everiToken Monthly Report On June

Last Updated: 2019-06-30 03:31:36 (GMT)

Big News

"Top Ten Technical Projects" by WBF

Recently, after winning the “Outstanding Blockchain Technology Award” from MBTA, everiToken won the “Top Ten Technical Projects” awarded by WBF. Image Description

Outstanding Blockchain Technology Award

everiToken was invited to participate in MBTA Blockchain Conference held by Malaysian Blockchain Technology Association in 2019 and won the Outstanding Blockchain Technology Award. Image Description


On June 20th, a reporter from China FinancialNews interviewed everiToken CEO Brady to inquire about the current development of everiToken at home and abroad. Brady gave a detailed explanation of the achievements in the areas of IoT, cross-border payments, offline payments, and public welfare. Image Description

On June 22nd, everiToken Commercial Director Fon was invited to participate in the roundtable forum organized by DUSD in Singapore to discuss the status quo and future of Stablecoin with many insiders. Fon mentioned: "hot topic Libra has undoubtedly played a positive role in adopting blockchain, but there is still a distance from massive adoption. everiToken public chain as a open source project, can achieve offline 3 seconds payment, effectively empower stablecoin ecology, so that more ordinary users have no threshold to use digital payment technology." Image Description On June 11th, everiToken core team arrived in Hong Kong to participate in Digital Economy --New Global Paradigm. CEO Brady attended the meeting and participated in the round table to discuss the blockchain application and its future. Brady said: "The blockchain technology is gradually walking into our daily life and is changing every aspect of people's lives. everiToken hopes to let more people enjoy electronic payment methods through financial technology. But this is just one of the applications of everiToken. ”

Image Description everiToken was invited to participate in MBTB 2019 Blockent Conference held by Malaysian Blockchain Technology Association. Brady delivered a speech on 'Public Chain Revolution', expounding the history of public chain development and innovations of everiToken, which has attracted the attention of many local entrepreneurs! Malaysian national parliamentarians sincerely invited everiToken promote the development of local blockchain technology. Image Description On June 5th, everiToken CTO Harry was invited by Invalut to participate in meetup named ‘Defi's decentralized financial revolution’. It is the first time for everiToken to publicly shared the design concept of everiToken's Staking. Harry explained the design principle of Staking from the perspectives of formula mechanism, circulation and network security, which was greatly recognized by many audiences.

Community Dynamic

On June 26th, Marian from everyiToken global community introduced the everiToken project to many guests, investors and institutions at the “Slush Nanjing Investors and Founders Day” event. Image Description Some photos of our Private Boat Trip in Amsterdam. Lots of great people and plenty of productive talks! Hope to see you guys again! This complimentary, invite-only event brought together blockchain investment funds, select crypto media, and top blockchain projects for an exclusive Blockchain Expo afterparty. Image Description This week, one of everiToken global community members Mik hosted Meetup in Berlin and gave a webcast . Mainly focusing on everiToken killer application: stablecoin and everiPay. Image Description It was a great everiToken June Meetup at Space Shack in Berlin | lively and thoughtful discussions with newbies and veterans from the crypto space alike | looking forward to many more events and growing the community. Image Description

Business Development

On June 17th, everiToken CEO Brady met with Qbao team to introduce the latest ecological and technological progress of everiToken (with an emphasis on Staking) and to conduct business discussions. everiToken has already launched dozens of projects in the ecology after the mainnet was successfully launched. we hope that Qbao can also participate in our ecology. Image Description On June 17th, Ethe team in New York visited everiToken office and discussed the business cooperation with CEO Brady. Ethe team has an experience in ecological construction and community building. Brady introduced the current developments of everiToken to the other party and reached a preliminary cooperation awareness on some specific part. Image Description On June 15th, everiToken CPO Ceeji met with the head of Huo Teng Tech to discuss the combination of everiToken and its specific business. Both parties agree that the blockchain can create a credible business environment for untrusted parties in the business. The automatic dividend distribution system of everiToken is the core function of multi-party cooperation, which will further promote cooperation. Image Description On June 2,everiToken AG signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jintongbao Tech in Taiwan to jointly develop the blockchain payment and application market in Southeast Asia. Image Description

everiToken Meetup

Station F Meetup

everiToken was invited by the largest incubator Station F in Paris Image Description Image Description

London Tour

On June 25th, everiToken core team arrived in UK, and gave lectures at the three universities including Durham & Newcastle & Northumbria. We popularized blockchain knowledge and introduced everiToken project and use cases for local students

Image Description

“Tokenize It” Event

everiToken and Kucoin jointly hosted a Meetup on London. This is a high-profile meet up with top crypto KOLs, media, exchanges and funds representatives who drive industry forward every day — Tokenize It! Image Description Image Description

Shenzhen Meetup

On June 12th, the everiToken National Tour Meetup Shenzhen Station ended successfully, thanks to the support and help of the ecological partners and participants. The conference brought together industry elites such as the traditional industry, the Internet and the blockchain industry. EveriToken and its eco partners presented a feast of the underlying technology and ecological application scenarios of the blockchain.

Taiwan Meetup

everiToken's three-day trip to Taiwan ended successfully, and its Taiwanese partner Jin Tongbao made great support for this event, allowing everiToken to quickly take root in the Taiwan market. In this Taiwan event, everiToken core team introduced project to universities, enterprises, and governments. Image Description Image Description After the meeting, many individual investors, applicators and entrepreneurs showed great interest in everiToken and further had an in-depth understanding of the specific development.

At the same time, these users also spontaneously created everiToken community, continuing to pay attention to the project.

一、Basic Chain

EVT 3.4.0 Release

Finalized staking design.

二. Other Development

Java SDK

-- Fixed an issue where using SDK as an dependency failed to install

-- Continue laying work for supporting offline seriliazation

-- Fixed an issue where using SDK as an dependency failed to install

-- Continue laying work for supporting offline seriliazation

-- Added support for ‘CustomNetParams'allowing testing with local node

-- Added support for signing Transactions with offline 'evtwd'

-- Fixed a warning when using the SDK

-- Expose 'getBalance' method from 'Asset' class to improve SDK’s usability

-- General refactoring and bugfixes


-- Added timeout support for signing transaction request and account connect request

-- Added support for cancelling signing transaction

-- Added support for locking wallet

-- Added timeout support for signing transaction request and account connect request

-- Added support for cancelling signing transaction

-- Added support for locking wallet