everiToken Weekly Update 23rd Mar.

Last Updated: 2020-03-22 03:22:00 (GMT)

I. Basic Chain

-- Improve crypto performance;

-- Optimize memory usage;

-- Fix one bug in network;

-- Research on the new storage design;

II. Other Development


-- Added Binance Dex Tx verification screen;

-- Added view to show list of validators;

-- Added view to add a validator;


-- Updated to version of 5.6.0;

-- Optimize TypeScript definition files;

-- Option to Choose desynchronize node time;

Big News

I "Token-Based" Transaction Models Mentioned by Guangdong Nanyue Bank

Guangdong Nanyue Bank mentioned the third-generation public chain everiToken and its underlying technology innovation "Token-Based" transaction model in the "Discussion on Digital Currency Issuance and Application of the Central Bank".

Earlier, everiToken's chief scientist Hengjin Cai deconstructed the important connection between the digital currency infrastructure required by the central bank and the everiToken public chain from a regulatory, technical, and commercial perspective. Image Description