Weekly Report From 24th to 30th June

Last Updated: 2019-06-30 22:20:48 (GMT)

Big News

Read an article by Brady Luo published in Bizkey's 2019 Compliance Paper — Stablecoins in Singapore: Challenges and Opportunities. Stay tuned for the complete paper release with 65 pages worth of articles: https://bit.ly/2Xx74dd Image Description

London Tour

University Propaganda

On June 25th, everiToken core team arrived in UK, and gave lectures at the three universities including Durham & Newcastle & Northumbria. We popularized blockchain knowledge and introduced everiToken project and use cases for local students.

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“Tokenize It” Event

everiToken and Kucoin jointly hosted a Meetup on London. This is a high-profile meet up with top crypto KOLs, media, exchanges and funds representatives who drive industry forward every day — Tokenize It! Image Description Image Description

Panel Discussion

In the roundtable forum, everiToken CEO Brady and Revolut held a dialogue to discuss the future of micropayments and cooperation. Revolut, which is headquartered in London, serves as one of Europe's largest financial technology unicorns. Image Description


On June 24th, Hugo, the Market Director of everiToken , attended the “China Demo Day”, and introduced the everiToken project, technological innovations and global applications to users at home and abroad. Many users present expressed strong interest in everiToken and asked to join the global community. Image Description

On June 25th, everiToken core team visited Western Securities to introduce everiToken technical innovations, applications and development plan. CEO Brady said: "everiToken has made many innovations in the underlying technology through consideration of future blockchain commercial applications, and has also developed many standardized products such as blockchain cards and blockchain chips. In addition, everiToken will launch Staking function to make the ecological projects win-win." Image Description On June 26th, Marian from everyiToken global community introduced the everiToken project to many guests, investors and institutions at the “Slush Nanjing Investors Day” event. Image Description On June 29th, everiToken was invited to offered a two-day development course at National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan to train students to understand the characteristics of everiToken and how to quickly build blockchain applications. For this reason, Taiwanese community of everiToken has developed and expanded rapidly. Image Description On June 29th, after the end of London Tour, everiToken arrived in Paris and was invited by Station F, the largest incubator in the region, to share everiToken technology and its commercial applications. Image Description Image Description

Business Development

On June 24th, an investment team leader visited everiToken office to gain a deep understanding of the project and explore possible cooperation points in the business. After understanding the application directions of everiToken, both sides reached a sense of cooperation at the business level. Image Description

On June 25th, everiToken core team visited the TusStar, introduced the everiToken project to the person in charge to explore possible cooperation points. COO Bozhen said: “compared with other public chains, everiToken has its own unique technological innovations and commercial innovations. It enables the company to quickly build applications to implement blockchain products, which has been applied to the Internet of Things and Trusted Credits. , public welfare and other aspects." As a project incubator, TusStar has many project resources, and the two sides have reached a cooperation awareness in this regard. Image Description

一、Basic Chain

EVT 3.4.0 Release

Finalized staking design.

二. Other Development

Java SDK

-- Fixed an issue where using SDK as an dependency failed to install

-- Continue laying work for supporting offline seriliazation