Weekly Update Sept. 22nd

Last Updated: 2019-09-22 22:48:16 (GMT)

Big News

I Binance DEX AMA

Binance DeX will invite Brady to share the project in the official community and award EVT to the participants worth of thousands of dollars at 11 pm on October 10 (SGT). Undoubtedly, we will be ignited again by the passion of the DEX community users, and we also hope that everiToken community users will actively participate. Pease keep your eyes on the official announcement for more infomation. Image Description

II Infinito Wallet

You can now trade EVTs in Infinito Wallet! We're happy to announce that everiToken has reached the partnership agreement with one of the most universal crypto wallets on the market! Get the wallet to store your $EVT here: https://infinitowallet.io

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I Recording Video for everiToken

On September 16th, the global community leader of everiToken came from New York to record a promotional video for Brady. Brady started from the latest developments, applications, and latest activities. Let us look forward to the release of the video together. Image Description

II German community

On September 19th, Mik, in charge of the German community, came to everiToken office and communicated with Brady on the community development and German business. In Germany, Mik is holding monthly MeetUp for everiToken. Image Description

III Being Academic Committee of LDEAI

On September 20th, Professor Cai Hengjin, the chief scientist of everiToken, was invited to participate in the summit held by the LDEAI(Lean Digital Economy Application Institute) and was appointed as a member of the academic committee to jointly promote the research and development of China's digital economy. everiToken will also take the lead in demonstrating the application of blockchain. Image Description

Latest Activity

I everiToken Hangzhou Meetup

On September 25th, everiToken will hold an offline event with Xu Dabin, the Chinese editor of "Restart the World" and DAO Club promoter, in Hangzhou, focusing on the everiToken and the industrial blockchain. Welcome to the reader of "Restart the World" and everiToken community users to participate actively. Image Description


At 20:00-21:00(SGT),September 27th, everiToken CEO Brady will accept INNOKOL interview. You can now scan the QR code to sign up for the event and leave any questions you want to ask about everiToken and Brady. Image Description

III everiToken Poland Meetup

On September 28th, everiToken Poland community will jointly organize the offline Meetup activities with bitcoinTej and FLOW2Code to introduce everiToken technology advantages and application cases to local business parties, investors and technology developers. Image Description

Public Chain Development

I. Basic Chain

-- EVT 4.0.1 Pre-release

-- Improve the staking database

-- Begin to implement on-chain random numbers