Weekly Update Aug. 18th

Last Updated: 2019-08-18 22:00:54 (GMT)


Booming Ecology:New Big Shot participate in everiToken Ecology

On August 13th, in the event of “Industrial Blockchain Investment” in Shenzhen, Xudao bin, chief editor of “Restart the World”, was officially invited to be a business partner of everiToken and awarded a blockchain certificate.

everiToken always takes a concept of openness, and has attracted eco-partners from Europe, Southeast Asia, the United States, etc. We hope that people with lofty ideals will join in. Image Description

Good Preparation for Chinese Version of Libra

On August 15th, everiToken CTO Harry Wong served as a guest in the Wuya community and discussed with many insiders "Chinese Version of Libra and World Digital Currency Competition." Harry Wong mentioned that the People's Bank of China is more forward-looking, allowing the use of dual-architecture, which provides a great opportunity for the public chain such as everiToken. The event was broadcast in multiple communities with over 10,000 participants. Image Description

Introduction in Blocktimes Taiwanwse community

On August 17th, everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng served as a guest in Blocktimes Taiwanwse community to explain the "New Generation Public Chain: everiToken" related topics for blockchain enthusiasts. Blocktimes is a more professional blockchain media platform in Taiwan. It has a global layout and has good cooperation in Southeast Asia and South Korea, focusing on in-depth interviews. Image Description

Business Development

Tongdas Company

On August 15th, everiToken Business Patener Fon met with the head of the Tongdas to introduce the latest progress of everiToken and negotiate on specific business cooperation. Tongdas has more experience in the Internet of Things, and is very optimistic about the products and application scenarios of everiToken in the Internet of Things. Finally, both sides reached a strategic partnership. Image Description Image Description

Xinlian Network

On August 18th, everiToken Operations Director Shuki participated in the summit forum held by Xinlian Network, and reached a cooperation with the other party at the conference site, which will build applications based on everiToken. Xinlian Network is building a global “alumni + school career”ecology, which is also a information sharing platform. Image Description


Blockchain Week Berlin

Dear everiToken friends & family, as one of the exclusive events of the industry leading event series “Blockchain Week Berlin” (August 18-29) in GERMANY, we will host a EVT sunset boat tour on the BERLIN river Spree on Wednesday 21 August 2019 from 5:00-8:00pm. There will be music, great BBQ food and drinks for all to celebrate the recent success of everiToken (e.g. getting listed on major exchanges and progressing with industry partnerships). Sign up here fast: https://www.meetup.com/everiToken-Public-Blockchain/events/263863216/ — We are super excited to see you in Berlin! All the best :-) Image Description

everiToken Monthly meetup in Amsterdam

Invitation for everiToken Monthly meetup in Amsterdam Friday 30th of August & receive free EVT's https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-everitoken-public-blockchain-monthly-community-meetup-august-69289487723  ![Image Description](/upload/7F86432989D119201B4F98C109DBD2FF.jpg) Image Description

Public Chain Development

I. Basic Chain

-- EVT 4.0.1 Pre-release

-- Implement major Staking action Image Description

II. Other Development

Java SDK (evt4j)

-- Release version 1.4.0

-- Make public of getRecId from Signature class

-- Extract method to append signatures to EvtLink

-- Use Address class for payer instead of PublicKey

-- Add memo and redirect support for EveriPay

-- Refactor to better support lower-end Android

-- Better integration with everiCard SDK

-- More robust error handling