Monthly Report on October

Last Updated: 2019-10-31 06:55:36 (GMT)

Big News

I everiWallet on App Store

Recently, everiToken ecological wallet everiWallet was officially available on the Apple App Store, users can search for "everiToken" in Appstore to download the security wallet. Image Description

II Speech on the 6th World Internet Conference

On October 21st, everiToken was invited to attended the 6th World Internet Conference and CEO Brady gave a speech at the scene to introduce the infrastructure of distributed business and make them to experience the charm of token economy in advance. Image Description

III Token-based" Accounting model in Wikipedia

After unremitting effort by everiToken, Wikipedia finally included the "Token-based" accounting model of everiToken to his database, which once again showed the public the authority of everiToken in the research of underlying accounting model of the blockchain. Previously, the Token-based accounting method and its related technical papers were published in the IEEE Access electronic journal. Image Description

IV EVT 4.0 version of Mainnet Launched

everiToken Mainnet has been upgraded to 4.0 version, mainly supporting the built-in Staking. Its Mainnet has been running stably after being successfully launched, which essentially verified the security of the Mainnet. Subsequently, EVT version of Staking will be online soon, which can increase the profit of EVT holders and furtherly ensure a more secure network. Image Description

V Binance DEX AMA

On October 10th, Binance DEX&everiToken AMA has been successfully held in Binance DEX community. A total of 5,000 US dollars EVT was airdroped in the user's answer and free inquiry segment. They discussed with Brady the problems of the economic model, ecological application and construction, and cryptocurrency payment. During the event, a large number of users joined everiToken official community. Image Description

Global Community

I Monthly everiToken Amsterdam Meetup

everiToken monthly Meetup in Amsterdam has came to an ended again, which is the fifth offline event organized by local community. The event mainly focused on everiToken technology and the payment application, showing the POS machine and code-scanning payment for the cryptocurrency. Image Description


I Cryptoverse AMA

On October 26th, everiToken CEO Brady gave a project introduction to the Indian cryptocurrency community, and held a question and answer session to send an EVT worth US$1800. A Cryptoverse is a media brand founded by the larger KOL in India, which provides services such as project introduction, analysis and consultation for local cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Image Description

II Safe Contract on Wikipedia

Recently, Wikipedia has included Safe Contract entries after the inclusion of the "Token-based" accounting model, providing a more official channel for understanding it. Safe Contract helps the project to quickly realize the blockchain business by calling the contract interface with the characteristics of security, low development cost, high efficiency and high performance. Image Description

III Shanghai Event

On October 26th, the event jointly held by Bit-z and BN Capital was successfully concluded in Shanghai. everiToken CEO Brady attended the roundtable forum and exchanged blockchains and future prospects with them. Brady mentioned: “everiToken is an excellent underlying infrastructure and on the unique track of the public chain, which represents an infinite opportunity. Also, it is worth mentioning that the vigorous publicity of the country also means that the strong supervision of the industry will come in the future. The development of spurt is indispensable, but it is officially bid farewell to the wild development." Image Description

IV Blockchain Industry Exchange Meeting

On October 26th, the first South China blockchain industry exchange meeting ended in Guangzhou. Fon, chief business officer of everiToken, attended the meeting and participated in the expert roundtable discussion. He mentioned: "President Xi has recently announced the development of blockchain technology, which is an opportunity for the industry. everiToken, as the world's first industrial public chain, is at the forefront in terms of massive adoption.” Image Description

V International Blockchain Association AMA

On October 16th, everiToken was invited by Tsinghua University's International Blockchain Association to give an AMA session in its community. Brady explained everiToken project and the Token economy. Throughout the event, everiToken showed the future of the general economic market around the project's technological progress, application, and global ecology.

Image Description

Business Development

I Journey to Korea

Recently, everiToken was invited by Olebang to introduce everiToken project for Korean audiences. Brady mainly focuses on the innovation and use cases of everiToken in the payment field, and demonstrates various cryptocurrency payment technologies such as POS, everiCard, and QR code, which greatly surprised the audience. Many local institutions and investors have showed interest to everiToken.

Image Description

II Strategic Cooperation with BizBlocks

Recently, everiToken CEO Brady reached a strategic cooperation with South Korea's BizBlocks during his journey to South Korea. Both sides will cooperate in wallet, community and technology ecology. BizBlocks is the world's first blockchain hardware security integrated platform for individuals and businesses with its products characterized by high security, low price, safe and portable, and easy to use.

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Public Chain Development

I. Basic Chain

-- EVT 4.0.1 release

-- Implement built-in Staking

-- Begin to implement on-chain random numbers

II. Other Development


-- Update dependencies to fix security warnings

-- Upgrade core dependencies

-- Fix a bug where switch account not updating the balance