everiToken Weekly Update Nov. 17th

Last Updated: 2019-11-17 22:55:35 (GMT)

Big News

I 20% ROI of EVT Staking

EVT Staking function will be officially released in this week. We start to work with HashQuark and Staked.us which clients can invest EVT in with 20% ROI. Image Description

II Coco Finance’s Great Praise

On November 14, Coco Finance, Mars Finance and Consensus Lab jointly incubation project, will be launched soon. The other party expressed that they are very optimistic about the everiToken on the track of Tokenization.


I Media AMA

Hengjing Cai, the chief scientist of everiToken, was invited to participate in AMA by Biniuniu to talk about the future of the digital economy. The future goal of the Biniuniu is to create "Consulting + Data + Community + Information + Trading + Finance" one-stop platform. This AMA is a multi-group live broadcast with over 10,000 audience. Image Description

II "National Governance" Donghu Forum in China

Hengjin Cai, the chief scientist of everiToken, was invited to participate in the “National Governance·Donghu Forum” to share the topic “Global Digital Currency and Electronic Payment: Opportunities and Challenges” at this important turning point of history. As we all kown, Chinese President Xi greatly promoted blockchain technology in China.

Image Description

Public Chain Development

I. Basic Chain

-- EVT 4.1.1 release

-- Implement built-in Staking

-- Begin to implement on-chain random numbers

II. Other Development


-- Update dependencies to fix security warnings

-- Upgrade core dependencies

-- Fix a bug where switch account not updating the balance