Weekly Update Aug. 11th

Last Updated: 2019-08-11 22:24:03 (GMT)

Big News

I EVT was listed on Binance DEX

After the unremitting efforts of everiToken core team and its community members, EVT(everiToken) was officially listed on Binance DEX on August 5th, 2019, which trade、transfer and store is available now. Image Description

II Trading EVT is available on Math Wallet

After being listed on Binance DEX, EVT reached a cooperation with Math Wallet, which allows user to transfer and trade EVT in Math Wallet. Image Description Math Wallet is a multi-platform cross-chain wallet with many users around the world. With the support of Math Wallet, its user can also share and enjoy everiToken ecological resources; and, the holders of the EVT can also add a channel for asset storage and circulation.

III Trading EVT is available on MEET.ONE Wallet

everiToken reached a cooperation with MEET.ONE Wallet, which can store, transfer and trade in MEET.ONE wallet. Image Description In cooperation with MEET.ONE, everiToken can provide EVT holders with more friendly channels of asset storage and trading.

IV Served as Vice President of French-Chinese Blockchain Association

Recently, everiToken CEO Brady was invited to serve as the vice president of French-Chinese Blockchain Association and awarded a certificate, which means that the two sides will cooperate more closely in ecological construction, community construction and commercial building. Image Description Such close cooperation not only compensates the European map of everiToken, but more importantly brings the successful project experience of everiToken to Europe, such as payment solutions, blockchain certificate and smart city management. Image Description

V Cooperation with everySave

On August 10th, everiToken Business Partner Fon signed a strategic cooperation agreement with everySave platform. This project is a dual-token project focusing on the catering industry.The two parties will use everiToken platform as a technical framework to explore the actual implementation of the catering Token project. Image Description


I Entrepreneurship Award Competition

Recently, everiToken CEO Brady gave a speech for the 2019 annual awards event organized by The American Chamber of Commerce in China, and as a finalist, competed for the Entrepreneurship Award. everiToken as the only one blockchain organization, is not easy to be in the final list. After the event, Brady was also invited to share the blockchain related topics for the Chamber of Commerce. Image Description

II Interviewed by Huoniao Finance

On August 9th, everiToken CEO Brady was interviewed by Huoniao Finance to introduce the development history, achievements and future development of everiToken. Huoniao Finance belongs to a professional financial and media group of the Hangzhou Daily Newspaper Group, letting us look forward to everiToken in their hands. Image Description

III First everiToken Japanese Meetup

On August 9th, offline activities jointly organized by everiToken Japanese Community, Elite Center, Lisk and EliteX was held successfully. Brady introduced everiToken project to the blockchain enthusiasts, investors and project parties present through online sharing. This is the first offline Meetup by everiToken Japanese community and will continue in the future. Image Description


I Beyond Digital Payments

On August 29th, everiToken's eco-partner HWG Cash will host “Beyond Digital Payments” in Kuala Lumpur. everiToken CEO Brady was invited to this event and share the “Blockchain Payment for the Future” topic. Community partners who are interested in this activity can scan the QR code below to actively participate in. Image Description

Public Chain Development

I. Basic Chain

-- EVT 4.0.0 Pre-release

-- Release Staking Function Test Version

II. Other Development

everiCard SDK

-- More work on everiCard demo

-- Support everiPay

-- Add view Transaction on evtcan.io

Java SDK (evt4j)

-- Extract method to append signatures to EvtLink

-- Better support for everiCard SDK