everiToken Weekly Update 8th Mar.

Last Updated: 2020-03-08 03:30:03 (GMT)

I. Basic Chain

-- Improve crypto performance;

-- Optimize memory usage;

-- Fix one bug in network;

-- Research on the new storage design;

II. Other Development


-- Added Binance Dex Tx verification screen;

-- Added view to show list of validators;

-- Added view to add a validator;


-- Updated to version of 5.6.0;

-- Optimize TypeScript definition files;

-- Option to Choose desynchronize node time;

Big News

Better EVT,Better International Women's Day(IWD)

The editor believes that the EVT holders should have a great time on this International Women's Day. EVT has not only carried out 2nd round of community bonus activities but launched the high ROI of Staking. So, what are you waiting for? Join us and become an EVT Holder! For more details about EVT Staking, please read this article carefully"https://www.everitoken.io/announcements/20200209-EVT-Staking/". Image Description

Dr. Frank from Tsinghua University Mentioned EVT on his Article

Dr. Frank from Tsinghua University wrote an article about the Internet of Things where he described the impact of blockchain on the traditional IoT, such as the inconsistent technical standards and mentioned EVT achievements in this filed.

everiToken has proposed a multi-scenario solution for the Internet of Things with its innovation protocol everiPass. For example, the blockchain smart door lock created by everiToken solves the identity and authentication security issues through a combination of blockchain chip.

Published an Article in the China Youth Daily

Our chief scientist Hengjin Cai recently published an article in the China Youth Daily, one of China official media, entitled “How Can Black Technology Effectively Empower Social Treatment”. It was mentioned that the use of technology to effectively empower social treatment may require the introduction of multiple technology such as artificial intelligence, supercomputing, and blockchain.