Weekly Update Sep. 1st

Last Updated: 2019-09-01 22:12:09 (GMT)

Big News

I Payment Solution

everiCard is a digital asset payment card developed by everiToken ecological partner, mainly used for offline micropayment. It adapts to mobile wallet, supports NFC payment method which can greatly reduces user usage threshold. Image Description

II Binance DEX KOL

On August 27th, Binance DEX KOL interviewed everiToken Brady and interpreted the everiToken project from their perspective. EVT continued to walk to it goal. It was listed on Binance DEX on August 5; on August 25, EVT trading volume ranked NO.1; how about the next step? let us look forward. Image Description


I Digital Payments Event

On August 29th, everiToken's eco-partner HWG Cash host “Beyond Digital Payments” in Kuala Lumpur. everiToken was invited to participate and Brady introduced the everiToken project to more than 400 guests and showed everiCard payment based on everiToken. As we all know, everiToken payment technology has achieved massive adoption in Southeast Asia. Image Description Image Description In addition, Brady also participated in the summit roundtable, from the perspective of technology and ecological development to answer the questions from the host and the guests in detail. At the same time, Brady also announced that the Mainnet Staking function will be online, invite everyone to participate in everiToken network. Image Description After the meeting, Brady also accepted the official interview of the Lapuwan FSA. The other party expressed the hope that it will become the first overseas destination to adopt the upcoming digital currency CBDC of the People's Bank of China! Image Description

II Amsterdam Meetup

On August 30th, offline Meetup organized by members of the Amsterdam community once again held successfully. This time we saw many new faces and everyone present discussed everiToken related content. At the same time, through online live broadcast, we interact with online audiences in real time.

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Business Development

I OmiseGo

On August 26th, Owen, the head of OmiseGo China, visited the office of everiToken and discussed the possible cooperation points with Brady. The two sides introduced each other's ecological progress and future business direction, reaching a preliminary cooperation awareness on Thai market cooperation and resource sharing. Image Description

II Green Packet/Kiple

On August 29th, in Malaysia, CBX Xu introduced the US and Malaysian listed company Green Packet/Kiple to everiToken to discuss business cooperation! Image Description

III Global Ecological Partner:GoodPago

On August 29th, everiToken CEO Brady met with Mr. Zhu, the head of the eco-wallet GoodPago in Malaysia to discuss on how to further advance global cryptocurrency payments. GoodPago is a super wallets focusing on provide payment and acceptance functions for financial institutions, thousands of small and micro businesses and individuals around the world.

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Latest Activity

I Trust Wallet AMA

On September 5, everiToken CEO Brady will has a AMA Session with Trust Wallet. Welcome to join in this online sharing. Image Description

Public Chain Development

I. Basic Chain

-- EVT 4.0.1 Pre-release

-- Implement major Staking action Image Description Image Description Description Image Description

II. Other Development

Java SDK

-- Better support for lower-and android device

-- Better support for handling request timeout

-- Updated URL for Mainnet 14