everiToken Monthly Report

Last Updated: 2019-07-31 07:01:33 (GMT)

Big News


In the online sharing activity of "Great China public chain", everiToken CEO Brady joined in Qufen community and talked with the founder Lao guo and numerous insiders. After the meeting, Qufen community launched a public chain founder selection campaign, including Brady. Thank the global community members for voting. Image Description


On July 11th, everiToken core team travels to Laos, and CEO Brady explained the blockchain payment solution based on everiToken to the central bank governor of Laos, the largest commercial bank and other organizations. Because of the advantage of the everiToken payment solution, it has developed rapidly in southeast Asia, so we sincerely hope that this cooperation will be soon implemented. Image Description


On July 18th, everiToken and Ganxiang Tech signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which will jointly build its application on everiToken. Ganxiang Tech as an application service provider for Miss Asia, with many resources and actual users, will adopt the underlying technology of everiToken to tokenizing gifts of its application to create a trusted trading environment for multiple parties. Image Description

IV everiToken payment solution adopted by Ruida Commercial Area in Xinjiang Province,China

Recently, everiToken core team arrived in Ruida business district in Xinjiang to understand the true situation of the adoption of everiToken payment solution. Both customers and Merchants are satisfied with the payment solutions provided by everiToken, and hope that they can be promoted to various aspects of their daily life in the future, greatly facilitating their own lives.

V everiToken China Tour—Wenzhou Station

On July 25th, everiToken China Tour Wenzhou Station held successfully, thanks to the Xingzao financial support for this event. As a city of innovation, Wenzhou has gathered many excellent manufacturing and Internet companies, and will certainly lead the trend of blockchain. Image Description everiToken market director Hugo started from everiToken technology innovation and introduced everiToken advantages over other smart contract platforms. In the face of business applications, everiToken delved into the right application direction and explained how to quickly empower enterprises through standardized products. At present, there are more than a dozen applications online, mainly introduced the cooperation between Zhiyuanhui, the voluntary plaform, and how to empower the public welfare industry. Image Description everiToken ecological project Dongxi Cabinet also arrived at the site to explain to participants the application of the blockchain on the e-commerce platform. The Dongxi Cabinet adopt everiToken platform, adding blockchain Token related operation. As the result of this, the number of new user continued to increase, which is considered a mature blockchain application case. At the scene, the head of Dongxi Cabinet s also announced a new gameplay.

Image Description At the round table, many guests discussed how the blockchain can empower traditional enterprises and Internet companies. Among them, Brady mentioned: “It is not a problem to blockchain application. The pain point and Useful tool can greatly reduce the threshold for ordinary users. everiToken is born for this. Image Description

Community Dynamic


Extremely positiv Meet Up at German Stock Exchange Stuttgart. We made an aidrop lottery for everiToken where everyone won a small amount EVTs and one main winner got 50$ EVT + an everiToken t-shirt. They were quite curious and happy to have us back. Image Description

II Monthly Meetup in Amsterdan

On 26 July, we have hosted another monthly meetup in Amsterdan. It was one of the hottest day in the Dutch history(!), nevertheless we attracted the a full room of attendees, incl. the CEO of BlockchainProjects BV and Blockchain BV! The meetup was packed with various programs and the attendees all lingered to network and learn from each other afterwards. here is the link to our Facebook page with the recording of Amsterdam everiToken Meetup with our presentations https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=483065932263999&id=1769478499941264&sfnsn=mo Image Description Image Description

III Japan Monthly Meetup

After Europe monthly Meetup, the activities in Japan by our community members will also be launched. On August 9th, the first meetup will be launched together with Elite Center, Lisk and EliteX, indicating that everiToken will begin to explore the Japanese market in an in-depth manner.



