Weekly Update Sept. 15th

Last Updated: 2019-09-15 22:32:49 (GMT)

Big News

I Trust Wallet AMA

At 23:00 on September 10th, the online AMA event held by Trust Wallet and everiToken came to a happy end. Brady was shocked by the enthusiasm of the users from Trust Wallet community. He introduced everiToken to its community users from topics such as project technical innovations, online applications and founders. $5,000 USD worth of $EVT were up for grabs! Image Description

II Downloading everiWallet is available in the Google Play

everiWallet is officially available in the Google Play where users can download a secure wallet. With EVT's series of steps across the world, we have better provide a more official channel for more users. You Can search “everiWallet” in Google Play and download it. Image Description

III British Community Launched

Following the communities form the Netherlands, Japan, China, Taiwan, Germany, and the United States, community partner in the UK officially launched the British community, and will continue to voice in the UK universities and business areas, recruiting various types of partners. Image Description

IV Mid-Autumn Festival " event

On the eve of middle-autumn festival, everiToken, Myitong Community, IRISnet, and ArcBlock jointly held the "Mid-Autumn Festival " event(Traditional Chinese Festival). The event selected 10 lucky users from hundreds of thousands of participants and received tokens provided by everiToken, IRISnet and ArcBlock.

Image Description

V Strategic Partnership with TheForceProtoco

everiToken Public Chain (EVT) and TheForceProtocol have reached a strategic partnership. The two sides will cooperate in technology community, blockchain application, and global ecology. TheForceProtocol is an open source blockchain platform, providing cryptofinance solutions to developers. Image Description



On September 12th, everiToken core team arrived in Shenzhen of China to talk with the traditional business representive about the blockchain and industrial transformation at Dao Club. Brady started from everiToken project and its application, explaining how everiToken will lead the trend of business in the future. Of course, these predecessors also gave some suggestions for everiToken and introduced business resources. Image Description

Ecological Development

Malaysian tourism project

On September 11, everiToken Buenisess Partner Fon met with the head of Malaysian tourism project in Shenzhen to discuss the application of everiToken in its tourism business. Based on the Stablecoin and offline payment scenarios, the other party considers issuing a Stablecoin based on the everiToken for various payment scenarios in their business. Image Description

Public Chain Development

I. Basic Chain

-- EVT 4.0.1 Pre-release

-- Improve the staking database

-- Begin to implement on-chain random numbers