Weekly Report From 1st to 7th July

Last Updated: 2019-07-07 22:29:49 (GMT)



On July 1st, everiToken core team arrived at BCU University in the UK after successfully holding European Tour. CEO Brady introduced everiToken project to university professors and students and exchanged everiToken's breakthroughs in blockchain technology and commercial applications with them. At the meeting, many university professors and doctoral students conducted in-depth discussions with Brady, and decided to share cooperation resources to everiToken. Image Description


On July 3rd, everiToken Business Partner Fon attended the "2019 IAT Summit – University Blockchain Innovation Competition", competing for everiToken. Fon strated with everiToken technological innovations, explained how everiToken realizes 10000TPS and allows to quickly builds the application, etc., also giving a brief introduction to the current online applications. In the end, the “Best Innovation Award” was won by the unanimous approval of the judges. Image Description Image Description


On July 3rd, everiToken Operations Director Shuki visited a payment project in Hangzhou to popularize the blockchain knowledge, introduce everiToken project and business applications. Started with the development of blockchain, Shuki talked about bitcoin and mentioned the huge advantage of the new accounting method of blockchain. Then he explained third-generation blockchain platform everiToken with its advantages on technological innovations and high performance. It has been adopted in some commercial applications such as payment, cross-border payment, and trusted credit. Image Description


On July 3rd, in the “Great Chinese public chain” online sharing event, everiToken CEO Brady served as a guest to share everiToken-related knowledge in Qufen community, and the founder Lao Guo and many insiders directly talked with Brady. Brady started from the commercial applications and explained how everiToken builds a global business ecosystem, how to lower the entry barriers for ordinary users. At last,Brady answered the questions of experts and group friends in detail. Image Description


On July 7th, everiToken CTO Harry Wang was invited to participate in the “2019 Second Global Graphene Blockchain Developers Conference” and served as a round table guest to talk with many insiders about the development of graphene in the blockchain field and the future. prospect. Image Description

Business Development

On July 1st, everiToken Business Partner Fon visited Foshan Sige Lock Industry Co., Ltd. to discuss the application of blockchain in smart door locks and possible cooperation points. Fon mentioned that due to the ease of use of everiToken standard products, the company has cooperated with many homestays and hotels to build smart door lock products, creating a credible environment for users, operators and producers. The two sides have reached a cooperation in the production of smart door locks, and will certainly achieve considerable results in terms of resource exchange and marketing in the future. Image Description

Public Chain Development

I. Basic Chain

-- Implementing the Staking function

II. Other Development

Java SDK

-- Continue to perfect interface

-- Continue laying work for supporting offline seriliazation