everiToken Weekly Update 16th Feb.

Last Updated: 2020-02-16 04:07:21 (GMT)

I. Basic Chain

-- EVT 5.0 release

-- Implement built-in Staking

-- Begin to implement on-chain random numbers

-- Support base64 encoding in EvtLink.

-- Support everiData protocol.

-- Support multiple signatures in EvtLink.

II. Other Development


-- Release v1.1.0

-- Support signing message only with Key Index.


-- Add support for multi-language support (en and zh).

-- Pending for store release.

-- Bugfixes and performance improvement.

Big News

Community Node Recruitment Program,

As a cutting-edge Publicchain globally, everiToken recently launched the community node recruitment program, which aims to make the EVT community more autonomous and jointly build a global ecosystem with equality and mutual benefit.

This program is ready to invite hundreds of super community nodes around the world to jioin us and work together to realize global ecological value circulation. The joined community nodes will be obliged to cooperate in community operations, network promotion, and node voting, and have rights to enjoy the returns from building EVT ecological system. Image Description

Online AMA Hitting the communities

After the node program was launched, the online AMA event with one of blockchain medias was also very hot attracting more than 20 communities with the theme of "Walking into the Global First Public-chain: everiToken".

Co-founder & CBO Fon said: "we have been aiming to build infrastructure, which is make the blockchain a tool that everyone can use in the simplest and easiest way." This activity was also reported by Golden Finance and Mars Finance. Image Description

New Idea by our Chief Scientist

Recently, our Chief Scientist , published an article on Tuoluo Finance and mentioned that "Future data does not need to ensure the authenticity of the on-chain data".

He mentioned: "In the early stages of the blockchain, we all hope that the data on the chain is authentic, but in fact when the data is increasing, we do not overemphasize the authenticity of the data on the chain because Cross-validation can be performed. The cost of counterfeiting is much higher than the cost of maintaining true records. Future real data and trusted node data will have great value. " Image Description