Weekly Update From 8th to 14th July

Last Updated: 2019-07-14 22:58:19 (GMT)

Big News


everiToken recently teamed up with everiWallet, our ecological partner,to airdrop 18,888 EVTS for 288 community users randomly.

This event covers everiToken global community, and activity effect is very good. We will publish the lucky list and transfer EVT to your wallet. Image Description


In the online sharing activity of "Great China public chain", everiToken CEO Brady joined in Qufen community and talked with the founder Lao guo and numerous insiders. After the meeting, Qufen community launched a public chain founder selection campaign, including Brady. Thank the global community members for voting. Image Description



On July 11th, everiToken core team travels to Laos, and CEO Brady explained the blockchain payment solution based on everiToken to the central bank governor of Laos, the largest commercial bank and other organizations. Because of the advantage of the everiToken payment solution, it has developed rapidly in southeast Asia, so we sincerely hope that this cooperation will be soon implemented. Image Description


On July 13th, everiToken Business Partner Fon, was invited to participate in the event of turtle China Tour— Shenzhen Station, and attended the roundtable to discuss blockchain application with many experts. Fon said: "I pay more attention to things like the more easy private key solution,how to retrieve lost assets, and the combination of blockchain and new fields." Image Description Image Description


On July 14th, everiToken Business Partner Fon, came to Guangzhou to introduce the recent progress and applications with turtle China Tour. " I do not believe in completely decentralized financial behavior," Fon said. "no regulation causes disaster. You have to do financial things in a regulatory environment." Image Description

Business Development


On July 15th , everiToken Business Partner Fon visited Yilian technology co., ltd. to introduce everiToken standardized products such as block chain chip, block chain smart door lock and so on. The other side also has rich experience in hardware, discussed the application scenario of smart door lock together, and reached a preliminary cooperative relationship with everiToken. Image Description


I. “The Design Concept and Challenges of EVT Staking” Event

On July 15th, everiToken CTO Harry Wang will share the details of EVT Staking's design concepts and challenges online. Please Scan the QR code below to join in and discuss this topic. Image Description

II. everiToken Germany Meetup

The Meet Up will be at the stock exchange headquarters of Börse Stuttgart, the first traditional exchange that has enabled crypto trading in Germany. Please check the link: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/Altcoin-Krypto-Asset-Stuttgart/events/262094308/

III. "Blockchain&IOT"

everiToken will hold a Blockchain & IOT event with partners on July 17th to introduce the application and prospects of blockchain in the Internet of Things.Please scan the poster QR code to register and for more info: Image Description

Public Chain Development

I. Basic Chain

-- Implementing the Staking function

II. Other Development

Java SDK

-- Continue to perfect interface

-- Continue laying work for supporting offline seriliazation