Monthly Report on November

Last Updated: 2019-12-02 01:22:15 (GMT)

Big News

I "National Governance" Donghu Forum in China

Hengjin Cai, the chief scientist of everiToken, was invited to participate in the “National Governance·Donghu Forum” to share the topic “Global Digital Currency and Electronic Payment: Opportunities and Challenges” at this important turning point of history. As we all kown, Chinese President Xi greatly promoted blockchain technology in China.

II World Blockchain Conference

On November 8, 2019, the second World Blockchain Conference was grandly opened in Wuzhen,Zhejiang Province. everiToken CEO Brady was invited to attend the conference and delivered keynote speeches with representatives from famous giants such as Alibaba、Tencent and Baidu. In addition, everiToken booth has attracted much participants’ attention and people who want to have a cooperation. Image Description

III 20% ROI of EVT Staking

EVT Staking function will be officially released in this week. We start to work with HashQuark and which clients can invest EVT in with 20% ROI.Image Description. The below picture shows the preview of EVT Staking function, which is based on HashQuark and with higher ROI of 20%. All investors, community partners deserved to wait patiently.

IV Coco Finance’s Great Praise

On November 14, Coco Finance, Mars Finance and Consensus Lab jointly incubation project, will be launched soon. The other party expressed that they are very optimistic about the everiToken on the track of Tokenization.


I Amazon AWS conference

Recently, the Amazon AWS conference of "How to Encourage Blockchain Industry Rapid Development" (Hangzhou Station) was successfully held. everiToken CEO Brady gave the speech of “How to build China’s strongest public chain”. Image Description

II everiToken introduction in Bit-z Community

Recently, everiToken Business PartnerFon was invited by Bitz-Z to introduce everiToken in his community. Fon mentioned: "currently, Chinsese government vigorously promoted the development of state-owned public chain, and as one of the representatives, everiToken has the opportunity to lead this industry, which greatly thanks to the team's continuous exploration in recent years."

III Recently, Jane from everiToken overseas community, interviewed with our strategic partner BGreenie, which gave a comprehensive coverage of the project to the community. BGreenie is an energy product manufacturing company with solar power products and so on, and it has a token incentive mechanism in its ecology. In the first phase, we will carry out cooperation such as wallet, and later expand to cooperation with chips and nodes.

IV interviewed with Professor Hengjin Cai

Tuoluo Finance recently interviewed Professor Hengjin Cai, the chief scientist of everiToken, to propagate the future development of the blockchain from the perspective of global situation and human history. Professor Cai shared: "China is now rising across the world, so the financial confrontation between China and the United States will be more intense. Under this condition, the blockchain may become a ruler to measure wealth."

V International Blockchain Technology Innovation Summit

Fon, everiToken Chief Commercial Officer, attended the International Blockchain Technology Innovation Summit and introduced this top domestic public chain to them. Fon mentioned: "The most important thing to empower the real economy is to simplify the process of enterprises using the blockchain. everiToken minimizes the development threshold, development cycle, cost and so on" Image Description

Business Development

I Crypto Payment Cooperation

During the World Blockchain Conference, many participants came to everiToken booth to seek cooperation. After a person who is in charge of hundreds of education stores understood the project, he said that the everiPay solution for crypto payment is easy to use, and hopes to incorporate token into its own business ecosystem.Image Description

II Wallet Cooperation

In addition, another person also came to everiToken booth to inquire about the cooperation on the wallet. everiToken operation director Shuki introduced and displayed the wallet download method, specific functions, etc..he was greatly surprised by our payment within second and issuing token through one-click,so he showed urgent intention to cooperate.

I. Basic Chain

-- EVT 4.1.1 release

-- Implement built-in Staking

-- Begin to implement on-chain random numbers

II. Other Development


-- Release v1.1.0

-- Support signing message only with Key Index.