everiToken Weekly Update 15th Mar.

Last Updated: 2020-03-15 06:08:52 (GMT)

I. Basic Chain

-- Improve crypto performance;

-- Optimize memory usage;

-- Fix one bug in network;

-- Research on the new storage design;

II. Other Development


-- Added Binance Dex Tx verification screen;

-- Added view to show list of validators;

-- Added view to add a validator;


-- Updated to version of 5.6.0;

-- Optimize TypeScript definition files;

-- Option to Choose desynchronize node time;

Big News

ITO1.0: Government-Sponsored Chain Reform

Recently, everiToken's chief scientist Hengjin Cai was invited to participate in the online meetup jointly organized by the Fintech Branch of the China Small and Medium Enterprise Association and the Global Fintech Lab, bringing the novel topics of "ITO1.0: Government-sponsored chain reform" .

Professor Cai mentioned: "Blockchain financing methods such as ICO and IEO are considered as tools for chopping leeks, disrupting the order of financial markets. Blockchain technology can be used to strengthen government-led innovation. ITO is a sponsored chain reform method that allows authoritative issuers such as the government to gradually encourage and precisely support the product, project or technology. By reducing the economic costs and risks of participants, and accelerating the process of project collaboration, we can respond to the rapidly changing investment scenarios in the future.” Image Description

Speech about Market Slump

Recently, everiToken co-founder and CMO Fon was interviewed by Huoniao Finance, one of China Blockchain media, mentioning: "The market slump can be concerned with the selling behavior of whales who hold so many coins. They began to exchange stablecoin with high volatility cryptocurrency. Pandemic also played a bad role in accelerating market crash.

In his view, this plunge has greatly affected investors' investment confidence, and the market needs time to recover. There will be certain impact on this filed but not much for its industrial scale. But in china, government views high technologies as next stage of country strategy which can greatly force the development of blockchain industry.