everiToken Weekly Update 29th Mar.

Last Updated: 2020-03-29 02:29:58 (GMT)

I. Basic Chain

-- Improve crypto performance;

-- Optimize memory usage;

-- Fix one bug in network;

-- Research on the new storage design;

II. Other Development


-- Added Binance Dex Tx verification screen;

-- Added view to show list of validators;

-- Added view to add a validator;


-- Updated to version of 5.6.0;

-- Optimize TypeScript definition files;

-- Option to Choose desynchronize node time;

Big News

Application to Fight Against Coronavirus

In order to prevent a large-scale outbreak of Coronavirus, everiToken and the Fujian Blockchain Association urgently launched an application to prevent the widespread of Coronavirus, adopting blockchain technology to achieve user data privacy protection and fast information exchanging. The application has been provided for free to communities, enterprises and government departments in the hope that it can reduce the risk of cross infection and improve the efficiency of pandemic prevention and control. Image Description

Online AMA by our Chief Scientist

Recently, everiToken chief scientist was invited by Wenhui Lecture Hall to share the topic of "How Blockchain Can Empower Global Public Health Governance". In this AMA, we will focus on "how the token characteristics of blockchain can help prevent pandemics ", "How blockchain can upend conventional applications as the novel productivity", "How to apply everiToken to social governance"……

This online sharing will start at 19:30 on April 1st (Wednesday). Anyone interested in it can scan the QR code of the picture, to join us. Image Description