Trading EVT is available on MEET.ONE Wallet

Last Updated: 2019-08-08 11:37:46 (GMT)

EVT was just listed on Binance DEX and Math Wallet, and now you can download MEET.ONE for trading EVT with BNB Image Description


MEET.ONE's goal is to become a united portal for users to the blockchain world. Our core business includes the MEET.ONE Chain and MEET.ONE wallet.

MEET.ONE Chain is designed to promote the development of the EOS ecosystem by lowering the entry cost and adoption barriers for large scale commercial dApps. We plan to empower traditional internet companies by helping them to integrate their business on to the blockchain so that users will be able to monetize and exchange the value they create easily, securely, and freely. In 2019 we will incubate 1-2 projects with multi-million users to move their business onto the MEET.ONE chain and in Q2 of 2020, our goal is to have over 10 million on-chain accounts.

MEET.ONE wallet already supports different public blockchains such as EOS, Binance, MEET.ONE, Cosmos, etc. In our plan is to support the most prominent mainstream public blockchains before Q3 2019, united them in our wallet and become the premier blockchain wallet. Additionally, users will be able to manage their assets, trade, conduct PoS mining (stake), have access to dApps, and read up-to-date blockchain news. MEET.ONE wallet will be a stable portal for a steady stream of new users to experience MEET.ONE blockchain.

About EVT(everiToken)

everiToken ingeniously developed “Token-Based” transaction model achieving 10000 +TPS in a natural parallel way even without Sharding. Our safe contracts removing Turing completeness and replacing smart contract, allow both the traditional Internet app and the blockchain Dapp to quickly adopt blockchain by calling the safe contract related API (interface), which shortens development cycle from 4 months to 7 days and guarantees its security. In addition, everiToken-based "everiPay" is the world's first token verification and payment standard protocol.

At present, everiToken has been widely implemented in the many fields such as cross-border payment, credibility points, IoT and public welfare, and also received strategic investment from well-known blockchain funds including Fenbushi Capital, Yuandao Fund, and other top funds globally.

But how to download MEET.ONE and trade on it?

Question I Download it and Create an account
Step one: Scan the following code and download it

Image Description

Step two: check if you have an account already

Image Description User Already: Import a wallet(BNB type) Image Description Or Create a wallet(BNB type) Image Description

Step Three: please choose the right way to store your private key

Image Description

####### Warning: The private key represents account ownership and, losing it meaning losing your assets. You have better not to store it in network way liking screenshotting.

Question II how to trade EVT in MEET.ONE

Click the "Transactions" button in the bottom of “asset page” to enter BinanceDEX, enter the number of purchases or sales, the price you want to trade. Image Description
Image Description And you can check transaction records by clicking “ALL”. Image Description Image Description

Question III how to transfer and receive EVT

Click the EVT asset column and enter the public key, and amount, then click the confirm. Image Description Image Description Or You can use the scan code to transfer EVT