Monthly Report on August

Last Updated: 2019-08-30 11:55:24 (GMT)

Big News

I EVT was listed on Binance DEX

After the unremitting efforts of everiToken core team and its community members, EVT(everiToken) was officially listed on Binance DEX on August 5th, 2019, which trade、transfer and store is available now. Image Description

II Trading EVT is available on Math Wallet

After being listed on Binance DEX, EVT reached a cooperation with Math Wallet, which allows user to transfer and trade EVT in Math Wallet. Image Description Math Wallet is a multi-platform cross-chain wallet with many users around the world. With the support of Math Wallet, its user can also share and enjoy everiToken ecological resources; and, the holders of the EVT can also add a channel for asset storage and circulation.

III Trading EVT is available on MEET.ONE Wallet

everiToken reached a cooperation with MEET.ONE Wallet, which can store, transfer and trade in MEET.ONE wallet. Image Description In cooperation with MEET.ONE, everiToken can provide EVT holders with more friendly channels of asset storage and trading.

IV Served as Vice President of French-Chinese Blockchain Association

Recently, everiToken CEO Brady was invited to serve as the vice president of French-Chinese Blockchain Association and awarded a certificate, which means that the two sides will cooperate more closely in ecological construction, community construction and commercial building. Image Description Such close cooperation not only compensates the European map of everiToken, but more importantly brings the successful project experience of everiToken to Europe, such as payment solutions, blockchain certificate and smart city management. Image Description

V EVT presented as NO.1 in trading Volume

On August 25th, there were 16 tokens that met the standards of Binance DEX which has chance to be listed on Binance with $50,000 transaction volume and more than 10,000 community members. Among the 16 tokens, the largest volume is EVT, and the community number exceeds 10w+. Image Description

Community Dynamic

I First everiToken Japanese Meetup

On August 9th, offline activities jointly organized by everiToken Japanese Community, Elite Center, Lisk and EliteX was held successfully. Brady introduced everiToken project to the blockchain enthusiasts, investors and project parties present through online sharing. This is the first offline Meetup by everiToken Japanese community and will continue in the future. Image Description

II everiToken community's Meetup in Berlin

On August 21st, everiToken community's Meetup in Berlin, Germany, was a great success. The guests present took a boat and watched the sunset along the Berlin River while discussing EVT-related topics. During the event, EVT jumped more than 20%. The Germany monthly Meetup will continue, and we are looking forward to your participation. Image Description Image Description

III British community partners

On August 19th, British community partners visited everiToken office in Shanghai. Brady introduced latest developments and global development plans to him. He used to invite everiToken to preach at the three British universities and hope to hold regular events too. Image Description


I Entrepreneurship Award Competition

Recently, everiToken CEO Brady gave a speech for the 2019 annual awards event organized by The American Chamber of Commerce in China, and as a finalist, competed for the Entrepreneurship Award. everiToken as the only one blockchain organization, is not easy to be in the final list. After the event, Brady was also invited to share the blockchain related topics for the Chamber of Commerce. Image Description

II Booming Ecology:New Big Shot participate in everiToken Ecology

On August 13th, in the event of “Industrial Blockchain Investment” in Shenzhen, Xudao bin, chief editor of “Restart the World”, was officially invited to be a business partner of everiToken and awarded a blockchain certificate.

everiToken always takes a concept of openness, and has attracted eco-partners from Europe, Southeast Asia, the United States, etc. We hope that people with lofty ideals will join in. Image Description everiToken always takes a concept of openness, and has attracted eco-partners from Europe, Southeast Asia, the United States, etc. We hope that people with lofty ideals will join in.

Business Development

I Cooperation with everySave

On August 10th, everiToken Business Partner Fon signed a strategic cooperation agreement with everySave platform. This project is a dual-token project focusing on the catering industry.The two parties will use everiToken platform as a technical framework to explore the actual implementation of the catering Token project. Image Description

II Tongdas Company

On August 15th, everiToken Business Patener Fon met with the head of the Tongdas to introduce the latest progress of everiToken and negotiate on specific business cooperation. Tongdas has more experience in the Internet of Things, and is very optimistic about the products and application scenarios of everiToken in the Internet of Things. Finally, both sides reached a strategic partnership. Image Description Image Description

III Stablecoin Project

On August 22nd, Goldzip project team met with the everiToken core team to communicate in detail on specific business cooperation point. Goldzip is a Stablecoin project by staking Gold. This project need their Stablecoin to be used in offline circulation and commercial scenarios, which greatly matches everiToken. The two sides reached a preliminary sense of cooperation in various aspects such as payment and payment cards.

Image Description

IV Smart door lock team

On August 19th, the overseas smart door lock team visited everiToken office to discuss with Brady on specific business cooperation. Brady mentioned: "everiToken's first blockchain chip in the world has already used in the actual scene, and has received the attention of many German manufacturers." Both sides reached a consensus on the application of blockchain chips in smart door locks, and will try to adopt it in their door locks. Join the blockchain chip. Image Description

V Working with Cosmo on traceability system

On August 21st, the head of Cosmo met with everiToken CEO Brady and communicated on specific business cooperation needs. Cosmo is a digital marketing and trading company that provides a full range of services for foreign branded products entering China. The other party trusts everiToken's technical strength and will build a blockchain traceability system based on everiToken. Image Description

Public Chain Development

I. Basic Chain

-- EVT 4.0.1 Pre-release

-- Implement major Staking action Image Description Image Description

II. Other Development

Java SDK

-- Patch release version 1.4.2

-- Compatibility fix for lower-end android devices

everiCard SDK

-- More work on everiCard demo -- Support printing on POS machine

-- Add Setting screen