On July 1st, everiToken core team arrived at BCU University in the UK after successfully holding European Tour. CEO Brady introduced everiToken project to university professors and students and exchanged everiToken's breakthroughs in blockchain technology and commercial applications with them. At the meeting, many university professors and doctoral students conducted in-depth discussions with Brady, and decided to share cooperation resources to everiToken. Image Description


On July 3rd, everiToken Business Partner Fon attended the "2019 IAT Summit – University Blockchain Innovation Competition", competing for everiToken. Fon strated with everiToken technological innovations, explained how everiToken realizes 10000TPS and allows to quickly builds the application, etc., also giving a brief introduction to the current online applications. In the end, the “Best Innovation Award” was won by the unanimous approval of the judges. Business Development Image Description Image Description


On July 7th, everiToken CTO Harry Wang was invited to participate in the “2019 Second Global Graphene Blockchain Developers Conference” and served as a round table guest to talk with many insiders about the development of graphene in the blockchain field and the future. prospect. Image Description


On July 13th, everiToken Business Partner Fon, was invited to participate in the event of turtle China Tour— Shenzhen Station, and attended the roundtable to discuss blockchain application with many experts. Fon said: "I pay more attention to things like the more easy private key solution,how to retrieve lost assets, and the combination of blockchain and new fields."


On July 17th, everiToken CEO Brady was invited to participate in the Blockchain&IOT event, and as a guest speaker,he introduced IoT products based on everiToken, such as smart door locks, encryption chip payment cards and so on. everiToken has carried out a lot of research and experimentation on the pain points around these scenes and how to lower the threshold for users.

And , Brady also participated in the round table and answered questions from the host and the audience. Brady mentioned that blockchain smart door locks have their application scenarios, such as crowdfunding homestays; at the same time, they also solve the problem of over-centralization, such as the hack of all user data in one time. Regarding encrypted payment cards, Brady mentioned that lowering the user threshold is the key to large-scale adoption. Image Description

Image Description

Business Development


On July 15th , everiToken Business Partner Fon visited Yilian technology co., ltd. to introduce everiToken standardized products such as block chain chip, block chain smart door lock and so on. The other side also has rich experience in hardware, discussed the application scenario of smart door lock together, and reached a preliminary cooperative relationship with everiToken.

Image Description


On July 15th, everiToken core team visited Sile Lock Industry Co., Ltd. again to discuss the cooperation related to blockchain intelligent door locks. everiToken standardized product blockchain smart door locks have been used in the homestay, community and other scenarios. We will rapidly open up the market and popularize blockchain smart door locks quickly, achieving the win-win goal.

Image Description


On July 17, everiToken Business partner Fon visited the fruit chain to discuss the adoption of everiToken security chip in the new retail scene. The fruit chain is the world's first to produce the shared and unmanned intelligent network red juice robot. Regardless of crowdfunding or general consumer scenarios, everiToken security chips can create a favorable business environment for multiple parties.

Image Description


On July 18th, the head of American-Asia Blockchain Alliance visited everiToken office to learn about our project and explore possible cooperation. American-Asia Blockchain Alliance focuses on legal services such as blockchain projects in Asia and the United States. The two sides reached a preliminary sense of cooperation on blockchain technical support, resource exchanges, and project incubation. Image Description


On July 18th, AFCB leader Mr. He visited everiToken office to discuss the global market cooperation with CEO Brady. The other party has been engaged in the business of China and France, hoping to empower everiToken development. Image Description


On July 22nd, the core team of everiToken, Doctor of Durham University and the head of Shanghai Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Center discussed the application of blockchain in the energy field. “Blockchain+New Energy” can realize intelligent transformation of enterprises, promote the transformation process of smart cities and green development, and also enable consumers to improve energy use without changing their living habits. Image Description Image Description

Public Chain Development

I. Basic Chain

-- EVT 4.0.0 Pre-release

-- Release Staking Function Test Version Image Description

II. Other Development


-- Added support for “modify pin” and “verify pin”

-- Added support for “seed backup”

-- Added support for read card information (including manufacture and issuer)

-- Added support for read and modify various configuration of everiCard