Weekly Update Sept. 8th

Last Updated: 2019-09-08 22:22:11 (GMT)

Big News

I 5G Chain-Network Industry Innovation Summit

On September 7th, China's 5G Chain-Network Industry Innovation Summit was held successfully in Nanjing province, Jiangsu province. everiToken CEO Brady was invited to participate in the conference and discussed the impact of 5G on the blockchain with many industry experts. Brady mentioned: "The emergence of 5G can solve many limitations such as bandwidth, and will also quickly drive the development and massive adoption of the blockchain industry, such as blockchain SIM cards." Image Description After the meeting, famous investor Yuan Dao, Brady, Xu Dabin and others discussed the issues related to the public chain and industrial blockchain. At the meeting, Winson, the head of the everiToken Taiwan community, also shared community progress for us. Image Description


I Chain Capital

On September 4th, Cruiz, responsible for Chinese market, met with everiToken CEO Brady in Shanghai. Brady explained the latest project progress to the other party and revealed Staking, partners, and revenue-related infomation. Image Description

II "Blockchain + Internet of Things" Event

On September 6th, "Blockchain + Internet of Things" application conference co-held by Shinka and everiToken in Ningbo came to a successful conclusion. The conference mainly focused on the blockchain chip of everiToken, and introduced our application in the field of blockchain smart door locks. Of course, this also means that both parties will explore the field of smart door locks in depth.

Image Description

Business development

I Viewfin

On September 4th, Oliver Truquet from Viewfin visited everiToken office in Shanghai to conduct business negotiations with Brady. Viewfin is a company focused on blockchain technology, digital asset research and applications. Brady introduced the application of everiToken across the world, and hopes that both sides will complement each other and explore application cooperation. Image Description

II Staked for Staking

On September 4th, Chuan Tian, the head of the Staked project, visited the everiToken office to discuss the cooperation with Brady in the Staking business. Staked is very experienced in Staking and has also done Staking in mainstream tokens such as ETH and EOS. I hope this cooperation will expand the EVT global community and let more users know about EVT and participate in. Image Description

III Fruit Chain Technology

On September 5th, everiToken business partner Fon met with the head of Fruit Chain technology in Shenzhen to explore possible cooperation on specific business models. Zheng Xiaofeng combined with the characteristics of its platform, mainly from the blockchain points mall to carry out cooperation discussions, but also for the other side to explain the success of DDongxi Cabinet. Image Description

Public Chain Development

I. Basic Chain

-- EVT 4.0.1 Pre-release

-- Improve the staking database

-- Begin to implement on-chain random numbers