EVT Staking Tutorial for 20% ROI

Last Updated: 2020-02-09 15:07:15 (GMT)

Image Description There is a great news for our investors, strategic partners, and community partners. EVT Staking function was officially ready and allowed to stake on November 20, 2019, with up to 20% ROI. HashKey and Staked.us provided us with great user experience and super stable performance , now users can go to https: // www.everitoken.io/stake/ for garner EVT.

As a public chain adopting Dpos consensus mechanism, everiToken always focuses on system security and stability. There is no doubt that nodes play a vital important role in producing blocks, maintaining network operation, and participating in community governance.

According to everiToken roadmap, node elections will be opened shortly, and Staking is a good way to choose partners. From the perspective of revenue, the high yield of Staking has attracted many players to join. As the result of this, more and more participants will contribute to the entire network.

So, here are detailed tutorial for EVT Staking:

I how to stake

A search https://www.everitoken.io/stake/ in any browsers, fill in the form, choose the proper node and click submit. (Tips: the first line of form is for private key and the second is for staking password which can be used in later Staking or Unstaking, and not for wallet password.) Image Description

B then we enter the main page, and you will see the detail information about your account and the specific situation of Staking.
Image Description

C Start staking, fill in the form as needed. STAKE is divided into active and fixed. STAKE indicates the beginning of Staking, and UNSTAKE indicates the end of Staking where you have to input accurate amount.

Clients should fill in the corresponding fields as required. Image Description (Active) Image Description (Fixed)

D if you Staking is successful, you can have below page. Image Description E and in the main page, you can also check the amount you staking and the left amount of EVT. Image Description F Whether it is active or fixed, you must choose Unstake to release the Staking amount. Clients firstly should click propose and click the settle after seven days. User can also cancel unstaking when you click the Cancel option. Image Description

II Rule for Participants

Rebate Token: EVT
ROI : 20% +
Eligibility: Participants holding at least 500 EVT
Activity time: from the 20th,2019
How to participate: https://www.everitoken.io/stake/


1. How long is a Saking period?

There are two kinds of Staking. The first is active and the other can be set for a fixed period (periodic), and the periodic rate of return is higher.

2. How long can the Staking take effect?

Effective immediately

3. How long does it take to redeem after Staking?

7 days after the success of Staking

4. After the Staking, do these EVT belong to me?

EVT is still in the original address, Staking part is hidden. In fact, it is still in the original address.

5. If the Staking is not cancelled after the end of the cycle, will the next Staking be carried out automatically?

User have to set the Stake to Unstake whether it is active or fixed. When the fixed cycle is over, it will be automatically converted into active

6. How much do I have to pay for a Staking?

The cost on the chain does not exceed 1EVT.

7. Will the STAKE fee be refunded after the staking is cancelled?

Not refunded.

#####8. Do I need to pay a fee to withdraw the profit from the STAKING?

JUST the portion of the profit.