everiToken Weekly Update Aug. 4th

Last Updated: 2019-08-04 22:18:37 (GMT)



On July 30th, everiToken chief scientist Hengjin Cai was invited by Jiran Blockchain Institute to share the topic of “The Future World Currency”. Professor Hengjin Cai said: "The future world currency should be linked to the tokens of every industry, organization and individual,which is very similar to the direction that everiToken has been searching and exploring." Image Description


On August 2nd, everiToken Business Partner Fon was invited to participate in the “New Blockchain Ecology Transformation” and served as a guest at the round table. Fon and industry insiders talked about: "The current global blockchain ecology is constantly expanding and improving, and has entered the stage of ‘good money to drive out bad money.’ Excellent domestic and international projects will gradually head above water. On public chain track, everitToken will be recognized by more people." Image Description

Business Development


On July 29th, a multinational group CFO visited everiToken office in Shanghai to find solutions related to STO and blockchain payment. everiToken CEO Brady introduced the everiToken project and its use cases highly related to his industry. finally both explored the application of everiToken on his business according to its demands. Image Description


On July 29th, everiToken COO Bozhen met with a project leader to discuss the cooperation of European communities. The project has a lot of resources in Europe and is looking for a number of outstanding projects to promote it to Europe. Coupled with the excellent community members of Europe, everiToken will go further in Europe. Image Description


On August 1st, everiToken Business Partner Fon visited the world's first “Dajia Chi” project, and negotiated with his responsible person. “Dajia Chi” project is a dual-token project focusing on the catering industry. It links merchants and consumers, and rewards platform users with good services and products. In this project, users can get token by their contributions such as user's consumption, sharing, commenting, etc. Image Description

Latest Activity


After Europe monthly Meetup, the activities in Japan by our community members will also be launched. On August 9th, the first meetup will be launched together with Elite Center, Lisk and EliteX, indicating that everiToken will begin to explore the Japanese market in an in-depth manner. Image Description


On August 29th, everiToken's eco-partner HWG Cash will host “Beyond Digital Payments” in Kuala Lumpur. everiToken CEO Brady was invited to this event and share the “Blockchain Payment for the Future” topic. Community partners who are interested in this activity can scan the QR code below to actively participate in. Image Description


Recently, everiToken CEO Brady was selected for the 2019 annual awards event organized by The American Chamber of Commerce in China, and became a finalist for the Entrepreneurship Award, which will face a fierce competition on August 6. Thanks for its recognition of everiToken and for all the partners who support everiToken.

Image Description

Public Chain Development

I. Basic Chain

-- EVT 4.0.0 Pre-release

-- Release Staking Function Test Version

II. Other Development

everiCard SDK

-- Released Alpha 1.0.0 version of everiCard SDK

-- Added support for signing EvtLink

-- Added support for signing Hash

-- Improved error handling

-- Added support of reading out public key with index and symbolId

Java SDK (evt4j)

-- Modified access modifier of getRecId from Signature class for better integration