Weekly Update Aug. 25th

Last Updated: 2019-08-25 22:19:58 (GMT)

Big News

I.everiToken community's Meetup in Berlin

On August 21st, everiToken community's Meetup in Berlin, Germany, was a great success. The guests present took a boat and watched the sunset along the Berlin River while discussing EVT-related topics. During the event, EVT jumped more than 20%. The Germany monthly Meetup will continue, and we are looking forward to your participation. Image Description Image Description

II. Stablecoin Project

On August 22nd, Goldzip project team met with the everiToken core team to communicate in detail on specific business cooperation point. Goldzip is a Stablecoin project by staking Gold. This project need their Stablecoin to be used in offline circulation and commercial scenarios, which greatly matches everiToken. The two sides reached a preliminary sense of cooperation in various aspects such as payment and payment cards. Image Description

III. EVT presented as NO.1 in trading Volume

On August 25th, there were 16 tokens that met the standards of Binance DEX which has chance to be listed on Binance with $50,000 transaction volume and more than 10,000 community members. Among the 16 tokens, the largest volume is EVT, and the community number exceeds 10w+. Image Description


I. British community partners

On August 19th, British community partners visited everiToken office in Shanghai. Brady introduced latest developments and global development plans to him. He used to invite everiToken to preach at the three British universities and hope to hold regular events too. Image Description

II. Online Sharing

On August 21st, everiToken Market Director Hugo took the opportunity to discuss the topic of “a new generation of public chain everiToken” for community partners. Hugo mentioned: "everiToken is born for massive commercial adoption. In order to better serve the commercial side and investors, we will launch Staking mechanism and hope everyone pays more attention." The Touyan She is an organization that provides investment research and extension services for private placement.

III. A visit by Global CEO Club

On August 21st, Global CEO Club representative Svina met with everiToken CEO Brady to learn and understand the project. Brady popularizes blockchain knowledge and outlines the future blueprint for everiToken and its current achievements. The other party indicated that it will introduce relevant global resources to everiToken. Image Description

Business Development

I. Business talks with a capital

On August 19th, everiToken CEO Brady met with a capital in Shanghai to explain the latest progress and future planning. The other party has always been focusing on everiToken from earlier time and has great expectations. This visit will also empowers the development of everiToken and introduce more commercial resources. Image Description

II. Smart door lock team

On August 19th, the overseas smart door lock team visited everiToken office to discuss with Brady on specific business cooperation. Brady mentioned: "everiToken's first blockchain chip in the world has already used in the actual scene, and has received the attention of many German manufacturers." Both sides reached a consensus on the application of blockchain chips in smart door locks, and will try to adopt it in their door locks. Join the blockchain chip. Image Description

III. Singapore project team

On August 20th, everiToken CEO Brady met with the Singapore project team to exchange the latest project progress and possible future cooperation points. Brady mentioned that everiToken is currently preparing for Staking and hopes that more players will join in. The other party is more interested in the Staking designed by everiToken. And in addition to itself, it will also introduce more partners to participate. Image Description

IV. Working with Cosmo on traceability system

On August 21st, the head of Cosmo met with everiToken CEO Brady and communicated on specific business cooperation needs. Cosmo is a digital marketing and trading company that provides a full range of services for foreign branded products entering China. The other party trusts everiToken's technical strength and will build a blockchain traceability system based on everiToken. Image Description

V. Business talks with a capital

On August 22nd, everiToken CEO Brady met with overseas capitalists in Shanghai to communicate project incubation issues. Brady introduced the latest achievements of everiToken. The other party indicated that it will help the ecological development of everiToken, introduce relevant resources, and start cooperation as soon as possible. Image Description

Public Chain Development

I. Basic Chain

-- EVT 4.0.1 Pre-release

-- Implement major Staking action Image Description Image Description

II. Other Development

Java SDK

-- Patch release version 1.4.2

-- Compatibility fix for lower-end android devices

everiCard SDK

-- More work on everiCard demo -- Support printing on POS machine

-- Add Setting screen