Chain

EVT 3.4.0 Release

Finalized staking design.

二. Other Development


-- optimise transfer fungible workflow

-- Added support for selecting token in transfer fungible view

-- Bugfixes